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Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, July 3, 2009 - Featured

* Good Morning America (7 am/ET ABC) Water, water everywhere - that's where country fans can expect to hear "Water," the second single from Brad Paisley's new American Saturday Night CD, this summer. It shouldn't come as a surprise, seeing as how Paisley's coming off yet another No 1 hit with "Then" (his 10th No. 1 single in a row), not to mention two CMA awards last November and three CMT awards last month. And be very surprised if he doesn't play "Water" on this morning's GMA Central Park concert. * Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ? (8 pm/ET Fox) Hot dog! Those precocious fifth graders are donning their thinking caps just when the rest of us are kicking back for the Fourth of July! They're kicking off their summer season by matching wits with competitive-eating champ Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, who has won the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest the last two years. He's scheduled to be back at Coney Island in New York to defend his title tomorrow, but tonight you can see how much knowledge he has stuffed into his head. * Degrassi: The Next Generation (8 pm/ET The N) Jane is forced to confront a past she's successfully repressed when her long-absent dad suddenly reappears in her life. While she's certain that she doesn't want to associate with her father, she's unsure why. As Jane begins to piece together some memories from her childhood, a truth she doesn't want to face, but can no longer avoid, begins to emerge. * The Goode Family (8:30 pm/ET ABC) In the family do-gooder tradition, Bliss gets a job cleaning up graffiti. But Greenville is graffiti-free, so there's no work for her to do. In order to keep her daughter occupied, Helen starts secretly tagging and her graffiti quickly becomes a sensation. An Oxford professor (voice of Elvis Costello) even declares it the work of a major new urban artist. Will Helen come out of the closet and accept the acclaim? * Mental (9 pm/ET Fox) Willie Garson, best known as Stanford from Sex and the City, takes a serious guest turn as a suicidal gambling addict that Jack treats. But the doctor also has another matter to deal with: He's set to testify on behalf of a patient charged with manslaughter by a high-powered prosecutor (Lori Heuring) who has never lost a case. Jack's expertise becomes critical when the case turns out to be more complicated than it appeared. Source Here

Chris Vance Snags 'Burn Notice' Guest Role

Well, since Mental somehow seems like it's doomed to fail after the Friday night move, might as well find yourself a fallback, eh? Chris Vance has done one such move, by getting himself a guest role on the USA Network 's Burn Notice . The current Mental star and former (until killed off) Prison Break major character is set to appear in a four-episode story arc as Gilroy, a former MI-6 operative who now brings his ruthless nature to freelance black ops. In other words, Michael Westen, hello again. Those four episodes are set to air in the second half of the current season, which airs early next year. As for Mental, well, it won't exactly get in the way--for now, at least. Source Here

Take a sneak peek at the MENTAL episode 5 "Roles of Engagement"

Movie star Liam McBride is brought into the psych ward after suffering a mental breakdown on a nationally televised talk show. Liam insists he faked the psychotic episode in order to publicize an upcoming movie in which he plays a mental patient. This leads Jack to believe Liam has a serious psychiatric condition and refuses to let him go until he can face his problem head-on. Meanwhile, Nora and Veronica share confessions during a girls night out, and their romantic pasts with certain familiar faces at Wharton Memorial are revealed in the Roles of Engagement episode of Mental airing Tuesday, June 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Source & Pics Here

Preview of Episode 1.4 "Manic at the Disco" Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On tonight's episode of Fox medical-themed series Mental , an eight-year-old boy suffering from bipolar disorder whose life is consumed by a video game in his head. He is brought to the hospital and secluded after an incident involving a knife. Turns out, the incident was really a suicide attempt. Everything was OK until the boy bolts from the psych ward. As can be expected, eccentric psychiatrist Jack (Chris Vance) realizes that the only way to help him is if he plays along a video game that exists only in the boy's head. Elsewhere on the Mental episode, Nora (Annabellla Sciorra) discovers that her teenage daughter is posting provocative pictures of herself on the Internet. Finally, Jack continues to search for his mentally ill sister who he thinks just might be living on the streets of Los Angeles. On Mental, Dr. Jack Gallagher is the unorthodox Director of Mental Health Services in a Los Angeles hospital. He has developed a high sensitivity about the minds of his patients - so he sees reality they way these so-called crazy people do. This special ability leads him to strange treatments for them, causing serious conflicts with his boss Nora, who, as things would have it, also happens to be an ex. Completing the cast are Jacqueline McKenzie as Jack's sexy rival Veronica, Derek Webster as goody two-shoes resident Carl, and Nicholas Gonzalez as women-obsessed junior resident Arturo. Guest stars include Warren Kole as Rylan Moore, Billy Unger as Conor Stephens, Amy Stewart as Dania Stephens, Holt McCallany as Ian Stephens, Kay Panabaker as Aysnley Skoff, Livia Trevino as Maria, Gino Montesinos as Jesus, and Candice Cole as Margaret Belle. Catch "Manic at the Disco" tonight 9pm on Fox. Source Here

