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Merlin Season 5 Will Be Its Last

This is a really sad news for fans of  Merlin  fans everywhere. BBC One has announced that the current season of  Merlin , Season 5, airing in the UK at the moment will be its last. The series will bow out this Christmas with a special two-part finale. Here is what co-creators and executive producers, Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, had to say about the series ending:  //

Merlin Season 5 Episode 8 “The Hollow Queen”

Merlin  "The Hollow Queen" Season 5 Episode 8  airs Saturday November 24 2012 at 8:00pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis :  When Merlin agrees to help a young Druid boy, Daegal, he has no choice but to leave Camelot on a dangerous mission. With the citadel distracted by the visit of the fearsome Sarrum of Amata, it seems that no one will notice his absence. Read More... //

Merlin Season 5 Episode 7 “A Lesson in Vengeance”

Merlin  "A Lesson in Vengeance" Season 5  Episode 7  airs Saturday November 17 2012 at 8:00pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis :  Darkness steals into the very heart of Camelot as Morgana and her puppet queen hatch a sinister plan to murder the king. But when stable hand Tyr Seward becomes caught in the crossfire, he threatens to ruin everything… As the plot thickens and reaches its deadly climax, can a suspicious Merlin unravel the truth before it is too late? Read More... //

Merlin Season 5 Episode 6 “The Dark Tower”

Merlin  "The Dark Tower" Season 5 Episode 6 airs Saturday November 10 2012 at 8:05pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis:  When Gwen is snatched from Camelot without warning, Merlin knows there can be only one person responsible: Morgana. Arthur is determined to rescue his queen, but it will not be easy; she is locked in the Dark Tower, a place that haunts the dreams of men… //

Merlin Season 5 Episode 5 “The Disir”

Merlin  "The Disir" Season 5 Episode 5 airs Saturday November 3 2012 at 8:15pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis :  In the inky depths of an ancient pool, three soothsayers cast a dark judgment upon the king of Camelot. But despite Merlin’s warnings , headstrong Arthur refuses to take the words of the Disir seriously, and their fury rains down on Camelot. Only the greatest sacrifice can appease them, and with the kingdom in jeopardy, is it one that  Arthur is prepared to make? Faced with the king’s uncertainty, Merlin has just one chance to save him from his destiny – but this decision comes at the highest price. Read More... //

Merlin Season 5 Episode 4 “Another’s Sorrow”

Merlin  "Another’s Sorrow" Season 5 Episode 4 airs Saturday Oct 27 at 8:25pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis :  With Princess Mithian as the perfect bait, Morgana conjures a deception  so powerful that the whole of Camelot is taken in – even Merlin himself. But as the storm clouds  gather, will the young warlock see through the lies? Or will Morgana at long last fulfil her dreams of revenge? Read More... //

Merlin Season 5 Episode 3 “The Death Song of Uther Pendragon”

Merlin  "The Death Song of  Uther Pendragon" Season 5  Episode 3  airs Saturday Oct 20 at 8:25pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis:  When a stranger gives Arthur the power to summon the dead, the king finds himself torn between head and heart. Unable to resist temptation, he seizes the chance to speak to the person he misses most – his father, Uther. But the spirit world is a dark and dangerous place… Little does Arthur realize that his decision comes at a terrible price. Against all odds, Merlin must put right Arthur’s mistake before Camelot and everything they have built is destroyed forever. Read More... //

Merlin Season 5 Episode 2 “Arthur’s Bane Part 2?

Merlin  "Arthur’s Bane (Part 2 )" Season 5 Episode 2 airs Saturday Oct 13 at 7:45pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis:  As dawn breaks across the icy tundra, Merlin and Arthur are close to exhaustion. With each tortured step, the fortress  of Ismere looms ever nearer, and Merlin’s fear intensifies. What game is Mordred playing? And what powerful secrets are Morgana and the druid Ruadan searching for amongst its twisted catacombs? It seems like this time, not even Merlin can stop  Arthur from walking right into the lion’s den… For in this bleak and transient wilderness, only one thing is certain: the great trial for Albion has finally begun.  Read More... //

Merlin Season 5 Premiere “Arthur’s Bane”

Merlin  "Arthur’s Bane (Part 1 )" Season 5 Episode 1  airs Saturday Oct 6 at 7:45pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis :  Camelot basks in the halcyon days of a new golden age. But even as she flowers, so the dark seeds of her destruction are being sown… For in the frozen wastelands of the north, men are disappearing without trace. Read More... //

Season 5 of ‘Merlin’ Is Going To Be Legendary [Video]

BBC One has released the trailer  for  Merlin ‘s fifth season  and it is downright mythic. After spending most of the first four seasons  focusing on the origin  stories of Merlin, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen, season five is poised to dive into the more familiar aspects of Arthurian legend–while still putting a new spin on the proceedings, of course. Viewers can expect a three year time jump with the action picking up long after Uther’s death. Now Arthur is in possession of Excalibur, the knights are gathered around the round table and Morgana is embracing her dark side. Read More... //