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Merlin Scoop: Aithusa Is a [SPOILER]

Merlin  scoop straight from  Comic-Con. During the press room  for the series , I was talking with co-creator and executive producer  Julian Murphy who revealed that Aithusa (the adorable white dragon that Merlin summoned who saved Morgana at the end of last season) is in fact female! Even more exciting, co-creators and executive producer Johnny Capps expended by saying that Aithusa will become "Morgana’s confidant and protects her" in season 5, he continued to say that they have a "complex and meaningful relationship." Read More... //  

Video: Excalibur Revealed in the Merlin Season Finale

The battle to reclaim Camelot highlights Friday's season finale of Merlin (10/9c, Syfy). The episode features daring rescues, a rekindled romance and at least one valiant death. But perhaps the most significant moment is the introduction of an iconic element of the Camelot mythos — the legendary sword Excalibur. Following last week's loss of the castle to Morgana ( Katie McGrath ), Arthur ( Bradley James ) doubts his worthiness as the king of Camelot. To help get him back on track, Merlin ( Colin Morgan ) introduces him to the legend of Excalibur, explaining that only the true king of Camelot will have the strength to pull the fabled sword out of the stone where it was embedded years ago by Bruta, the first king. Check out this exclusive clip from Friday's season finale, "The Sword in the Stone, Part 2." //

Interview: 'Merlin' star Colin Morgan, Arthurian legend nerd

The Season 3 DVD of "Merlin" is in stores today. To celebrate, we broke out the good mead and our fanciest velvet doublet…just kidding. We actually had a chitchat with the BBC/_television/genres/syfy fantasy series’ extremely well-read star, Colin Morgan (the titular Merlin). He put his vacation on pause to talk Arthurian legend, "Merlin" fans and the two shirts that make up the wizard’s daily wardrobe. Merlin, modeling his go-to red shirt/blue scarf combo The Post: Is there a difference between a red shirt day and a blue shirt day for Merlin? Colin Morgan: [Laughs] You know what, I don’t think there is. But I applaud you for noticing the difference because even people on set sometimes don’t notice the difference when I change shirts. I think it’s literally dictated by the whim of the costume department, so maybe they have a reason. I’m going to ask them when we start the fifth season, I’d love to know. Maybe I’ll get darker shirts for the fifth season, [since the series] just gets darker and darker. The Post: After four seasons, are you an Arthurian legend expert yet or what? Morgan: I’ve certainly educated myself a lot more. When I initially read the scripts, I didn’t know a lot about the Arthurian legends or about the details or the in depth stories, but since doing the shows I’ve read a lot of the traditional stories – "Idylls of the King" by Tennyson, "Le Morte d’Arthur" by Malory, even "The Once and Future King" [by TH White]. I read a lot of independent researches into Merlin as a [real] man or a myth, too. Read More... //

'Merlin': Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath on Season 4

."Merlin" is back on Syfy tonight (Jan. 6th) with a whole new season. Fans were shocked to see Uther's (Anthony Head) death in the trailer, along with a much darker tone. Zap2it got to chat with stars Colin Morgan who plays Merlin and Katie McGrath who plays his archenemy Morgana about what's coming up for fans of the show.Morgan said, "The 4th season definitely ups the game a lot, even in terms of how it looks ... it gets a little bit darker each year. This is the darkest it's become." The show has had dark episodes before, but they've always been balanced out with silly ones to break the tension. That's not really happening this year. The show has grown up, just like the characters.Morgan explained, "There's no, what I'd describe as funny episodes. There's definitely some stuff that's presented in a funny way, but there's actually quite a darkness to them. Particularly one... //

Merlin's Colin Morgan: Season 4 changes 'everything and everyone'

There are going to be some big changes on Syfy's Merlin in the show's fourth season, which will mean there's going to be no going back for the characters, said star Colin Morgan, who plays the lead role. //

Merlin “The Sword in the Stone (Part 2)” Season 4 Episode 13 (Season Finale)

Merlin  "The Sword in the Stone (Part 2)" Season 4 Episode  13 airs Saturday December 24 at 8:05pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis:  Morgana and Helios have successfully captured  Camelot , and Merlin and Arthur are outlaws on the run. Trapped in Ealdor with a ruthless army closing in, their situation becomes desperate. Arthur must take control before Camelot is lost forever, but faced with Agravaine’s betrayal and the strength of Morgana’s force, the young King has lost his conviction. Read More... //  

'Merlin' Season Finale Preview: Morgana and Gwen to Duel

The girls will take part in a battle when " Merlin " reaches its season finale in the U.K. After Morgana and Helios have successfully captured Camelot, Gwen will face off Morgana in a sword duel which seemingly puts the former in a difficult situation.  Meanwhile, trapped in Ealdor with a ruthless army closing in, Arthur and Merlin's situation becomes desperate. The young king must take control before Camelot is lost forever. But faced with Agravaine's betrayal and the strength of Morgana's force, Arthur has lost his conviction.  Read More... //

Merlin “The Sword in the Stone (Part 1)” Season 4 Episode 12

Merlin  "The Sword in the Stone (Part 1)" Season 4 Episode  12 airs Saturday December 17 at 8:05pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis:  Morgana manages to close in around  Camelot  by leading the vast and powerful Southron army. Her strike proves to be a successful one that forces Arthur and his close loyals run for their lives. However, Morgana won’t be satisfied with letting him escape that easily and a chilling hunt will follow. Read More... //  

'Merlin' is back on Syfy

The boy wizard is back! "Merlin" is returning to Syfy on January 6th and we can't wait! Huge things have happened. King Uther (Anthony Head) is dead. Long live King Arthur (Bradley James). Morgana (Katie McGrath) is on the run and Merlin's (Colin Morgan) is more powerful than ever.In a clip from the brand new season, we get to see Arthur making a major decision, and possibly getting the snot kicked out of him. We also get to see another prophecy that might turn the best friends against each other. This show has gotten better and better every season! Also, we're keeping our fingers crossed the Uther finds a way back ... through magic.After you watch the promo, take a look at the next video. It's one of our favorites. It's a bit of behind-the-scenes goofing off that never fails to make us smile.... //

Merlin “The Hunter’s Heart” Season 4 Episode 11

Merlin  "The Hunter’s Heart" Season 4 Episode  11 airs Saturday December 10 at 8:05pm on BBC One. Episode Synopsis:  Morgana finds a powerful ally in the Southron warlord Helios. Together they hatch the perfect plan to force  Camelot  to its knees. With the kingdom – and Arthur – preoccupied by the arrival of the beautiful Princess Mithian, it falls to an absent friend to raise the alarm: Guinevere. But with past wounds still raw, can love really conquer all? Or is a deadly arrow destined to fly straight into the heart of Camelot? Read More... //