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Scott Bakula To Reprise His Role on 'Chuck'

Scott Bakula may be busy with his new TNT series, Men of A Certain Age, but that doesn't mean he won't have time to drop by on NBC's Chuck. According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, the 55-year-old actor will be reprising his role as Chuck's spy daddy, Stephen J. Bartowski, for multiple episodes this season. Last time we saw Chuck's father, also known as Orion, the chief designer of the Intersect, he was fleeing daughter Ellie's wedding reception in the second season finale. Though the nature of Bakula's return hasn't been revealed, it's safe to assume that his character's comeback will be part of a significant storyline. In fact, executive producer Josh Schwartz calls it "the biggest thing we've ever done on the show." Scott Bakula, who will be returning on Chuck at the tail end of the spy comedy's third season, is also known for his role as Sam Beckett in the television series Quantum Leap, for which he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Television Series Drama in 1991 and was nominated for four Emmy Awards. He is also credited for playing Captain Jonathan Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise. Source Here

Men of a Certain Age renewed for a second season

There seems to be just an onslaught of TV news coming out these days, eh? Even if you don't count any of the Leno/Conan/Tonight Show stuff. TNT has just announced that they have given a green light to a second season of Men of a Certain Age. The exact order is for 10 episodes, though I guess that could be increased at some point. The show has been getting good ratings (averaging 4.5 million viewers a week) and it's a genuinely good show. More serious than you thought it was going to be but also with some humor. Maybe it's because I'm in my mid-40s too but I find the show quite different than anything else on TV right now, and I'm happy to see a second season. Source Here

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "Go With The Flow" Episode 6 - Photos

Watch a sneak peek of the new TNT series MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "Go With The Flow" Episode 6 airing Monday January 11 at 10/8c on TNT. Episode Synopsis: Joe recounts the tale of the first date he's gone on in 20 years. The misadventures include a black eye, a potentially embarrassing encounter with one of his employees, an unfortunate piece of advice from Terry, an anxious Little Leaguer and a poorly placed lamp. Source & Preview

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "Powerless" Episode 5 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the new TNT series MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "Powerless" Episode 5 airing Monday January 4 at 10/8c on TNT. Episode Synopsis: The construction at Owen's house is shut down by the city when it is discovered that the contractor, who has now disappeared, never filed the proper permits. To make matters worse, the electricity is out, forcing Owen and his family to temporarily stay with his parents. Meanwhile, Joe worries that his daughter's ex-boyfriend might be stalking her. Source & Preview

New Clips of 'Men of a Certain Age' 1.04: The New Guy

Three clips from the upcoming episode of "Men of a Certain Age" are released. Joe, Terry and Owen are having lunch together to talk about a school charity and Owen revealed that Joe's ex-wife is bringing a guy to the event. Owen and Melissa join Joe's ex-wife, Sonia, and her new boyfriend, Harold, for a charity function at their children's school. Terry does his annual duty as auctioneer for the event and meets an old flame, while Joe winds up hanging out with his bookie, Manfro. Called "The New Guy", the episode will be premiered on Monday, December 28. A new show starring Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher, "Men of a Certain Age" is placed number 10 in the Associated Press' list of Top 15 cable programs last week. It absorbed as many as 4.42 million viewers in the week of December 14 to 20. Source & Clip

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "Mind's Eye" Episode 3

Watch a sneak peek of the new TNT series, MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "Mind's Eye" Episode 3 airing Monday December 21 at 10/8c on TNT. This is one of the two last episodes of 2009. Episode Synopsis: Joe makes an attempt to bond with his son by teaching him the basics of golf, and winds up hearing about his son's personal issues. Meanwhile, Terry and an actress friend team up to pose as a married couple at an open-house, but Terry takes his role too seriously and Owen attempts to get his sales figures up but is stifled by a moral dilemma. Source & Preview

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "Let It Go" Episode 2

Watch a sneak peek of the new TNT series, MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "Let It Go" Season 1 Episode 2 airing Monday December 14 at 10/8c on TNT. If you enjoyed last week's episode of Men of a Certain Age, I think you'll enjoy this new one. It continues the story of the three friends as we learn more about each one. Episode Synopsis: Joe has been living in a hotel since separating from his wife, Sonia (guest star Penelope Ann Miller), but he's starting to think about finding an apartment. Owen, who is one of the auto dealership's weakest salesmen, winds up with an embarrassing dealer car, one his wife simply will not accept. And Terry goes overboard trying to track down a man who nearly ran him over. Source & Preview

