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‘Max Steel’ Headed to Big Screen in Deal Between Mattel and Dolphin Entertainment

When it comes to movies, not all toys and boardgames are created equal. For every blockbuster like “Transformers” or “G.I. Joe,”  there’s a “Battleship”-sized bomb or a Razzie-nominated dud like “Masters of the Universe.” However, Dolphin Entertainment thinks its found a potential film franchise in a popular children’s toy line and animated series. The company said Wednesday that it has partnered with Mattel to develop a live-action, feature-length film of “Max Steel.”  Read More... //

Taylor Lautner Could Be Max Steel

In the minds of his older female Twilight fans, Taylor Lautner is already something of a toy boy. But he could be a literal toy if Paramount decides to cast him in its Max Steel film. Nothing is anywhere close to official yet, so take this with the requisite pinch of rumour salt (it tastes like broken dreams, in case you were wondering), but the LA Times reports that the studio is considering him as teenage hero Max. The Mattel toy line arrived in shops back in 1999 and featured an extreme sports athlete named Josh McGrath who is inadvertently exposed to nanobots. They give him super-strength, near-invulnerability and the power to change his appearance at will. JP Lavin and Chad Damiani are penning the script, so the movie itself has only just started trundling through the halls of development hell. But you can see why Paramount would want the New Moon co-star - with luck, he is can attract his sizable female following and tie it to the Transformers action crowd. Let's just hope he keeps his shirt on a bit more if he takes the job... Source here