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Ratings: 24's Very Good Bad Day Continues - Featured

Monday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET House wasn't one to meth with, dominating the hour with 14.64 million total viewers, a week-to-week gain of 640K. In second, The Bachelor : Tell All averaged 10.96 mil over its two-hour run, down 12 percent from its last regular episode. Trailing CBS sitcom reruns, Chuck dipped 280 thou to hit a new all-time low of 6.47 mil. * 9 pm Bested only by a Two and a Half Men repeat, 24 delivered 11.61 million viewers, a gain of 450K. At 8:30, an Old Christine rerun (9.3 mil) did 600K better than last week's Worst Week finale. Placing fourth, Heroes dropped 825K, to 6.9 mil. * 10 pm While a warmed-over CSI: Miami topped the hour, Medium sized up second with 8.48 mil, slipping 460 thou. True Beauty tacked on another 500K to deliver 7.54 mil. Source here

MEDIUM "About Last Night" Video

Watch a sneak peek of MEDIUM "About Last Night" airing Tonight Monday Feb 23 (8-9 p.m. ET).

Tonight's TV Hot List for Monday, Feb. 23, 2009 - Featured

The Bachelor : The Women Tell All (8 pm/ET ABC) Romance fans won't know until next week whom Jason picked. (Was it Melissa? Molly? And what about those DeAnna rumors?) There's a preview of the final round in tonight's traditional dishfest (expanded to two hours, incidentally), but mostly it's about looking back - with daggers. Megan and Natalie, you'd better watch out! On a happier note, there's yet another Trista-Ryan update (and baby makes four), and news of 2005 Bachelor lovebirds Charlie and Sarah. The Closer (9 pm/ET TNT ) It's the closer for The Closer. Season 4 wraps up with Brenda and Fritz's nuptials only a day away - but these two lords of the rings give new meaning to the term "shotgun wedding." Obsessive crime investigations jeopardize the big event from even occurring, as Brenda probes a murder at an escort service while Fritz focuses on finally nabbing a big-gun drug figure. At least Brenda's parents (Barry Corbin, Frances Sternhagen) and Fritz's sister (Amy Sedaris) are in town to keep the wedding plans moving, but it won't be a piece of cake. Medium (10 pm/ET NBC) Allison DuBois crime-solving psychic, supportive wife, loving soccer mom...and - killer? Did Allison actually kill someone? That's the jarring question posed tonight when the dream weaver mysteriously awakens under a freeway underpass to discover she has no recollection of the previous six hours of her life. Worse, she comes to suspect she may have killed a man with her car during her blackout. In brighter family news, Ariel revs up for an adolescent rite of passage: She learns how to drive, to Joe's fatherly apprehension. Battle for Tobacco Road: Duke vs. North Carolina (9 pm/ET HBO ) With two bastions of the sport just eight miles apart in basketball-mad North Carolina, it's hardly surprising an intense rivalry has developed. What is shocking - considering the partisan feelings exhibited by fanatics at these schools - is that neither university has been torn asunder by the opposition. Check out this entertaining documentary, which features interviews with Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Michael Jordan, Grant Hill and Johnny Dawkins, and remember - the teams meet again on the court on March 8. 24 (9 pm/ET Fox) Jack and Renee follow Marika, hoping she'll lead them to Dubaku, but Dubaku might have been tipped off. Meanwhile, Henry Taylor's daughter, Olivia (Sprague Grayden), is taken to the hospital where her father is in surgery for the gunshot wound to his chest, and Jack gets a glimpse of the extent of Dubaku's network within the U.S. government. Source here

Ratings: Chuck Spies a Series Low - Featured

Monday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET House dipped a bit yet still topped the hour with 14 million total viewers. Placing second, The Bachelor (12.5 mil) courted 15 percent more viewers than a week ago. Chuck came in fourth (behind CBS sitcom repeats) with 6.75 million viewers - a 19 percent plunge from its 3-D showcase, a 600K drop from its most recent 2-D outing, and the series' lowest rating ever for a fresh eppy. * 9 pm 24 gained six percent and added viewers across the hour, averaging 11.16 mil. Leading out of a Two and a Half Men rerun, Worst Week 's finale managed 8.7 mil (down 13 percent). Heroes sagged a bit, to 7.74 mil. * 10 pm Opposite a warmed-over CSI: Miami , Medium (8.94 million viewers) super-sized its audience by 13 percent, while True Beauty (7.04 mil) added 220K to its last Monday outing. Source here

Medium "A Person of Interest" airing Monday Feb 16 (8-9 p.m. ET).

Watch a cool sneak peek of Medium "A Person of Interest" airing Monday Feb 16 (8-9 p.m. ET).