TV Guide Coolest Moments: A Biggest Loser Surprise, a Glee Kiss, and a Monk Goodbye - Featured

This week TV did its best to impress us. Top Chef and Melrose Place shocked us with left-field developments. Monk's departure was both conclusive and heartfelt. SNL put its cast's prodigious comedy talents on display. And The Biggest Loser proved that changing one's body can change one's life. Welcome to Top Moments: Dressed to Impress Edition. 12. Best Debut: TNT's Men of a Certain Age takes a more dramatic route in its premiere, but Ray Romano & Co. are still good for a few laughs. When Joe (Romano) accidentally runs over a possum, he can't move on until he makes sure the creature is put out of its misery. So he runs over it again. And again. Joe feels great... until he sees the possum get up and walk away in his rearview mirror as he drives away. It's a metaphor, people! 11. Best Bad Guy: Though Top Chef's Kevin (and his beard!) were fan favorites, we had a hunch the win would go to a Voltaggio. But not Michael -- he's evil! Isn't he? After Season 6 villain claimed the prize, something came over him: actual human emotion. He wept like a little girl, but later said in interviews that he was just feeling bad that his brother Bryan didn't win. 10. Unhappiest Ending: After endlessly annoying back-and-forth on Brothers & Sisters, Justin and Rebecca finally lock eyes on the beach in Malibu and prepare to exchange vows. But before they can get to "I do," Kitty, who was hiding the news that her tumor had grown, colllapses on the sand. So much for the honeymoon! 9. Best Breakup: 90210's Annie finally knows that Jasper is a no-good drug dealer, but she's not the only one who knows stuff! After Annie gives Jasper the heave-ho, he reveals, with characteristic smarm/charm that he knows that Annie is the one who hit his homeless uncle with her car - and left him to die. 8. Best Discovery: On Dexter, Trinity proves it isn't impossible to outsmart Dexter when he follows him into the station and discovers he's part of the homicide team. In the nail-biting climax, the two lock eyes. "Hello, Dexter Morgan," says Trinity, reading Dexter's name off his badge. To Read More Click Here .

'Men of a Certain Age' launches strong - Featured

From THR: TNT's Men of a Certain Age drew 5.4 million viewers Monday night, becoming cable's most-watched series launch of 2009 among adults 25-54. The Ray Romano dramedy received strong reviews from critics, and helps TNT conclude the year on a high note after the network's other new dramas, such as Dark Blue and HawthoRNe had somewhat modest returns for a network of TNT's stature. "Age" was just shy of USA's "Royal Pains" summer debut, which drew 5.6 million viewers. "The response from viewers and critics to 'Men of a Certain Age' has been amazing," said Michael Wright, executive vp, of programming for TNT in the victory lap quote. "I'm proud of everyone involved with this wonderful series, especially its creators, Ray Romano and Mike Royce, and the great cast headed by Ray, Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula." Did you tune into Men? What did you think? Source

Men of a Certain Age: Will Everybody Still Love Ray Romano? - Featured

Viewers who tune into TNT's Men of a Certain Age (Monday, 10/9c) won't find the next decade's version of Everybody Loves Raymond, and they certainly won't laugh as much as they're used to. Ray Romano, who used his unique perspective on life to tell jokes, first as a stand-up comedian and later as a sitcom star, uses that same perspective to examine weightier issues. And even though Raymond depicted Romano's semi-autobiographical experiences as a son, brother, husband and father, he says his new character, golfer-turned-party-store-owner Joe Tranelli, is much closer to home. "That's the sad part. This is more in common [with] me than Ray Barone," Romano says. "Obviously, I'm not divorced and the situation's a little different, but I think internally ... there's a point where I'm kind of going through the same doubts that this character is. The same wonderings of where am I going next? That's kind how I felt after Raymond ended. It was exciting to come off of a successful show and something that I was very proud of. But there was a bit of an identity loss there, and a bit of a void from not being able to do something everyday creative." To Read More Click Here .