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Season 5


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  • 31 episodes
    31 episodes
    • s5e31Non-Linear Systems and First-Order ODE
    • s5e30Limit Cycles: Existence and Non-existence Criteria
    • s5e29Non-linear Autonomous Systems: Finding the Critical Points and Sket...
    • s5e28Decoupling Linear Systems with Constant Coefficients
    • s5e27Matrix Exponentials; Application to Solving Systems
    • s5e26Matrix Methods for Inhomogeneous Systems
    • s5e25Sketching Solutions of 2x2 Homogeneous Linear System with Constant ...
    • s5e24Continuation: Repeated Real Eigenvalues, Complex Eigenvalues
    • s5e23Homogeneous Linear Systems with Constant Coefficients: Solution via...
    • s5e22First-Order Systems of ODE
    • s5e21Impulse Inputs; Dirac Delta Function, Weight and Transfer Functions
    • s5e20Using Laplace Transform to Solve ODE
    • s5e19Convolution Formula: Proof, Connection with Laplace Transform, Appl...
    • s5e18Derivative Formulas; Using the Laplace Transform to Solve Linear ODE
    • s5e17Finding Particular Solutions via Fourier Series; Resonant Terms
    • s5e16More General Periods; Even and Odd Functions; Periodic Extension
    • s5e15Introduction to Fourier Series; Basic Formulas for Period 2(pi)
    • s5e14Interpretation of the Exceptional Case: Resonance
    • s5e13Inhomogeneous ODE
    • s5e12Inhomogeneous ODE
    • s5e11Second-Order Linear Homogeneous ODE
    • s5e10Complex Characteristic Roots; Undamped and Damped Oscillations
    • s5e9Solving Second-Order Linear ODE
    • s5e8Applications to Temperature, Mixing, RC-circuit, Decay, and Growth ...
    • s5e7First-Order Linear with Constant Coefficients
    • s5e6Complex Numbers and Complex Exponentials
    • s5e5First-order Autonomous ODE
    • s5e4First-order Substitution Methods: Bernouilli and Homogeneous ODE
    • s5e3Solving First-order Linear ODE
    • s5e2Euler
    • s5e1The Geometrical View of y