Patricia Arquette's Son to Guest-Star On Medium

Monday night's Medium will be a family affair for star Patricia Arquette. Not only does the episode, titled "A Person of Interest," mark Arquette's directorial debut, but it also guest-stars her son, Enzo Rossi. "He plays a boy who's an egg-headed, scientific kid, and his dad is like a real weirdo," Arquette told on the red carpet for The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection 2009 fashion show. In the episode, a crime scene leaves a strange impact on Allison, whose odd behavior plays a key role in unlocking a 17-year-old crime. "We also have Anjelica Huston's coming back, Blythe Danner, David Morse and Tracy Pollan, so we have a lot of great guest stars," she said. Source here

Ratings: Big Bangers Say, "Thank You, Mr. President!"

Monday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET President Barack Obama's first prime-time news conference was watched by 37 million viewers across the Big Four networks. The only odd part: When Thirteen showed up to discuss national health care. * 9 pm CBS comedies dominated, with Two and a Half Men leading the way with 14.88 million viewers. Playing the role of lead-out this week, The Big Bang Theory enjoyed a new (if inflated) all-time high of 13.1 million. The Bachelor (averaging 10.88 mil from 9 to 11 pm) placed second, with 24 (10.5 mil, down 800K) following close behind. Heroes (7.9 mil) dropped 560 thou from the "Fugitives" premiere. * 10 pm CSI: Miami copped the top spot with 13.7 million viewers (down 14 percent week-to-week). Losing out to the second hour of the Bach', Medium (7.93 mil) slipped 600K. Source here

Medium's Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber Finish Each Other's Sentences

Medium returned for its fifth season Monday, Feb. 2 (10 pm/ET, NBC) with an appropriately ghostly murder mystery featuring guest star Max Casella ( The Sopranos ) as a mysterious suitor who goes to great lengths for true love. Future episodes will mark a shift in how Allison (Patricia Arquette) "sees" things (look for a True Blood star to cameo), as the line between the corporeal and ethereal worlds is blurred. On the homefront, Joe's got a sweet new job, Ariel's teen years are ready to rear their ugly head and Bridgette is drawing naked pictures in art class. We listened in as Arquette and her TV hubby, Jake Weber, bickered like a real married couple, along the way teaching us the difference between a psychic and a medium, how they keep the show - and their TV marriage - fresh, and who their dream cast would include. For Complete Interview Click Here .

See Into the Future of ''Medium''

" Medium " begins its fifth season tonight and we try to see into the series' future -- with a little help from the show's star Patricia Arquette. As Alison DuBois, a research medium who has been struggling to make sense of her dreams and visions of dead people, Arquette uses her special abilities to help solve crimes. But the actress, who won an Emmy for her role, feels that it is the family stories that keep audiences coming back and is what makes "Medium" different than other crime dramas. "For me that is the foundation and the heart and soul and really what I care about in the show," she says. "I always thought the psychic aspect of it was interesting, but I don't think I'd have the same connection if it hadn't been for the family stuff." And speaking of her on-screen family, Arquette says that fans can look forward to the return of Kevin Corrigan, "my son" Enzo Rossi and Kurtwood Smith, as well as appearances by guest stars Blythe Danner, David Morse, Tracy Pollan, James Van Der Beek and Amanda Detmer. Also in season five, Arquette tries her hand at directing an episode for the first time. "I always wanted to check it out and see how it was," she shares. "I mean, when you're in front of the camera for a lot of years on a show that has a specific style and rules as to our shooting you start feeling like you understand those rules. So I just wanted to check it out. There'd be moments where I felt like things weren't explored that I wish could have been. But the reality is as director on one-hour television or any kind of television, I think, your hands are very tied." "Medium" returns tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC. The episode Arquette directs will be the third one to air, so look for that on Monday, February 16. Source here

Patricia Arquette Interview Plus Clip of 'Medium' 5.01: Soul Survivor

" Medium " is entering a new season this Monday, February 2 with the episode "Soul Survivor". In the series premiere, there has been a case of mistaken identity where Allison suspects that a murderer is a man whose status on the record is already dead. Allison tries to help Devalos solve the recent murder of his friend's sister, but her dreams keep pointing to the friend's first husband, Nathan, who died in a car accident two years ago. The case takes an unexpected turn once she learns more about the woman's current husband, Joel. Meanwhile, Bridgette is sent to the principal's office for drawing nude pictures of her art teacher. Max Casella (" The Sopranos ") guest stars as Joel. His scene can be seen in the clip where Allison is given the new case. Beside the four clips, there is also an interview with Patricia Arquette who speaks a bit about how it feels like to be in the show and working with the people in it. Source & Clip Here