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MasterChef Junior’s Jack on His Many Hawaiian Shirts and Love of Fancy Food

  Eleven-year-old Jack has recovered from being eliminated on MasterChef Junior , but I have not. Not that I’m rooting against any of these kids, but to my mind, making a roulade well is a hell of a lot more difficult than making fried chicken wings. The judges raved over both dishes, but when Gordon Ramsay announced the win for Alexander and Dara instead of Jack, I cried foul loudly and over Twitter. Jack, of course, is handling things a lot better. The East Rockaway, New York native just started middle school, and says he only began cooking seriously a year ago. (Now? He cooks like a beast !) When I spoke to him on the phone this week, I asked about the horrible injustice of his elimination, cooking kidneys for the first time, and his love of Hawaiian shirts.  Read More... //www.vulture.com/2013/11/masterchef-junior-jack-interview.html