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A "Superhuman" Couple Score $250,000 on 'Minute to Win It' (VIDEO)

A couple reached the $250,000 level on 'Minute to Win It' (Wed., 8PM ET on NBC). This is the largest amount of money that any contestants have gotten so far on the show. Aaron and Kimberly are a good-looking pair, and they displayed what host Guy Fieri called "superhuman" skills. The couple mastered the art of picking up stuff with their teeth, eating swinging cherries, rolling eggs, and balancing springs. (This description will probably make more sense if you actually watch the clip, by the way.) Also, Aaron and Kimberly are currently engaged, and want to win at least $50,000 on the show so that they can get married. ... And, um. Wait a minute. If we could just break in and interject for half a second. Your current 'TV Squad' columnist is who is writing this column is not engaged, but he does have a girlfriend. ... And how does it cost $50,000 to get married? Can't you just get married whenever you feel like it? Why would it require that much money? Your humble columnist is confused. Anyway, if it costs that much, then this current columnist will be a bachelor forever. No worries. Anyway -- moving on, Aaron and Alex have already won enough for their very expensive-seeming wedding. They have a guaranteed $250,000, and they'll be returning next week to compete for the million dollar prize. Source Here