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Mind Games Series Premiere Review: It's Good to Be Bad to Be Good

Kyle Killen plays things a bit safer than he has in the past by asking the moral questions most procedurals don't want to touch.  Read More... //

Mind Games: TV Review

Tough sell, tough time slot.            //


Looking for a new show to fill your Leverage/Lie to Me needs? Something involving a series of cons based on analyzed behavior with the purpose of subconsciously incepting people to act in a desired way? Yes, that's a fairly niche craving, and not one that I feel most people are clamoring for in this era of anti-heroes and dark desires. But I do know that Mind Games, debuting Tuesday, while a hard sell, like seemingly all of creator Kyle Killen's projects are (he created Lone Star and Awake) is a fun and surprisingly layered caper series - intelligently written and nicely spiced with strong performances from Steve Zahn (fresh from being down in da Treme) and Christian Slater as brothers. The show's premise is regrettably esoteric in concept unfortunately and I hope it doesn't prevent the series from flying too low under the radar. In fact, "pilot-itis" aside, much of this episode is spent pitching the concept of the brothers' business idea to prospective investors, clients, and lesser-initiated members of their own team - if only so the audience has a clearer idea of the shenanigans to follow.  Read More... //

TV Review: Mind Games Doesn’t Quite Play

  I was nervous going into the pilot of Mind Games that I'd be too in-the-bag for the show: I'm very partial to series set in Chicago; I have a deep love for Steve Zahn; and I adored creator Kyle Killen's previous shows Lone Star and Awake . (RIP to both of them.) Plus,  Mind Games isn't about murder, rape, or attempted murder or rape, so it's already distinguishing itself! Unfortunately for all of us, I needn't have worried: I am not at all in the bag for Mind Games . There's no bag. Mind Games , which premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC, is an off-putting misfire.  Read More... //

'Mind Games' review: Steve Zahn, Christian Slater and ABC are messing with our heads

ABC's new drama "Mind Games" was created by Kyle Killen, the man behind critically acclaimed but ratings-deprived dramas "Lone Star" and "Awake." It has a couple of the hallmarks of his previous shows -- men struggling with their dual natures, moral ambiguity -- but it's wrapped in a brighter, more easily digestible package than either of his previous shows.The good news for ABC is that "Mind Games" is probably the most accessible show Killen has created. There are ongoing character stories, but it's also a procedural in which the main characters, brothers played by Steve Zahn and Christian Slater, are the good guys, tilting the scales a little bit toward powerless people in trouble. The bad news is that of the three shows Killen has created, "Mind Games" is the least compelling of the lot, or maybe it's compelling in the wrong ways: The biggest tension in the show seems to be between the fun,... //

'Mind Games' Review: A Jedi Mind Trick Couldn't Save This Show

ABC new show Mind Games is one big confusing mind trick from the start. The show is literally about a company that uses mind games to help their clients, not exactly a stellar premise.   Read More... //

Review: 'Mind Games' with Steve Zahn, Christian Slater shows heart

TV reviews: ABC's 'Mind Games' about a pair of brothers manipulating others may feel familiar, but the premise worked for 'Psych" and 'Suits.' In "Mind Games," a new ABC drama-with-comedy premiering Tuesday, Steve Zahn and Christian Slater play brothers setting themselves up in the manipulation business.  Read More... //,0,7302186.story

Review: ABC's 'Mind Games'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Mind Games," the new ABC drama starring Steve Zahn and Christian Slater as brothers who use psychological tricks to influence people's thinking on behalf of their clients.  Read More... //