Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST
Tracked 1,111 Times
3 Seasons, 155 Episodes
30 Minutes
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Tales of teens who morph into super-powered heroes have, in turn, morphed into a powerful franchise that includes a merchandising cornucopia, a feature film and various TV permutations, including 'Power Rangers Zeo,' 'Power Rangers Turbo' and 'Power Rangers DinoThunder.' Inspired by Japanese television (with sequences from 'Zyu Rangers'), it uses campy humor, martial arts and violent drama---so violent at times, in fact, that it has spurred complaints from child-development experts.


Best Man for the Job

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Tommy and Kimberly's friendly competition in the race against one another to become Angel Grove High's School President turns ugly when Rita & Zedd have a spell cast on the couple. The now-bitter rivalry spills over into their Ranger duties, giving Goldar a chance to capture Saba! With the enchanted saber now in command of Rita, the White Tigerzord clashes with the Thunder Megazord! Can the White & Pink Rangers get over their political fued and work together before one Zord destroys another?

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