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MEMPHIS BEAT “The Feud” Review

MEMPHIS BEAT  "The Feud" Season 2 Episode 10 – When I sat down to watch this episode, I nearly forgot that it was the season finale. Strange that TNT didn’t do much to advertize that. In fact I was so unsure if it really was the finale that I went online and started researching just to make sure that I was right. All that aside though, this was another great episode. Dwight and the rest of the team are trying to track down the person who shot a woman and find themselves dealing  with a modern day Hatfields and McCoys. But when it turns out that the female heir apparent from one clan was dating the male heir apparent from the other  one, it might be more accurate to say that the two families were modern day Montagues and Capulets. Read More... //

Memphis Beat Season Finale Review: Surprises

Dwight and Whitehead uncovered a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story. Greenback, Whitehead and Sutton learned of Dwight's new leading lady, and attempted to invite her to his surprise birthday shindig. And it all happened in the Memphis Beat season finale entitled," The Feud ." It's been a long time, and maybe the first time during the run of this series, that we've seen Dwight with a serious relationship being maintained. Read More... //

MEMPHIS BEAT “Ten Little Memphians” Review

MEMPHIS BEAT  "Ten Little Memphians" Season 2 Episode  9 – From the preview last week I have to admit that I was sort of expecting a different kind of episode tonight. They made it seem like the story would be something out of ‘Clue’ – with Dwight and Whitehead running around chasing after a bunch of suspects in a big  house . Though they were stuck in a big house with a lot of suspects, it wasn’t exactly a farce and actually the case turned out to be one that (literally) hit close to home for Whitehead. While that storyline was fine and dandy, I found the secondary one a lot more interesting. With the whole city shut down due to a major storm, Rice, Sutton, Greenback and eventually Paula Ann end up at the precinct. They have to solve a mystery that, had everything been normal, would have been as easy as pie. A few fingerprints and poof, they would’ve known exactly who their mysterious Christmas caroler was. But instead they had to come up with a lot of different ways to get to the bottom of his story. That character was totally sweet and the whole thing made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Read More... //

Memphis Beat Review: When It Rains

Dwight and Whitehead, trapped by storms in a mansion, navigated a dysfunctional society family to weed out the killer among them. Back at the MPD, Lt. Rice, Sutton and Greenback used their combined skills to identify and return a psychiatric patient to his ward two states away. And it all happened on " Ten Little Memphians ." This episode could have been a lot better in both suspense and intrigue. It played like a mediocre game of prime-time Clue. Granted, the insights into Whitehead's childhood were priceless. I enjoyed learning that Whitehead  grew up in the Archer home and had such fond memories of the place. Never would have guessed that Virgil and Whitehead's mother had feelings for one another. Read More... //

MEMPHIS BEAT “Identity Crisis” Review

MEMPHIS BEAT  "Identity Crisis" Season 2 Episode 8 – In this episode, Dwight and the rest of the team are on the trail of a modern day Bonnie and Clyde who have been stealing money from some good folks. But when "Bonnie" is actually Mom and "Clyde" is her son, things get a bit more complicated. Meanwhile poor Dwight has a heartbroken momma on his hands after her fiancé Tony breaks up with her. It’s bad enough that he’s never really liked the guy, but then he finds out that Tony is wanted by the law and the reason he ended their engagement was that he was turning himself in. It’s like he was just giving Dwight more and more reason to dislike him. Though I gotta say that I did kind of admire him for facing up to it all, especially after Dwight made him face up to Paula, too. Read More... //

Memphis Beat Review: "Identity Crisis"

From a broken engagement to an elaborate identity theft scam, the MPD sought to resolve what can aptly be described as an " Identity Crisis ." I have to say, when I saw the previews part of me wanted there to be a hostage situation that became the main focus of the episode. But as it unfolded, I began to appreciate the twists and turns that plot took this week. Read More... //

MEMPHIS BEAT “Body of Evidence” Review

MEMPHIS BEAT  "Body of Evidence" Season 2 Episode 7 – We’ve all seen the "missing body case" on one cop show or another but this time it’s no ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ parody. When a body disappears before a funeral, Dwight and Whitehead find themselves basically re-investigating the man’s death. This of course leads them to the fact that it appears he was murdered and soon the entire team is on the case to find the killer. Making matters worse for Whitehead is the fact that the whole thing rings a little too close to home for him, after a bad experience with a zombie movie and a missing as a child. Meanwhile Dwight’s momma adds some humor to the episode, running around and getting everyone in the precinct to volunteer for a charity carnival. I also thought there were some nice moments with Sutton and one of the suspects. Read More... //

Memphis Beat Review: "Body of Evidence"

Dwight and Whitehead searched for a missing corpse, White faced his fear of zombies, and Dwight's mom Paula Ann successfully drafted every member of the MPD for the annual benevolence fundraiser on this week's episode, "Body of Evidence". The events made for an entertaining and dramatic addition to the show's second season. Who knew the show could go from missing body and abduction jokes to an intense story about a young man attempting to give back to his community only to lose his life in the process? It's this kind of careful versatility that makes Memphis Beat one of the most under-appreciated shows in cable network primetime right now. Read More... //

MEMPHIS BEAT “Troubled Waters” Review

MEMPHIS BEAT  "Troubled Waters" Season 2  Episode 6  – In this episode an old friend  comes to visit Dwight and brings along a lot of ghosts from the past. Turns out the guy once stole Dwight’s girl and is now married to  her and not only that, but has gotten himself into a host of trouble with the law. AsWhitehead  points out to him early on, Dwight has to help every stray that crosses his path and of course  lets bygones be bygones so that he can try and get his old buddy out of trouble. Trouble is that at every turn, Dwight’s investigation ends up proving that his friend is guilty as sin. The good news is that it turns out Jimmy didn’t commit the crime; the bad news is that he did aide and abet those who did. Oops. Sure he did it with good intentions but it still means that Dwight has to send a friend to jail. Read More... //

Memphis Beat Review: "Troubled Water"

Both Dwight and Lt. Rice navigated strained relationships in " Troubled Water ". This week's episode marked the first appearance of Lt. Rice's mother. We knew Lt. Rice and her daughter were estranged, as her engagement announcement was a surprise to her as we saw earlier this season; but rarely have we seen or heard much about Tanya's mom. Funny thing is, both Tanya and her mother share a very stubborn personality, and it wasn't hard for me to see Lt. Rice when she gets to be her mother's age acting and responding in a very similar manner.Other moments I enjoyed had to do with Whitehead on the phone with Tanya's mom. I'm not sure where this playful conflict between these two is going, but as it develops it seems that White is becoming more and more a vehicle for self-reflection and motivation each week. Read More... //