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"Misfit Garage" Gets Wheels Turning in Brand-New Season Premiering Wednesday, May 2 on Discovery

This season the team takes on their most ambitious build yet in hopes of improving their reputation, but with their usual antics and a team member's departure, the crew at Fired Up Garage must put everything on the line for success.   ...Read More...

Misfit Garage: What’s in Store for Season 5?

One of the most popular car shows on TV is back for more with its 5th season. Misfit Garage, the Fast N’ Loud spinoff, premiered its first season 5 episode on August 30. The team at Fired Up Garage is focusing this season on solidifying their status as the best car shop worldwide when it comes to custom street rods and on making more money, of course. True rivals of Richard Rawlings’ famous Gas Monkey Garage, the original Fired Up crew consists of Thomas Weeks and Tom Smith. These two were previous employees at Gas Monkey that were let go. Upon decision to start their own garage, they recruited Kevin Clark, John Klump, and Josh Paris to complete their crew. At the end of season 4, Klump was promoted to partner, which might change the dynamic of the entire crew for season 5. The network promises a season filled with newer challenges, exciting builds, more celebrity guests, and even an attempt at a Guinness World Record. READ MORE...

"Fast N' Loud" Spin-Off Series "Misfit Garage" Gears Up for All-New Season Premiering Wednesday, August 30

The misfits at Fired Up Garage are back in hopes of turning their shop into a money-making machine, but with their usual antics, things don't always go as planned.  ...Read More... //