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Ami James Gets Into It With One of His Artists on Premiere of 'NY Ink' (VIDEO)

The 'Ink' franchise got a new entry with the premiere of 'NY Ink' (Thu., 10PM ET on TLC). The new series follows Ami James from 'Miami Ink' as he sets up shop back in his roots at the Big Apple. But it's a big venture and a big investment for James, so he needs things to go smoothly. With all that stress, it's no wonder that tattoo artist Chris Torres kept getting on his nerves. For one thing, Torres has an entitled attitude that would annoy everyone. When he misplaced his keys, he asked fellow artist Megan Massacre if she was hiding them, adding, "You better not be." When he went to talk to James about it, the latter was still sore that Torres had taken his tattoo machine earlier without asking. So he simply walked away from Torres, telling him it was his problem. But Torres doesn't like people walking away from him, as he said in no uncertain terms. //