Top Moments: Letterman and Federer Slam as Conan Scores - Featured

With summer a week away, it's time for play. This week some Top Chefs had a collegial competition, Roger Federer hit a career milestone and a super plumber showed how deep he's plunged into our psyches. The week's biggest milestone was the playful return of one of our best Friends Forever. Welcome to Top Moments, fun and games edition. 8. Best Excuse for the Freshman 15: We expected nothing but clever techniques and mouth-watering dishes from the world-renowned cheftestants of Top Chef Masters , but Chef Hubert Keller went above and beyond our expectations in his delicious revamp of a college staple. Using a dorm room shower, he cools his cooked pasta and reheats it to create gourmet mac and cheese - with prawns. 7. Wildest Pitches: David Letterman offers a semi-apology to try to end the Palin family's reaction to his jokes about the Alaska governor visiting New York City - including one about their daughter getting "knocked up by Alex Rodriguez," at a Yankees game. The Palins say the joke referred to "raping" their 14-year-old daughter. But Letterman says he was joking about their 18-year-old - who, he adds, "was knocked up" - and that he wasn't talking about sexual assault. Conspicuously silent is the person who should be most offended: Alex Rodriguez. 6. Best Twist: We get a whole new take on pill-popping, sex-having, rule-bending Nurse Jackie when he learn at the end of the premiere that she's married with two small children. Yes, Mad Men 's first episode ended with the same reveal about Don Draper. But the changed gender dynamic keeps this turn vibrant. (Just don't let Jackie turn out to be Dick Whitman.) To Read The Rest Click Here .

Ratings: One Week Into Battle, Dave Tops Conan's Tonight Show

On their seventh day of head-to-head competition, The Late Show with David Letterman squeaked past The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien 's , though by a slim margin - one half of a rating point. Still, Letterman's latest performance represents a 13 percent week-to-week gain, while Conan has dropped 42 percent since his Tonight Show debut. The Tonight Show's numbers, in fact, have declined every night since O'Brien seized the reins on June 1. To be fair, on Tuesday night he was hampered by soft lead-in numbers courtesy of NBC's NHL coverage. Letterman's guests for Tuesday were Julia Roberts (who told her host, "You are so much funnier than other people who talk at this time of the evening") and the Black Eyes Peas, while O'Brien welcomed Eddie Murphy, The Office 's Angela Kinsey and Bonnie Raitt. The last time Dave topped The Tonight Show was on consecutive nights in mid-October 2008, with guests John McCain and Tina Fey. Elsewhere on Tuesday: * ABC's coverage of the NBA Finals averaged 9.6 mil, while NBC's NHL Stanley Cup broadcast scored 5.45 mil. Both sporting events got beat by CBS repeats of NCIS and The Mentalist (the non-jock in me must point out). * Fox's Mental - featuring a dialogue-free guest-star turn by David Carradine - delivered 4.83 million total viewers, dipping 210K. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, June 9, 2009

