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Anne Heche and James Tupper: Expecting!

James Tupper starred in Men in Trees . He's has also been the primary Man in Anne Heche since 2006 - and now will have a baby to show for it. The actress and her beau are expecting their first child. The two first met on the set of their short-lived drama Men in Trees while Anne Heche was still wed to deadbeat husband Coley Laffoon. "In that friendship, we kind of discovered we saw the world in a somewhat similar way," Tupper, who was also married at the time, told the Vancouver Sun. "I think we both made decisions that were based on the relationships we were in." Source

James Tupper Gets a Guest Starring Gig

Sadly for Men in Trees fans, the show is still not coming back, but at least you'll now be able to see one of the show's stars, James Tupper, appear on next season of Samantha Who? for at least an episode! Tupper will be playing a possible love interest for Samantha (Christina Applegate). Source: TV Guide

Let's sadly say Goodbye to Men in Trees.

We all remember the season premiere where we were introduced to Marin Frist and the handsome beau in Elmo, Jack. It was funny and it made you want to embark in their lives. Marin's trip is sadly cut short and in stead of anticipating new episodes, we are saying goodbye to a wonderful series. It would be truly missed and always remembered. Read more below . This is one series which cannot be easily replaced.

Men in Trees Returns Tonight.

Tonight we reunite with Marin Frist, her friends and the quaint little town of Elmo, Alaska, as Men in Trees returns for the first of three final episodes (airing tonight, June 4 and June 11). Tonight's episode, titled New Dogs, Old Tricks, finds Marin (Anne Heche) giving an anxious Jack (James Tupper) an emotional boost as he prepares to deliver his first college lecture in big-city Anchorage. Read more below: Men in Trees Returns for Three Final Episodes

ABC Cancels Men in Trees

Men in Trees has officially been canceled. Series creator Jenny Bicks confirmed this news with TV Guide, saying that the scheduling for the show really did it in with multiple timeslot changes and two hiatuses. But never fear, fans - the Men in Trees folks planned for this possibility by shooting an alternative finale that will be added onto the regularly planned finale, so all will be wrapped up nicely for viewers. Read more on TV Guide: Exclusive: ABC Chops Down Men in Trees Photo courtesy of