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Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #12 Anime Review

As the series hits its finale, it goes for the unorthodox approach of having a new character, Anshinin, talk directly to the audience about what’s gone on for the past three months and how it’s all lead up to this ending here, though it’s not truly the ending since the manga is ongoing. Anshinin makes it clear that she’s the one behind the Flask Plan but she’s also a bit snarky in that she’s talking about how the writers didn’t plan well for the series and that there are several things they can do for the final episode, including just having her talk for thirty minutes. Which, based on past episodes, could actually be a lot more interesting than what they’re going to do. Read More... //

Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #11 Anime Review

With Medaka back on track with who she is as the brainwashing didn’t take hold,s he’s now ready to do what she originally came down to do, which is to end the Flask Plan. The episode almost starts you off in a panic as it seems like it’s going to do a full on recap, but instead the past ten episodes are covered in about 30 seconds worth of material, making it easy to just jump into things without missing too much beyond some character drama, background information and lengthy fights. Which doesn’t exactly speak well for the show in a way, but that’s just a very cynical way of looking at it. The second season has been problematic with its approach for me, but it’s done some interesting things with who is who and what the family past is like for Medaka. Read More... //

Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #10 Anime Review

With Medaka spirited away previously, her return, early according to Oudo, introduces us to a revisioned version of her that’s definitely not what Zenkichi expected. She’s powerful to be sure, but as he says plainly, she’s been brainwashed. He’s completely sure of himself, something that has been his existence from the beginning, but Medaka is ready to turn that on its head. She refutes that she’s been brainwashed but instead has been fully awakened to her true potential now, and that’s put her in a different personality mindset, one that doesn’t seem right to the student council members, especially since she’s joining the 13th Party and telling them to participate in the Flask Plan. Read More... //

Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #09 Anime Review

With Medaka now without a lot of her memory and without her abnormal powers, she’s quickly taken away and things land in a way that puts the onus on everyone else. And that initial focus comes down on Kikaijima, who has some more recent but definitely strong ties to Medaka after Medaka helped her and got her to leave the swim team to come work on the student council. The character hasn’t had a huge amount of time since she came on board in this role, but there’ve been some good, biting moments here and there and plenty of opportunity for her to spar verbally with others on the council. But making her more cemented overall has seemingly waited until now. Read More... //

Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #08 Anime Review

With the introduction of Naze as Medaka’s younger sister, we had a pretty decent episode that filled in some of the blanks that weren’t exactly crying out to be filled in. The back story for Medaka’s home life is something that hasn’t been touch upon too much beyond the addition of her brother this season and a few nods towards when Zenkichi was younger and knew her. With both of them now being introduced and fleshed out a bit, it certainly makes you take in Medaka in a slightly different light but not so much that you really change your opinion of her. For her part, Naze didn’t come off too badly in comparison, but she’s certainly got her issues which have controlled her life. Read More... //

Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #07 Anime Review

With the series giving us a good bit of flashback material for Kouki in the last couple of episodes and firming up Zenkichi as well, events have now brought Maguro into play in a big way. His introduction this season is certainly comical and he does bring something interesting to the table with his time spent dealing with the 13th Party during his time in school. Add in his sister complex and you get someone with a number of traditional stereotypes that fits in fairly well with the show. But now that he’s helping her out in a more direct manner, and Zenkichi as well with the two girls that he’s been fighting, including Naze, he gets to strut his stuff in a pretty good way that definitely makes it clear that he has skill. Read More... //

Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #06 Anime Review

With the show moving forward in its fairly slow manner as it deals with various attacks, things slow down a little bit here. We’ve got some of the usual silliness creeping in with the group as there are personalities that rub up against each other in playful ways that can be misinterpreted from a distance, but it’s just the kind of thing that makes them who they are. Zenkichi is someone who has seen it for quite some time so it doesn’t impact him all that much, but as we see from Kouki, it’s not something he wants to stand around and watch. Which leads him to walking alone for a bit and has him coming across Black White, a curious young woman with bandages over her face and a knife stuck in there. Which is just the start, since he’s also being attacked by someone called Best Pain that’s trying to kill him. Read More... //

Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #05 Anime Review

As Medaka and her group continue to move forward through their obstacles, they’ve ended up on a new floor where they’ve encountered Munakata Kei, aka the Last Carpet. The floor certainly is interesting at first as it’s a bright and appealing outdoor Japanese garden and that give sit a very peaceful feeling that has Medaka thinking they can just walk right by Kei. He does easily admit to being a part of the 13th Party though and that means nothing is going to be simple in dealing with him, which is what most of the show is about at this point as Medaka and the others work through various members. Which does make for a mediocre series in a way unless it does something truly interesting. Read More... //

Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #04 Anime Review

With Medaka and her group making their way to deal with the Flask Project group, she’s ended up with pretty much the entire student council around her as they stand with her. The previous episode started to set things up and then thrust us right into the action by having them come across Takachiho Shigusa, a man that looks like something of a lean boxer who claims to be the 13th Party’s strongest man. He’s wiry and fast but also pretty strong, even if he claims to be a researcher at heart. Medaka takes a few hits quickly but also starts to mess with him a fair bit, first with the way she grabs his data chain and then by stating that if he’s the strongest, she’ll be able to handle future opponents pretty well. Her cocky nature is always welcome. Read More... //

Medaka Box Abnormal Episode #03 Anime Review

With the heightened role given to Oudo with his introduction in the previous episode full on, there’s something really fun about an egomaniac like that. He has an intense amount of power and presence and is definitely sure of himself and he’s definitely over the top. But his style, approach and voice really make him feel tamped down just enough, even when he talks about how the sun is not enough to contain his majesty. His intent to make Medaka his bride is a basic one at this point and the motivating factor for the story, which is only being blocked by Medaka herself and Zenkichi, someone who is doing his best to stand against the overpowering presence of Oudo. Read More... //