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Melrose's Colin Egglesfield: CW Felt Character Was Too Dark

Following the news of a cast shake-up on Melrose Place (2009) , Colin Egglesfield says he was dismissed from The CW reboot because his character was too dark. "[Executive producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer] said it was a network decision, and they said the network thought Auggie was a little too dark with his alcoholism," Egglesfield told E! "They felt like in the landscape of Melrose they wanted to change the tone of the show." Egglesfield also revealed that his character won't be killed, but is rather just leaving. "It keeps the door open for, potentially, my character to come back, but who knows?" Despite the young actor's bad luck, he's remains optimistic about the situation. "I'm not spending too much time thinking about it, because it'll just drive you crazy, if you try to figure something out that you're never going to figure out," he said. "I'm just focusing on [other stuff]. I've already got a bunch of auditions lined up." What do you think of Egglesfield's dismissal? Source Here

Simpson and Egglesfield out in 'Melrose Place' shake-up

Two months into its run, The CW's ratings-challenged (but creatively-smoking) Melrose Place reboot is about to undergo a major renovation. For starters, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Colin Egglesfield have been let go (they last air in January), and the Who Killed Sydney? mystery is being wrapped up in December. Then, in addition to Heather Locklear's Amanda, several new characters will be introduced and the show will take on a lighter, more fun vibe. Here, in an exclusive interview, exec producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer explain why they're fixing a series that many felt was not broken and what's ahead for Melrose Place What was behind the decision to let Ashlee and Colin go? TODD SLAVKIN: Well, we always knew that this murder mystery would end in episode 12. And we always knew that [Ashlee's] character of Violet would be instrumental in that as a suspect, and [Colin's character of] Augie as well. And once that murder mystery was solved, she would go on her way. That was the original plan going into the development of the show. So it was always the plan for Ashlee to leave after episode 12? SLAVKIN: Yes. Because we felt that once the murder mystery was resolved, the tone of the show was going to shift into a much more fun, romantic, sexy upbeat kind of show, and [her] character would move on. Same thing with Colin? SLAVKIN: Colin was always meant to be the ultimate suspect. And his brooding alcoholic [character] tonally didn't fit the paradigm moving into post-murder mystery Melrose Place. Is it fair to say that if either of those characters clicked you would've found a way to keep them? SLAVKIN: Well, you never know when you go along. But in the end, we felt like it was right decision. DARREN SWIMMER: The nature of soaps is that as things progress along, the story takes on a life of its own and the characters come and go in relation to that. How did Ashlee and Colin take the news? SLAVKIN: They're total professionals and they took it like professionals. When you go into a show you never know what's going to evolve and what the possibilities are. But because they knew ahead of time [that leaving was a possibility], it wasn't a complete shock. People are going to look at these changes and assume it's a direct result of the show's disappointing ratings. SLAVKIN: Well, I understand that perspective. None of us foresaw the ratings; there's nothing we can do about that. All we can do is write and produce the best show we know how. It's fine to speculate, but in the end there was always a plan. What about Laura Leighton and Thomas Calabro? Are they leaving, too? SLAVKIN: Thomas is very much a part of the fabric of this show. Many storylines are ahead for him. You'll get to see him interact with his old friend Amanda Woodward as well as all the characters on our show. With Laura, we would never close the door officially. She did her part in the murder mystery. We love her. We think she is gorgeous and a great actress and would love to have her be involved in the future, but there is no plan at the moment. Can you elaborate on the tonal shift? SLAVKIN: Now that the characters are no longer suspects, they can have a great time, they can focus on their careers, they can get into bed with each other without having this ominous cloud hanging over the building. But this is still Melrose Place. There's still going to be intrigue on the show. Do you think viewers were turned off by the dark nature of the show? SWIMMER: Who knows why the ratings aren't better? I think for us, it's just a matter of moving on in the direction we [always] wanted to go. Some people might wonder why you're fixing what's not broken. Personally, I love the show. SLAVKIN: Which we understand and I totally get that. I think our feeling is that TV shows need to evolve. Mike, you're a fan of Smallville. You've watched that show and you've seen the evolution in that show. Characters come and go. This being much more of a soap opera, we feel that it's heated up more rapidly, where characters come and go and have arcs and move on. There will be new characters coming in. Tell me about those new characters. SLAVKIN: There's a doctor, a new resident at the hospital who is irreverent and funny and will mix it up and move into the building. He will be a roommate of one of the characters and interact with Lauren. He's a guy that, even though he's a doctor, he doesn't take life very seriously. Medicine can be very fun as well as serious to him and he ends up lightening up Lauren. We think this guy's a lot of fun and is going to mix it up in a great way with the rest of the cast. Has the role been cast? SLAVKIN: Not yet. Any other new characters? SWIMMER: We have [Heather Locklear's] new love interest played by Billy Campbell. He has a three-episode arc. He plays basically a billionaire version of Jonah. He's the equivalent of a Mark Cuban. Again, a lot of fun, funny, irreverent, and is someone who can actually make Amanda Woodward smile. How long do you have Heather for? SLAVKIN: A long time. She's in every episode moving forward. She's a major focus [of the show]. She has a hidden agenda that will become not so hidden as the episodes move along. She's not just the boss of Ella [Katie Cassidy]. Does Heather still have it? SLAVKIN: Absolutely. Not only is she so fun as Amanda, but she's such an amazing, hysterical woman. Her return is going to be a big moment on Melrose Place. Source: [//ausiellofiles.ew.com/2009/10/22/simpson-and-egglesfield-fired-on-melrose-place}

