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Season Three 'Merlin' Premiere on Syfy Bewitches 1.34 Million

The season three premiere of Merlin on Syfy entranced more than 1.34 million total viewers on Friday, January 7, during its 10-11PM (ET/PT) premiere, up five percent versus the 2010 average. The viewership was boosted by its Friday night tag team partner WWE Smackdown®, which pinned 2.845 million total viewers as the 8-10PM (ET/PT) lead-in. This was the second highest performance for the series behind only the October 15 telecast (2.88 million). The 1.95 HH rating was the highest household rating ever for SmackDown. The program also delivered 1.1 million Adults 18-49 (up 41% week-to-week) and 1.04 million Adults 25-54 (up 19% week-to-week). This also represents a Syfy high for SmackDown among Adults18-34 (454,000). Read More… //

Syfy Returns to Camelot with Merlin

This nervy, comedic reboot of the Camelot legend started off with a Prince Arthur (Bradley James) who was a bit of a moron and a young, gauche Merlin (Colin Morgan) who must keep his magic a secret — but it now kicks into serious gear. Last season, Merlin tried to kill the seemingly innocent Morgana (Katie McGrath) when she fell under the spell of a wicked sorceress... //

MERLIN’s Colin Morgan and Bradley James Talk Season 3

The third season of MERLIN has already aired in the UK, but it’s been a long wait for those of us on this side of the Atlantic. Fortunately, we, too, can head back to Camelot when Syfy begins airing the thirteen episode third season on January 7. The stakes are raised in the new episodes as Merlin (Colin Morgan) wages more dangerous battles to protect Arthur (Bradley James). Magic is still forbidden by King Uther (Anthony Head) and Morgana (Katie McGrath) returns, making things even more complicated for the young wizard. We was there when Colin Morgan and Bradley James teased the upcoming episodes, discussing the evolution of Merlin and Arthur’s relationship, Morgana’s return, and their favorite moments of the season. To Read More Click Here.

Syfy Sets MERLIN Season 3 Premiere Date

Okay, American MERLIN fans, the magic is back! Merlin returns for a third season on Syfy beginning Friday, January 7, at 10pm eastern/9pm central, immediately following tag team partner WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Season three sees the young wizard Merlin (Colin Morgan) in increasingly dangerous and dark battles in his secret quest to protect Prince Arthur (Bradley James) in the fabled kingdom of Camelot, where magic is forbidden by King Uther (Anthony Head). They rejoin Katie McGrath, who portrays the mesmerizing Morgana (who has a dark destiny of her own), Angel Coulby as her loyal maid Gwen, and Richard Wilson as wise Court physician Gaius. The new season finds Camelot’s heroes pushed to their limits as the kingdom is thrown into turmoil by the return of Morgana from a year’s absence. To Read More Click Here.

MERLIN “The Coming Of Arthur, Part 2? Season 3 Episode 13 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and browse the photos for the upcoming episode of MERLIN "The Coming Of Arthur, Part 2? Season 3 Episode 13 which airs Saturday December 4 2010 on BBC 1. Episode Synopsis:  Morgana, newly crowned as Queen of Camelot, begins a reign of terrible evil over the innocent citizens of the kingdom. Counting on Morgause and her immortal army at her command all hope seems lost for Uther, who is forced to witness how his kingdom crumble under the unimaginable cruelty of his own daughter. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Camelot, Arthur recovers his strength and plans a counter attack with the help of a few loyals at his side: Gwaine, Lancelot, Elyan and Percival. However, Merlin is aware that not even a skilful warrior like Arthur can defeat an immortal foe without magic. Will he be able to reclaim the great sword Excalibur from the Lake of Avalon in time to save the lives of those he cares the most about? Source & Preview

'Merlin' Season 3 Finale Part 2 Preview

"Merlin" will wrap up the third season next week on BBC. In the second part of "The Coming of Arthur", Morgana has been crowned Queen of Camelot, and brings about its downfall. Meanwhile, Arthur forms a resistance against the new monarchy, Merlin believes he'll struggle and goes to retrieve Excalibur. Can the new monarchy be stopped? Lead star Colin Morgan revealed to Digital Spy, "Huge iconic elements from the legends are happening. You'll see the formation of a certain famous band of knights, possibly seated at some form of table! There's also elements from the past. Things that have been buried since season one are going to resurface, literally! You're also going to see the kingdom and those who rule it overthrown and taken over by a dark force. Camelot is in dire straits. All the heroes are forced to form a vigilante gang to fight against it all." To Read More Click Here.

Syfy Sets Premiere Dates for Being Human, Other Series

Ghost Hunters International will kick off Syfy's winter schedule, followed by the Friday debut of Merlin and the U.S. remake of Being Human, the network announced Monday. Ghost Hunters International will debut Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 9/8c. Fellow spooky series Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth will premiere in February and March, respectively. The Being Human remake will premiere on Monday, Jan. 17 at 9/8c. Starring Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington, Human is an adaptation of a British drama that follows three supernatural roommates who attempt to assimilate and lead normal lives. Merlin, starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Anthony Head, will debut its third season on Friday, Jan. 7 at 10/9c. Face Off, a reality competition series focusing on the world of special-effects artists, will premiere Wednesday, Jan. 26, at 10/9c. Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, a reality series starring Top Chef Season 2 runner-up Marcel Vigneron, will return in February. Which shows are you most excited for? Source Here

MERLIN “Queen of Hearts” Reviews

Morgana is up to her usual evil schemes and this time Gwen is the target. A prophecy showing Gwen’s ascension to the throne has Morgana’s evil ambitions tied in a knot. After some planting of evidence and some devious trickery she plays match maker to Arthur and Gwen. It’s all a trap, of course, and she lures Uther onto the scene so he can see his beloved son in the arms of some serving girl. Yuck. After ten episodes of glowers, I’m a little unimpressed about where the writers are going with Morgana. Katie McGrath’s performance itself is fine and she delivers some hammy lines with a mixture of sincerity and smirkiness to avoid some major cringing (the directors need a serious memo on the ‘evil glares’), but the writers have taken Morgana down the strict ‘evil’ route, which I’m a little disappointed about since it would be much more interesting if she was conflicted, or if she thought she was actually doing the right thing with her various regicide attempts (and we all know, especially after this episode, that Uther has to get gone) but instead of showing her conflicted, they show her as sadistic, which they just are not pulling off, considering that in every episode Merlin thwarts her attempts without much difficulty and few repercussions. To Read More Click Here.

MERLIN “Queen Of Hearts” Season 3 Episode 10 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and browse the photos for the upcoming episode of MERLIN "Queen Of Hearts" Season 3 Episode 10 which airs Saturday November 13 2010 on BBC 1. Episode Synopsis:  When Morgana is tormented by dreams in which Guinevere becomes Queen of Camelot, Morgause encourages her to reveal Arthur and Gwen’s courtship to Uther in the knowledge that he will do whatever it takes to stop his son from marrying a serving girl. Source & Preview

MERLIN “Love In The Time Of Dragons” Season 3 Episode 9 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and browse the photos for the upcoming episode of MERLIN "Love In The Time Of Dragons" Season 3 Episode 9 which airs Saturday November 6 2010 on BBC 1. Episode Synopsis: Merlin is pleased to get acquainted with a different side of his mentor when Alice, an old flame of Gaius’s, arrives in Camelot. However, when the warlock discovers that she is under the influence of a Manticore, a creature from the Old Religion, Merlin has no other choice but to tell the physician about Alice’s evil scheme. Blinded by love, Gaius refuses to believe Merlin’s reveal and their close bond suffers the consequence as both friends fall out. Source & Preview