* Mental (9 pm/ET Fox) Prolific actor David Carradine, who died June 3, guest stars as a catatonic patient in this episode of the hospital drama. A famous author-professor (Carradine) and his wife are struck by lightning, killing her and rendering him catatonic. It's up to Jack to bring the author back to reality, and - true to form - Jack devises a risky, unorthodox treatment. Heating things up is the growing physical attraction between Jack and his patient's daughter (Estella Warren). * Live from Lincoln Center (8 pm/ET PBS) In honor of the Lincoln Center's 50th anniversary, Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble (a collective of virtuoso performers from around the globe, founded in 1998) take to the stage at New York City's Damrosch Park. The set includes traditional fare from China and the Middle East, such as "Wa Habibi" (a traditional Christian-Arab Easter song) and "Shikasta" by Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov, as well as tabla stalwart Sandeep Das' "Shristi." * The Real Housewives of New Jersey (10 pm/ET Bravo) It's a casino royale for Jersey girls Dina, Caroline and Teresa when they journey to Atlantic City for a lucky ladies' weekend of gambling (and shopping, of course). It's a good bet that diva dramas will mount, particularly when Teresa bickers with her husband and considers getting plastic surgery. Meanwhile, the stakes are high for Danielle, whose relationship with her boyfriend crumbles. And the plot thickens at a quaint birthday lunch, which quickly deteriorates into a clawing and jawing catfight. * Rescue Me (10 pm/ET FX ) Tommy might be a self-absorbed drunk, but as you'll see tonight, on the job he's clearly one of the FDNY's finest. So it's too bad that the drinking is beginning to get bad again. Sheila tries to get him to cut back because she wants him to be sober enough to be able to watch out for Damien. Meanwhile, Teddy plays father-son matchmaker to a dying vet; Sean finally gets his chain-smoking mother (Kathleen Chalfont) to pay attention to him; and Lou has a visitor he doesn't want to see. * Food Party (11:15 pm/ET IFC) How does one begin to explain this outrageously bizarre show? Creator-star Thu Tran, her wacky friends and a goofy cast of puppets turn everyday situations into absurdly comic misadventures that have something to do with food. The sets are cheesy; the humor's corny; and the plots are downright nutty. In the opener, lovelorn Thu decides the perfect mate for her is her and that she should marry herself. Naturally, there's a proposal, wedding preparations, a bachelorette party, a ceremony and a reception. It all adds up to one strange brew. Source Here

Take a sneak peek at the MENTAL episode 3 "Book of Judges"

Jack fights a battle of wits and wills with a famous professor, author and philosopher, Gideon Graham (guest star David Carradine), who lapsed into a non-responsive catatonic state after suffering a lightning strike that crippled him and killed his wife. Determined to bring Gideon back to the real world, Jack attempts a highly unorthodox treatment that carries great risk to the patient. Meanwhile, a growing physical attraction between Jack and the patient's daughter complicates the situation in the Book of Judges episode of Mental airing Tuesday, June 9 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Source & Sneak Peeks

Ratings: I'm a Celebrity, Jon & Kate, SVU Finale and More

Some recent ratings highlights: * Monday's two-hour premiere of NBC's I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! averaged 6.35 million viewers, edging out The Bachelorette (6.34 mil) in both total audience and the demos. I'm a Celebrity then dropped 14 percent (to 5.5 mil) on Tuesday. * Among finales, Medium wrapped up its NBC run with an audience of 7.38 mil, dipping 370K week-to-week. (This fall: Fridays on CBS!) According to Jim on Tuesday had its last laughs before an audience of 4.1 mil, while SVU's season-ender copped 11.37 mil. * On Tuesday, Fox's Mental (5.04 mil) slipped 13 percent from its premiere. * Conan O'Brien's second outing as Tonight Show host dropped 30 percent from his debut, Still, NBC notes, it was Tonight's best Tuesday rating in more than two years and Conan handily bested Letterman by 67 percent. * TLC's Jon & Kate plus 8 was minus 42 percent of its season-premiere audience, averaging 5.7 million viewers on Monday. * The Sunday conclusion of Lifetime's Maneater miniseries drew 3 million viewers and gave the cabler its best demos delivery of the year. Source Here

Take a sneak peek at the new FOX show MENTAL episode 2, "A Beautiful Delusion"

Director of Psychiatric Services Dr. Jack Gallagher and psychiatrist Dr. Veronica Hayden-Jones are called to the ER for a psych consult where they meet Melissa Ranier (guest star Nicholle Tom), a woman presenting as seven months pregnant. However, the doctors are informed by the ER physician that the patient's ultrasound did not reveal a baby. When the woman's husband (and OB/GYN) arrives, they find he, too, is under the delusion that his wife is pregnant. Jack must take drastic measures to get to the bottom of the case and help bring the couple back to reality. Meanwhile, Jack searches for his mentally ill sister, Becky, whom he believes is homeless and wandering the streets of Los Angeles in the A Beautiful Delusion episode of Mental airing Tuesday, June 2 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Source & More Pics Here