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Season 1


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  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes
    • s1e13When Pigs Fly; Mr.P.Nutty
    • s1e12Eddy's Charm; Eddy and the Cowboy
    • s1e11The Big Show; Eddy's Fortune
    • s1e10Elizabeth and the Haunted House; Marvin Horses Around
    • s1e9Marvin's Breakfast Jam; The Iron Claw
    • s1e8Visit to Grandma's; Gone Fishing
    • s1e7Marvin's Suprise; Eddy Learns to Dance
    • s1e6Marvin's Roommate; Stripes' Dental Fuss
    • s1e5Elizabeth's Biggest Fan; The Visit
    • s1e4The New Band; Eddy's Video
    • s1e3Stripes' Sticky Situation; Stripes Takes Off
    • s1e2Marvin's High Dive; Eddy's Wrong Order
    • s1e1Eddy's Job; Elephants Almost Never Forget