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Misfits Season 2, Episode 3 Review: Under the Hood

Super Hoodie’s alter ego was revealed and a mind-controlling tattoo gave Nathan the hots for Simon—it sounded like a typical day on Misfits , but when all was revealed, it turned out to be much more than that. So, Super Hoodie and Simon are one and the same. Sort of. Who knew? Actually, quite a few of you knew. I knew too, just because sometimes I have to do some research and double-check that what I think happened in a particular episode,...   //

Misfits Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2: Simon, Interrupted / Brother from Another Mother

Editor's Note: Hey everyone! Logo has started airing Misfits again on Thursdays here in the U.S. (and they episodes are all on Hulu anyway), but we've been a little bogged down with fall premieres and unable to get these reviews posted. And be "we've," I mean *I* have been a little bogged down with fall premieres, and even though MaryAnn wrote these reviews over the last two...   //

Misfits Season 1 Finale: When Cardigans Attack

New girl Rachel, sick of being made fun of for being a virgin and gifted with some sort of mind control power thanks to the lightening storm, utilized her power for what she perceived as good when she founded a khaki and cardigan clad group called "Virtue." The hard part about judging Rachel was that even though her methods were terrible and her motivation not entirely altruistic, the results of her brainwashing DID have their positives. Sort of. I guess. Okay, not really. The...   //

MISFITS Series 3 Episode 3 Review

MISFITS  Season 3  Episode 3  – When  Misfits  first began it was hailed and adored for completely undermining the superhero  genre and subverting it, turning  the heroes into foul mouthed, filthy convicts with few morals and with absolutely no intention to make the world a better place. This season Misfits goes back to its roots: every episode explores  a different Misfit. The mythology is deeper and the consequences and relationships  and motives are stronger because the show is in its third year. Now, I like serialized show. It’s what draws me to  Breaking Bad  and  Mad Men , and what makes me put on a movie instead of trekking through a series of Law and Order. Misfits has pretty much become a procedural with a slant and a flavour of predictability and while I wish the show was more serialized, it’s still really entertaining. This episode focused on Simon’s relationship with a corrupting kid who idolizes superheroes. I feared for a while that Misfits was about to rip off Kick Ass or Super, but it did a solid job steering clear of those recent movie conventions. Read More... //

MISFITS “Series 3, Episode 1? Review

MISFITS  Season 3  Episode 1  – Misfits is back and  without Robert Sheehan, who brought us so much as Nathan that it’ll be tough to replace him. Though, of course , that is exactly what the show sets about doing, in a pretty unique way, as we’ve come to expect from Misfits. His replacement is a fellow called Rudy, a guy whose power is he can split into two different Rudys: one is sincere, emotional, philosophical, insecure, lovely. The other had a plastic vagina in his bedroom. The opening scene featured a fantastic  chase  sequence which brought us right back into the mix. The Misfits got rid of their powers, then regretted the decision and got new powers. Now we’re back, pretty much, to square one. They have to learn to deal with their powers. They all rode in a stolen car with Rudy, got caught by the police, and are back serving  community  time. For a show which features so many unique and wonderfully original slants to the clichéd superhero story, this resetting of the entire series was quite sad. I was really looking forward to seeing the Misfits universe expand. Instead it looks like it might just repeat what it did in the first two seasons, except with a new character and a few new powers. Read More... //

Misfits: "Episode 2.6" Review

After last week's monkey business, Misfits' nominal finale was certainly rich in calcium although lacking in a few other nutrients that have been vital to the show's success. Curtis' oh-so convenient time-jump back at the show's climax, instantly undoing the whole episode – especially after a two seasons of "It doesn't work like that!" – felt a bit cheap, rushed and clumsily sign-posted. This left Episode 6 looking like an Elseworlds, showing us a glimpse of an alternative future where, thanks to their probation worker (it's always the probation worker, should've killed that one when they had the chance…) the gang are publicly exposed and turned into stars. To Read More Click Here.

MISFITS Series 2 Episode 6 Review

Six episodes down and Misfits is over…well, until the Christmas special on Sunday, which seems to be sort of a cheating way to get seven episodes. The Asbo Five finished their community service, but thanks to Milk Boy, Nathan’s big mouth and greedy parole officer eavesdropping, their superpowers are out in the public. I’ve loved every episode of Misfits so far, but this episode, to put it bluntly, fell flat. Milk Boy (or whatever his name was) tried to toe the line between a hilarious parody and a disgusting villain, but most of his onscreen time was quite dull. The major problem was that with Curtis’ ability to turn back the time, there was never a sense that the Asbo Five were in any real danger. This is the risk with having a power like Curtis’, but when executed well, the safety net of his power can be easily forgotten: in the episode when the main five were strung up on meat hooks by the video game killer, for example, there was a sense of danger pulsating through every scene. Granted, Curtis did not use his powers then, but there was no reason to believe he wouldn’t. To Read More Click Here.

Misfits: "Episode 2.5" Review

'Twas beauty killed the beast... Well, technically it was a bullet, but why ruin Episode 5's touching King Kong homage with something as pedantic as details. And you'd have to be really petty to ponder why the hell Kelly couldn't glean that Bruno was a bit of an animal through her telepathic super-ability. "This bum isn't as red as the ones back home in the zoo," she must have heard Bruno think as he aggressively pummelled her pelvis in the storeroom (which has now been put to more use than Julian Assange's lawyers). "Now I fancy a banana. Mmmm fruit." To Read More Click Here.

MISFITS Series 2 Episode 5 Review

In this episode predictions about the future slotted into place as this episode turned away from the thrilling action packed excitement of last week, into a thoughtful, character driven drama with the typical dabs of Misfits humor. Nathan’s power comes in handy when he is brutally beaten to death in the bathroom after gawking after a girl in the changing rooms. Of course we have the standard villain of the week formula to kick the stories into action, but unlike the worst shows of Smallville or Heroes, Misfits flips this concept on its head. As predicted, Simon loses her virginity, but not to Alisha. The girl’s father redefines the word ‘overprotective’ by murdering everyone who objectifies (Nathan) or tries to form a relationship with his "little girl." Hitting the steps to making him notice her, Alisha rescues Simon. To Read More Click Here.

MISFITS Series 2 Episode 4 Review

The transition at the very beginning of the episode, from Simon and Alisha seductively getting it on to a shot filled with ugly toes was a brilliant way to introduce the new guy Ollie. The promos set Ollie up as a sort of ‘hero of the week’. The promos were genius. Ollie dies, bullet to the brain, within minutes of introducing himself. The villain of the week was a man literally living in a video game. Remember when anal parental committees set about trying to ban games like Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto? Let’s all thank bloody chainsaws that this episode was not about at that time. This episode was a perfect example of why Misfits works so well and why it’s probably one of the best television shows airing right now. It takes conventional cliche and genre devices and flips them on their head. For example, Nikki, the sublime addition to the team and a worthy love interest for Curtis. She could have been introduced as the cool girlfriend, an obstacle between the pseudo-real love of Curtis and Alisha. Sometimes, in order to wedge a character into the show, the character will become more awesome than anyone else on the show. This trap leaves the character open to a major downfall when their introduction is complete and the story has to get on. With Nikki, she’s not some invulnerable ass-kicking girlfriend. To Read More Click Here.