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MELISSA & JOEY “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” and “The Settlement” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" and "The Settlement" Season 1  Episodes  29 & 30 – The first  season of  MELISSA & JOEY  wraps up with a two part finale that really just felt like two separate episodes. The first epsiode, "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" centered around Lennox going  to homecoming with the very responsible Brendan who felt the need to stock up on condoms before the dance. The second episode, "The Settlement" broached the topic of what would happen if Joe recovered and was able to live on his own. Would he abandon the Burke/Scanlon family? Would it change the dynamic between Mel and Joe thereby allowing them to pursue a romantic relationship ? My favorite Joe moments, aside from the banter with he and Mel, are when Joe is being the overprotective father like in the homecoming episode. Even if Mel thinks "You bore, you bully , you blah", Joe is consistent in his parenting/nanny role. It is curious that Mel thought Lennox would act differently than she did at her all night homecoming party, especially because she also lied to her parents all the time. Luckily, Lennox has a good head on her shoulders and is taking control of the situation. I loved how Mel just popped up from the hiding in the back of the car. Also, Ryder finallystands  up to Holly and actually plays Holly off of study buddy Charlotte and it seems to be working. Who knew English literature could have such an effect? Read More... //

MELISSA & JOEY “Play Ball” and “A House Divided” Review

MELISSA & JOEY " Play  Ball" and "A  House  Divided"  Episodes  27 & 28  – It looks like ABC Family  is going to doublehead the season all the way through the summer finale next week. Once again, we were given two full episodes of  MELISSA & JOEY . So, naturally, I want to know , whichepisode  did you like best? The first episode involved Mel’s quest to secure  the office  softball team trophy. Unfortunately, with her star player out she is certain to lose until she gets the idea to bring in a  ringer , Joe. Of course, in order to qualify he has to be an employee. However, the pretend employee soon takes over and turns the formerly cheerful place to work into an expeditious working machine. The employees are definitely not happy especially when they have to celebrate birthdays in secret in the supply closet. Meanwhile, Ryder tries to convince Lennox to publish Holly’s story and when his pleas are ignored, he and Holly become estranged. Read More... //

MELISSA & JOEY “The Other Longo” and “Teacher/Teacher” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "The  Other  Longo" and "Teacher/Teacher" Episodes 25 & 26  – Another double episode of  MELISSA & JOEY  this week with the first episode focusing on the arrival of another Longo (and another Lawrence) who turns Mel’s world upside down. The second episode revolved around Mel’s desire to go back to being the fun aunt while Joe tried to make a wrong right by making it even more wrong. Seeing Joey Lawrence’s brother on the show took me back to the days of Brotherly Love. As an aside, do the Lawrence brothers every really age? Back to the show. Joe’s brother, Tony, arrives unannounced. He is a lighter more relaxed version of Joe, something that appeals to Mel. So much so that she lets her guard, and some of her clothes, down. Naturally the photos end up on the internet . Mel feels betrayed, while simultaneously celebrating the positive comments from women to the photos. Read More... //

MELISSA & JOEY “Going the Distance” and “All Politics is Local” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Going the Distance" and "All Politics is Local" Episodes 23 & 24  - This week served us with another double header of  MELISSA & JOEY . First up, after a month of dating and getting along superbly, Mel is forced to give up George a/k/a Junior when he gets the business chance of a lifetime in Milan. Color me sad. It was too soon for George to leave me! The second episode brought back Senator Burke who pretended to be on a happy social visit, but was really siding with Mel’s opposition on the council regarding a park versus parking lot scenario. Which episode did you like best? I thought both episodes were good. I got my George fix, but more importantly Mel came to the realization of what her true priorities are and allowed her feelings for George to be set aside for his greater good. Now pass me the ice cream! I even enjoyed Ryder’s plot with meeting Holly’s parents even if I cannot stand Holly. Her parents seemed like Holly Hostages ready to welcome Ryder into their club. Unfortunately, I am not sure it is a club you ever get to leave even if Holly does figure out that her mother is bribing you with fried chicken. Read More... //

MELISSA & JOEY “Young Love” and “Mel & Joe’s Anniversary” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Young Lov" and "Mel & Joe’s Anniversary" Episodes 21 and 22  – ABC Family gave us another double episode of  MELISSA & JOEY  this week. It looks like this might be a pattern through the end of the summer season. This week’s episodes involved Mel falling for a much younger guy while Joe tried to figure out how to celebrate his wedding anniversary even though he is no longer with Tiffany. Although I liked both episodes, I enjoyed Mel’s storyline the most. Perhaps it was the actor that played George that swayed me. He was very endearing and I could understand why Mel would fall for him. Despite his bike riding , last minute sking plans and eight year age difference, he seemed rather mature. He was mature enough to recognize that Mel had responsibilities. He also had some really smooth lines, or at least delivery , including "I got all the way home  and realized I forgot something. Your phone number." Of course, the age difference only gave Joe a lot of comic fodder. Some of my favorites included "What do you know, your paperboy is here" and "Better tell your face. It doesn’t look too comfs." George is the best guy Mel has dated so far and I am glad he is sticking around for at least another episode. Read More... //