2 to Depart Melrose Place - Featured

Wow. Did not see this one coming. Both Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Colin Egglesfield will not be sticking around Melrose Place for very much longer. The two will remain a part of the show through the first season's 12th episode, which is to air sometime this January. This is also when the show expects to wrap up its murder-mystery subplot (thank the Lordy)...so you do the math. The CW has confirmed this news to Zap2it, who also says that "With the exit of the two characters and the conclusion of the heavy mystery storyline, the producers want the show to shift to a lighter, happier tone." Frankly, we won't be missing ASW, but we kind of liked Colin Egglesfield. How about you? Source

CW Orders Full Season of Vampire Diaries, Five More Melrose Place Eps - Featured

Score one for the vampire people! (And the incredibly good-looking West Hollywood-living people?) The CW just picked up a full season of the breakout freshman hit Vampire Diaries, and the network has also ordered five more episodes of Melrose Place . Why did Vampire Diaries get a full season while Melrose Place didn't? Here's what we're hearing... Diaries has been an unqualified hit for the CW--it's easily the network's top show. Melrose's ratings, meanwhile, are just marginally ahead of already canceled The Beautiful Life . In fact, a repeat of the canceled CW series The Game that aired on BET the other night beat out an original episode of Melrose Place. Sad but true. So why keep Melrose on at all? Well, Melrose comes with endless publicity in the form of returning original MP stars like, oh, Heather Locklear, and insiders remain enthusiastic about the production quality and big upcoming storylines like a major character death and backstory reveals for fan faves like Katie Cassidy's Ella. Now, help us answer a not-so-burning question: Which middle-of-the-road Melrose Place character is most expendable? We're pondering this upcoming character death, and we're trying to figure out who you could stand to lose. Katie Cassidy's Ella Sims is excluded, because she's clearly the show's breakout star, and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's Violet is also off the list, because she's extremely crazy and no one likes her, but between the other regulars, Michael Rady, Jessica Lucas, Stephanie Jacobsen, Shaun Sipos and Colin Egglesfield, who should be safe, and who is a good candidate for a highly promotable sweeps-month killing-off? Source: E!Online - CW Orders Full Season of Vampire Diaries, Five More Melrose Place Eps

'Melrose Place' 1.08 Preview: Ella Sniffs Lauren's Secret

Ella starts to smell something fishy is going on with Lauren and her sudden wealth. In the upcoming episode of " Melrose Place (2009) ", Ella discovers Lauren's expensive new clothing and lingerie plus a large envelope of cash and confronts her roommate about the late nights she's been working. Meanwhile, Riley helps Jonah film a wedding, but the two get into a big fight in the middle of the ceremony. Putting her relationship with Jonah first, Riley breaks off her friendship with Auggie, who doesn't take the news very well. David fears he may be responsible for Sydney's death. The show will skip a week and be back on Tuesday, November 3 with "Gower". Rick Fox ("Dirt", " One Tree Hill ") is guest starring in this episode as Mason, sharing screen with Ethan Erickson, Ashlee Simpson and Colin Egglesfield. Source & Preview

MELROSE PLACE "Windsor" Episode 7 - Preview

Watch a preview and check out photos of Melrose Place (2009) "Windsor" Episode 7 airing Tuesday October 20 at 9/8c on The CW . Episode Synopsis: Ella (Katie Cassidy) and Riley (Jessica Lucas) arrive at the Anton V photo shoot and meet the photographer - former Melrose Place resident, Jo Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga). Jo feels that Riley's inexperience is preventing Jo from getting her shot, so Jo pushes Riley's buttons and insists on a topless shoot to help Riley get in touch with her emotions. Meanwhile, Jonah (Michael Rady) meets with a producer's development exec, Kendra (guest star Jenna Dewan, Step Up ), who invites him to have drinks later that night to discuss his film. Violet (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz) makes another play for Auggie's (Colin Egglesfield) attention, and Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) finds out about David's (Shaun Sipos) secret. Patrick Norris directed the episode written by Jonathan Caren. Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009 - Featured

