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I cannot believe that you ABC finally get a great show on TV and now you are taking it off. What is wrong with you, and how can I get this unjustice STOPPED. I will be waiting for you reply. Thanx.

new episode "Charity Chase"

Hello everyone, could someone please upload the new episode with alink that works for people outside the US? I NEEEEED to see whats happening with Jack on open water and Coach not knowing about the accident. Please someone have a heart and upload it. thanx a lot.

jack & coach

This show is quite good about finding love where you least expect it. I never much liked Anne Heche (sorry) but in this show she is just perfect Marin turns up to 'coach' (which Jack calls her) the men of Alaska on relationships she ends up staying in Elmo. Jane, Marins Editor, she's very funny Jack' in charge of game and wildlife. The hapless Patrick who runs the boarding house and runs the radio station. Annie who followed Marin (she's crazy about her) got a job as Jack's secretary. Chief Celia (Patrick' mo), who's the police in Elmo. Dick her supervisor. Cash a nomadic handyman, loves Marins soup. Ben owns 'The Chieftan' in Elmo. Who's married to Theresa. Sara helps men to relieve their tensions,she has a young son Mai is married to Buzz he flies the plane Jerome drinks in the bar and there's Sam I'm trying not to give too much away, just watch the show you'll enjoy it