Season 1

22 Episodes

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Season 1


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  • 22 episodes
    22 episodes
    • s1e22Rainbows, Haloes, Coronae, and Glories
    • s1e21Diffraction, Grating, Pin Holes, and Angular Resolution
    • s1e20Huygens
    • s1e19Exam 2 Review
    • s1e18Boundary Conditions for Dielectrics, Index of Refraction, Snell
    • s1e17Wave Guides: Radiation and Sound
    • s1e16Boundary Conditions at Perfect Conductors, Reflection, and Standing...
    • s1e15Doppler Effect, Sound, EM Radiation, Binary Stars, Neutron Stars, a...
    • s1e14Accelerated Charges, Poynting Vector, and Power
    • s1e13Electromagnetic Waves, Plane Wave Solutions to Maxwell
    • s1e12Dispersion, Phase Velocity, and Group Velocity
    • s1e11Fourier Analysis, Time Evolution of Pulses on Strings
    • s1e10Exam 1 Review
    • s1e9Musical Instruments, Sound Cavities, and Normal Modes
    • s1e8Traveling Waves, Boundary Conditions, Sound Waves, and Energy in Waves
    • s1e7Coupled Oscillators, Wave Equation, and Transverse Traveling Pulses...
    • s1e6Driven Coupled Oscillators and Cramer
    • s1e5Coupled Oscillators
    • s1e4Forced Oscillation, Power at Resonance, and Transient Phenomena
    • s1e3Forced Oscillations with Damping
    • s1e2Beats- Damped Free Oscillations
    • s1e1Periodic Phenomena