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What's New In Web TV: New Shows on College Humor! - 3/28/11

Adam's back with the scoop on what's new in Web TV! In this week's installment, he gives the latest news on some brand-new web series on College Humor. First up, take a look at Michael Cera's new series, Bad Dads, then Hulu takes on the animated sphere with Trailer Trash, the adorably crude series that's reminiscent of The Simpsons back when it was still "fresh and funny" (ouch). And don't forget to check out SideReel's new series, Meme Report , for the latest viral video trends! For the full What's New in Web TV video, check out the link below! What's New in Web TV: 3/28/11

MEME Report: Rebecca Black's "Friday" and Cat Raving! - 3/18/11

Calvin and Sergio are back in an all-new MEME report. Calvin gives a very Glenn Beck-ian analysis of Rebecca Black's viral hit "Friday." Is it really as simple and innocent as it seems? Not likely. Sergio fires back with his own 'sexy' video, while Calico and her friend Sasha seem to have gone missing. Where has the Cat Corner traveled to this time? Check out the latest in viral video news in the second-ever MEME report below! MEME Report: 3/18/11