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Misfits Reboot: Dave Foley & Charlie Saxton Cast In Freeform Pilot

Dave Foley ( NewsRadio ) and Charlie Saxton ( Hung ) are set as series regulars in the Freeform pilot Misfits , a supernatural drama from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage's Fake Empire. Written by Diane Ruggiero-Wright ( iZombie ) inspired by the British series, Misfits revolves around a group of young offenders in a community service program who develop supernatural powers after being hit by a mysterious electrical storm. Foley will play Bernie, a disheveled driver (think  ...Read More... //

Misfits Reboot From Fake Empire Gets Freeform Pilot Order, Casts Four Leads

EXCLUSIVE : Freeform has given a pilot order to Misfits , a supernatural drama inspired by the British series. It comes from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savages Fake Empire and Diane Ruggiero-Wright ( iZombie, Veronica Mars ), who wrote the adaptation and serves as showrunner. Cast as four of the five leads in the pilot are Ashleigh LaThrop ( Sirens ), Tre Hall ( Rebel ), Allie MacDonald ( Orphan Black ) and Jake Cannavale ( Nurse Jackie ), son of actor Bobby Cannavale.Victoria  ...Read More... //

'Pretty Little Liars' S7 premiere date, 'Misfits' reboot announced

Plus: Freeform is getting into late-night...   Read More... //

Weekend Binge Guide: May 2015

Have the weekend free? Going out is overrated! Binge-watch one of these shows instead:   If you want to laugh:   Misfits See all reviews for Misfits I have to admit, I only stumbled upon this show because I was going through Skins withdrawal and needed something to fill the void. I was pleasantly surprised by this gem. Misfits is the story of a group of juvenile delinquents (including Iwan Rheon aka Ramsay Bolton ) who gain superpowers after getting caught in a freak lightning storm during their community service. Sounds awesome, right?! The chemistry between the five kids is just right, making this somewhat raunchy comedy equally hilarious and poignant. A reboot after the first three seasons did put a damper on the show for me, since the cast dynamic was what made me fall in love, but regardless Misfits is smart, funny, and original. Definitely worth the watch.     If you want to cry:   Friday Night Lights See all reviews for Friday Night Lights Based on the 2004 movie of the same name , Friday Night Lights focuses on a small town in Texas whose football team is its pride and joy. This is sports drama at its prime, and you don’t even have to be a football fan to love it. In fact, if you love football, you probably won’t love this show. Coach (Kyle Chandler) and Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) are the heart of the show, which is light on the actual sports playing and heavy on family drama, teenage angst, young love, and what becomes of a high school football legend after he graduates. Plus it’s produced by Parenthood creator Jason Katims, so expect a lot of underdog scenarios, gripping storytelling, and of course plenty of tear-jerking moments. Texas forever!     If you want to scream:   Hannibal See all reviews for  Hannibal This reimagining puts an elegant twist on the story we all know well by now . Hannibal combines the gore of The Walking Dead with the somber grace of True Detective and the result is mesmerizing. The imagery, while necessarily gory, is also almost hypnotically beautiful; angel wings made of human skin, cellos strung with vocal chords, mosaics made from bodies, all take a back seat to Hannibal ’s exquisitely prepared meals, which will have you salivating in a way that will make your skin crawl. Mads Mikkelsen is chilling in the titular role, portraying Dr. Lecter not as a crazed criminal, but as the picture of restraint in his manipulation of profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy). Pro tip: Don’t watch this alone at night with the lights off.     If you want to think:   12 Monkeys See all reviews for  12 Monkeys This sci-fi thriller is as confusing as it is compelling. You may find your head spinning with all the back and forth, disjointed timelines, and alternate realities, but each episode reveals just enough of the plot so you can keep up with the dizzying concepts of time travel. 12 Monkeys follows James Cole as he travels from 2043 to 2015 and beyond to attempt to stop the plague that wiped out most of the Earth’s population. The premise may seem overdone (it is also based on a movie ), but Cole’s relationship with Dr. Cassandra Railly adds a star-crossed element to their inter-chronological chemistry that is simply delicious. This show blends the grittiness of dystopia and the magic of science fiction in the best way possible.

