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'Misfits' on Logo: UK sci-fi favorite set to air in the US

If you're a fan of genre shows, teen drama, or British accents, you're in luck. The BBC's "Misfits" is coming to U.S. television this summer on Logo! The show, about a group of delinquents who suddenly acquire some wacky, weird super powers, has long been a Hulu hit for fans in the States. We thought the show might be too dark -- and too dirty -- for American audiences, so we're thrilled that Logo has found a way to air it.The first season will begin on Logo on July 19 at 10 p.m. EST, with the subsequent three seasons following it in the coming months. "We're proud to introduce the U.S. television audience to this beloved series, which is like the mutant offspring of 'True Blood' and 'X-Men,'" said Marc Leonard, Logo's Senior Vice President of Multiplatform Programming, in a statement. "'Misfits' is the perfect series for our Logo viewers who will appreciate how the... //

Actors Talk 'Misfits' Season 3: Nazis & Zombie Cheerleaders

The wait is finally over for U.S. fans of the hit U.K. series " Misfits. " The popular raunchy sci-fi teen dramedy is returning exclusively to Hulu for Season 3. As sad as we are to see Nathan (Robert Sheehan) go, we have to admit, actor Joe Gilgun, who steps into the new role of Rudy, looks pretty good in that orange jumpsuit. The E4 hit follows a group of young offenders forced to work in a community service program, where they acquire supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm, but being a superhero isn't as easy as it looks, especially when something always seems to go awry for the group. Even though we’ll miss the hysterically obscene Nathan, his replacement is equally as entertaining, according to stars Iwan Rheon and Lauren Socha. "Joe Gilgun is brilliant," Socha told HuffPost TV in a phone interview. "Me and Joe, we live together. We're like brother and sister or more like a married couple, although, we don't have sex. Honestly. He's a male version of me. It's absolutely brilliant." Read More... //

Misfits Season 3 Episode 7

Misfits  Season 3  Episode 7 airs on Sunday December 4 on E4. Episode Synopsis : When Seth finds a resurrection  superpower he uses it to bring his dead ex-girlfriendShannon  back to life. But it’s not long before he realises that the new power has unexpected consequences… when Shannon develops a taste for blood. Seth is torn between his love for Kelly and the guilt he feels over Shannon’s death, as the gang battle an army of zombie cheerleaders. Read More... //

MISFITS Season 3 Episode 6

MISFITS  Season 3 Episode 6  airs on Sunday December 4 on E4. Episode Synopsis : After a drunken one-night stand with  a mysterious girl, Rudy discovers that he has a strange superpower  STD. With only 24 hours to undo the curse, Rudy enlists Simon to help him find the girl. Meanwhile, something weird is happening with Curtis’s gender-swap power. And Seth finally finds thesuperpower that he’s been searching for. Read More... //

MISFITS Season 3 Episode 5

MISFITS  Season 3 Episode 5 airs on Sunday November 27 on E4. Episode Synopsis : While doing  community  service at the local hospital, Kelly gets trapped in the body of  Jen, a coma victim. Jen, walking  around in Kelly’s body, escapes from the hospital leaving the real Kelly trapped in a coma. When the gang discover  what’s going on they hatch a plan to steal Kelly back from the hospital before her life-support machine is switched off. Read More... //

MISFITS Season 3 Episode 4

MISFITS  Season 3 Episode 3 airs on Sunday November 20 on E4. Episode Synopsis : An old Jewish man plans to use some of Curtis’s super-power to go back in time and kill Hitler. But his plan goes horribly wrong and the gang find themselves in an alternate world where the Nazis conquered Britain. With the Nazis growing stronger as they force Seth to ‘deal’ them super-powers, it’s up to Kelly and the resistance to fight back. As the Nazis close in, Kelly and Seth find themselves drawn to each other. Read More... //

'Misfits' Season 3 Heads to Hulu in December

The wait is finally over (American) 'Misfits' fans! Your favorite raunchy sci-fi teen dramedy is returning exclusively to Hulu for Season 3. At first, we were a little worried when Robert Sheehan said he was leaving the E4 hit . After all, who else was going as obscenely brash and funny as Nathan? But after seeing the first the few episodes of Season 3, we have to admit, actor Joe Gilgun looks pretty good in that orange jumpsuit. Gilgun's character Rudy is one part Nathan and one part painfully shy Simon circa Season 1 -- seriously! The U.K. hit follows a group of young offenders forced to work in a community service program, where they acquire supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm. //

MISFITS Season 3 Episode 3

MISFITS  Season 3 Episode 3  airs on Sunday November 13 on E4. Episode Synopsis : Still trying to fulfil his destiny by becoming SuperHoodie, Simon saves Peter, a geeky comic-book nerd, from being mugged.Peter is in awe of SuperHoodie – at last he’s found a real super-hero to idolise. Peter strikes up a friendship with Simon; a friendship that soon turns into obsession and threatens to destroy everything that Simon holds dear. Finally, Simon discovers the true sacrifices that you must make to become a real super-hero. Read More... //

MISFITS Season 3 Episode 2 on E4

MISFITS  Season 3 Episode 2  airs on Sunday November 6 on E4. Episode Synopsis : Bored with the direction  in which his life is heading and still banned from athletics, Curtis decides to use his new gender-swap power so that he can compete again. In true Misfits style, there’s a complication when Curtis falls for Emma, one of the other athletes, while he’s training as his female self. But Curtis is in a predicament, because he can’t tell Emma the truth about his real identity. Meanwhile, a predatory figure turns his attention to female Curtis. Read More... //

MISFITS Season 3 Cast Photos

MISFITS  Season 3  Episode 1 premières on Sunday October 30 on E4. Show Summary : Heads up Misfits fans, we’re back! And for series 3 the gang are joined by the very lovely Joseph Gilgun as new guy Rudy. He is coming out to play  with regulars  Lauren, Nathan, Iwan and Antonia for a super-sized series of eight whole ruddy episodes. New kid on the block Rudy gets a rude awakening in his first few days of  community  service, learning that with the keys to the infamous locker room comes a great deal  of running and screaming and, in some instances, killing. But that really is the least of his worries. More pressing is just how to keep his secret superpower a, well, secret. And just how super is it? As in is it one from the A- List? Read More... //