MELISSA & JOEY “Waiting for Mr. Right” Review

MELISSA &  JOEY  "Waiting for Mr. Right" Season 1  Episode  20  – This week on  MELISSA &JOEY , the focus is on Melissa  and her dating woes. It is about time  Mel got out and started dating, even if it happens to be with the dullest man on the  planet. So the plotline is that all of Mel’s college roommates, "The Foxy Five", are married, married and pregnant, or about to be married. Mel, feeling like the odd man out , decides to give dull man Fletcher a second (or fourth) try. She even goes so far to commit to going away for the weekend to his parents’40th anniversary party  which also involves a roadtrip. Kill me now. Apparently, Mel felt the same way because she needed to have Joe come rescue her from the rest stop that she ended up at after psychotically fleeing Fletcher’s vehicle while he was pumping gas. Read More... //

MELISSA & JOEY “Mel Is the Word” and “Auction Hero” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Mel Is the Word" and "Auction Hero" Episodes 18 & 19   – This week   ABC Family   gave us a full hour of   MELISSA & JOEY   with two separate episodes. The first episode involved Mel’s plans to throw her lesbian cousin the best wedding ever at her   house   in order to ease her guilt over the great Schnapps incident in high school. Unfortunately, no one could have predicted that cousin Emily’s fiancee would be the biggest   cheater   on the planet. The second episode involved a school band uniform auction where Mel offered up Joe’s nanny   services   as an auction item although the winner has another type of   service   in mind. So which episode did you like the best? Read More... //

MELISSA & JOEY “Joe Versus the Reunion” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Joe Versus the Reunion" Episode 16  – It is time for Joe’s 10 year college reunion and he is dreading it as he believes everyone will know about his downfall and he will have nothing to show for himself. When his hot date falls through, Joe decides to go it alone rather than take Mel. After a cry for help, Mel comes to the rescue only to muck everything up. Then her assistant, Stephanie, shows up to muck it up some more. Hilarity ensues. Well, maybe not hilarity, but it was cute how Melissa pretended to be Joe’s girlfriend and the great lengths she went to in order to make things right again. I also like how Joe described Mel not as his boss, but as a friend. This week, though, I think the better plot line involved Lennox and Ryder and their "party." How pathetic is it when your only guest is the pizza man? I loved Lennox’s guest list rules "anyone who is interesting" and that she vetoed any cheerleaders because of it, allowing only one at Ryder’s insistence "for diversity." Read More... //

MELISSA & JOEY “Lost In Translation” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Lost in Translation" Season 1 Episode 15  – This week we find Melissa the center of male attention and Joe not liking it too much. On the child front , Lennox has a rival ex-bestfriend  that she has been forced to work with on a school project . Ryder is ineffectively used as prop  in that storyline. I always forget that Joe was an international business man, so of course I was surprised that he spoke Japanese so well. What was not surprising is that he did not want to sit and translate flirting back in forth between Melissa and Toshi. Even if he did not have feelings for Melissa, which he obviously does, it would still be awkward to basically be translating a couple’s first date, intended or not. However, to say she has diarrhea as a way to make the night end early is a bit cruel. With Melissa’s miming, it was fitting , but can you imagine receiving those roses with the note the next day? How embarassing. Read More... //

MELISSA & JOEY “Don’t Train On Me” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Don’t Train on Me" Season 1 Episode 14  – This week’s episode of  MELISSA & JOEY , although called "Don’t Train on Me" is more along the lines of "Don’t Tread on Me" when Joe finds out that Mel’s new trainer, Lindsey, is really just using him for great (take note Mel) sex and does not feel the connection that he imagined they had. Poor Joe. He just does not seem like the type that can do casual that well. I think the first clue that this was a casual relationship was the sex on the floor of Mel’s garage without so much of a kind word to each other. Perhaps not the best foundation upon which to build a relationship. It is because of this that I think, even though I am not sure I want Melissa and Joe to end up together, the writers are doing a good job  of building the foundation should they decide to go that route. A side plot involved Lennox missing the geeky kid that followed her around and crushed on her now that he had a girlfriend . Of course while attempting to be his friend, she could not stop thinking about how right they were for each other. That all changed when he so nonchalantly and quite eagerly offered to dump his girlfriend if Lennox would start a relationship with him. Typical teen angst including the almost instanteous regret when she pushed him out the door. Personally, I did not find this storyline all that enthralling or even remotely interesting. As this is really a comedy, I will also say that it wasn’t all that funny either. Read More... //