'Misfits' video: Watch the trailer for all five seasons of the Hulu supernatural show

"Misfits" Season 5 is coming to Hulu, so it's time to celebrate several years of supernatural powers and hooligans with a special trailer covering all five seasons of the show. As this exclusive video shows, things only get progressively stranger in this British series.Not normal superheroes at all, the juvenile delinquents of "Misfits" get their crazy powers when an electrical storm hit while they were doing community service. The kids slowly begin to understand their powers -- that they neither chose nor want -- over time and sometimes even use them for the greater good.Considering that other people managed to get powers from that same storm, there's plenty to do if these "bad kids" want to save their town.The first four seasons of "Misfits" are available for viewing on Netflix with the show's final Season 5 coming soon.... //

Looking Ahead to Misfits’ Final Series

I can’t help but wonder – if  Misfits  would have ended a couple of years ago, would more people have noticed? As it stands, the fifth and final series of E4’s seminal ASBO superhero show begins in the UK today, and the atmosphere around it is a far cry from anything we would have seen during series two or three. A tumultuous couple of years for the show haven’t done it any favours and, as it bows out in typically (and hilariously) tasteless style, we aren’t expecting to say goodbye to our original ASBO Five – they’re gone, and in their place are four recently added cast members that we’re only just getting to know. Read More... //

‘Misfits’ Fifth Season Premiere Date Announced by E4

Misfits , the hit British series about a band of super-power endowed community service workers is coming back for a fifth and final eight-episode season, E4 has announced. Although the original cast members have all moved on to other projects, Rudy (Joseph Gilgun), Jess (Karla Crome), Finn (Nathan McMullen), Alex (Matt Stokoe) and Abby (Natasha O’Keeffe) will put on their jumpsuits for one last round of creator Howard Overman’s sci-fi series. Read More... //

Intel On The Final Season Of 'Misfits'

Season 5 of "Misfits" will be the British show's last , according to creator Howard Overman, producers Clerkenwell Films and UK broadcaster E4. The final season, comprised of eight hourlong episodes, is set for a fall 2013 premiere in the UK. Hulu and Hulu Plus have the US rights to the series , and last season, episodes debuted shortly after their airings across the pond. Read More... //

'Misfits' Will Return This Fall ... With Two New Faces!

" Misfits " will be back! The BAFTA award-winning UK series will make its highly anticipated return to the U.S. with Season 4 running exclusively on Hulu and Hulu Plus this fall, but it will look very different. The science fiction, comedic series follow a group of young offenders sentenced to work in a community service program where they obtain supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm. Going into Season 4, "Misfits" lost three stars -- Iwan Rheon, who will star on "Game of Thrones" Season 3 ; Lauren Socha, who was sentenced to jail for racially aggravated assault against a taxi driver; and [Spoiler Alert] Antonia Thomas, whose character died in the Season 3 finale. But there are two new juvenile delinquent super-heroes joining "Misfits": Karla Crome will star as Jess and Nathan McMullen as Finn. According to Den of Geek, Jess is like a female Larry David . "She's the person who will say the un-sayable, the person who'll question social norms and etiquette. Jess hates people who bullshit and lie to her," the site reported. Finn, on the other hand, is naively optimistic and eager to please. " Finn talks a lot and often uses this to try and talk himself out of difficult or awkward situations. He is very funny," Den of Geek revealed. And particularly good new for stateside "Misfits" fans: New episodes of the series will be online shortly after the U.K. airing for the first time. Hulu launched "Misfits" exclusively in the U.S. in 2011, and it has since become one of the most popular series on the site. //

UK Series ‘Misfits’ To Make US Debut on Logo

The acclaimed and BAFTA Award-winning UK series  Misfits  will finally be coming stateside courtesy of the cable channel  Logo. The series  will make  its American debut starting on July 19 and fans can look forward to all four (yes, you read that right, all four) seasons of the drama in the upcoming months. The premise of ‘Misfits’ is this: When a group of law-breaking twentysomethings are suddenly vested with supernatural  powers during a freak electrical storm, their already out-of-control lives are plunged into even deeper chaos. The rough and rebellious clan includes characters Nathan Young (Robert Sheehan), Simon Bellamy (Iwan Rheon), Curtis Donovan (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Kelly Bailey (Lauren Socha), and Alisha Bailey (Antonia Thomas). Whether it’s turning back time, or throwing people into a sexual frenzy, their newfound abilities prove to be as troublesome as they are strange. As they come to terms with their powers, these teens will have to decide how to use them and whether to do so for good or just for good times. Read More... //