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Maya & Marty Finale: Best and Worst Sketches With Emma Stone, Kelly Ripa

Maya & Martycame to a star-studded close on Tuesday with a season finale featuringEmma Stone, Kelly Ripa, Steve Martin and Sean Hayes. The sixth and final episode of its limited summer run includedsketches involving ghostly interns, gay detectives and tooty-fruity headwear. The hour also includedperhaps theickiest Jiminy Glick interview of all time. Before closing up [] //

Maya & Marty: Best and Worst Sketches With Amy Poehler, Will Forte, Seinfeld

Maya & Marty on Tuesday was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty goodjust OK. The penultimate hour of the Peacocks variety experiment featured Jerry Seinfelds sit-down with Jiminy Glick and Martin Short doing his (best?) Larry David impersonation. (Fun fact: This evening marks the 27th anniversary ofSeinfeld, so it was quite fittingthat the comedian put inan appearance [] //

In Maya and Marty, Diamonds Are Melania Trumps Best Friend, and By Best Friend, We Mean Food

From the premiere of Maya and Marty .   Read More... //

'Maya and Marty': 5 thumbs up moments from NBC's variety show premiere

Highlights include musical guest Miley Cyrus, Oscar winner Tom Hanks, Melania Trump spoof...   Read More... //