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MEDIUM “Native Tongue” Review

When Allison wakes up one morning and finds that all she can understand is gibberish (or so she thinks) the language barrier causes a rift between herself and Joe as she tries to solve the murder of two Native Americans. One of the major problems with Medium is that the show is constantly balancing a line between brilliant and disbelief. This week fell firmly into the latter category. There were so many ridiculous things wrong with this episode it was almost laughable. First of all you have the hot doctor scenario: that Joe would even consider cheating on Allison, after so many years, with the first hot woman to show an interest in him was just insulting to our intelligence. He has always been shown as the ever patient, loving, understanding husband. That he would consider faltering so quickly (she suffered from the inability to understand English for only three days remember-three lousy days) was just ridiculous. To Read More Click Here.