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Dethklok's Top 6.66 Songs

(this is from season 1 only, and it includes the songs in the 'deluxe' CD and is not based on popularity =, but my own opinion) 1. Fansong 2. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle 3. Go Forth and Die 4. Murmaider 5. Hatredcopter 6.Deththeme 6.66 Sewn Back Together Wrong (although never made into a full song, it's extremely catchy and metal. I would put it higher on this list but who could resist putting it as 6.66)

Absolutely love it

I stumbled across this show a while back on adult swim and was instantly hooked. I now have all the episodes downloaded to my 360 and watch at least one a day. WE NEED A SEASON 3!!!!!!

blacker than the blackest black plus infinity times two.

Love this show, couldn't live without it. Made some of my friends watch it, they can't stand metal and they just didn't get the show. This show AND BAND is BRUTALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! go forth and DIE, jht666