* Flipping Out (10/9c Bravo ) Season 3 of the reality-realty series closes with offbeat "home boy" Jeff Lewis acquiring a new client who turns out to be a familiar face to Jeff. As for the bumpy-bumpier-bumpiest friendship (or lack thereof) between Jeff and Ryan: Jeff tries to fight through stress and reconcile with his business partner. Jeff also attends a big birthday bash filled with significant others. But the atmosphere of family and babies makes him think about finally settling down and starting his own family. And although this is the season finale, fans of the show will flip for next week's reunion installment. * The Biggest Loser (8/7c NBC) The black-and blue teams square off tonight for a buried-treasure challenge on the beach. Members of the winning team receive trips home to visit their loved ones, prizes with obvious appeal but also ones with drawbacks as some contestants fight to make healthy choices at home. The players back at the ranch, meanwhile, try to capitalize on their time alone to focus on weight loss. The effects of this big twist in the game aren't truly revealed until the weigh-in, but, for some, the damage may have already been done. * Dancing with the Stars (9/8c ABC) A few weeks ago the Dancing crew performed a tribute to Patrick Swayze, and tonight they do the same when they pay their respects to Michael Jackson. And of course, another celebrity will exit the show based on his or her performances last night in the paso doble or Argentine tango, as well as the group hustle. Last week saw some shake-ups as Michael Irvin escaped back-to-back appearances in the bottom two, while once high-scoring Aaron Carter faced possible elimination for the first time. * Melrose Place (2009) (9/8c The CW ) Another familiar face returns tonight when Riley reports to her first modeling gig. The photographer is none other than former Melrose Place tenant, Jo Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga), who provokes the inexperienced Riley into showing some emotion at the shoot. Meanwhile, Jonah meets with a sexy film exec (Jenna Dewan) whose mind is on things other than business when she asks him to meet her for a late-night drink. * The Good Wife (10/9c CBS) Martha Plimpton guest stars as a very pregnant attorney who represents a train company involved in the deadly crash of a freight train. She's trying to prove that three engineers killed in the accident are to blame, not the company. If she is successful, the men's widows will not receive their husbands' pensions. But Alicia isn't about to let that happen without a fight. Unfortunately, she has only 72 hours to prove the train company is at fault or the ladies lose everything. Source Here

Melrose Place: Jessica Lucas on Daphne Zuniga, Riley-Jonah Breakup

Jessica Lucas knows that signing on to play Riley, one-half of Melrose Place's happy couple (Michael Rady's Jonah is the other half), is a risky move on a show so single-centric. For that reason, she says, "What was important to me ... [was] establishing Riley away from Jonah and as having a strong point of view." Though she sings Rady's praises, let's face it: Nobody stays together forever on this show like this. "We're kind of headed down that road," Lucas admits. But first, she'll pose on a beach for photographer Jo Reynolds (original cast member Daphne Zuniga), who returns to Melrose for two episodes this season starting Tuesday (9/8c, The CW ). Lucas tells us why Riley isn't cut out to be a model, what Zuniga told her and why we should all brace ourselves for the cutest breakup ever. To Read More Click Here .

First Look at Heather Locklear's 'Melrose Place' Return - Featured

The promotional pictures of Heather Locklear's return to " Melrose Place (2009) " have been released. The pics are taken from the "Cahuenga" episode which is airing on November 17. According to the refurbished series' regular, Katie Cassidy, Locklear's Amanda Woodward is now involved in the publicity world, meaning she will cross path with Cassidy's Ella Simms. After a few "no"s, Locklear finally said "yes" to reprise her vixen role last month. Executive producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer said in a statement, "Heather's involvement in the show is something we've been working on for some time as we couldn't imagine creating and producing this show without the iconic character's inclusion." EW came out with the hint that Amanda will be Ella's boss at the PR firm. Additionally, actor Bill Campbell has been brought into the show to play Amanda's new love interest. His character is named Barrett McMillan and he is a "powerful dot-com billionaire". His appearance is confirmed to be in the thirteenth episode airing December. Source & More Photos

MELROSE PLACE "Shoreline" Episode 6 - Preview

Watch a preview and check out photos of Melrose Place (2009) "Shoreline" Episode 6 airing Tuesday October 13 at 9/8c on The CW . Episode Synopsis: Anton V. (guest star Kevin Alejandro), a famous fashion designer, meets Riley (Jessica Lucas) and decides she must be the face of his new denim jean campaign, much to his publicist Ella's (Katie Cassidy) horror. Jonah (Michael Rady) is excited about the offer as he's run into financial issues but Riley turns down the gig. Wendi (guest star Kelly Carlson) sends Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) on a job on a yacht, but Lauren panics when she sees David (Shaun Sipos) board the boat. Violet (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz) feigns illness to orchestrate a meeting with Michael (Thomas Calabro) at the hospital as part of her plan to exact revenge for the way he treated Sydney (Laura Leighton). Roxann Dawson directed the episode written by Alex McNally. Source & Preview