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Season 9


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  • 33 episodes
    33 episodes
    • s9e33Wrap-up
    • s9e32Two-component Phase Diagrams: Limited Solid Solubility
    • s9e31Phase Diagrams
    • s9e30Biochemistry: The Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins
    • s9e29Structure-property Relationships in Polymers and Crystalline Polymers
    • s9e28Organic Glasses (Polymers): Synthesis by Addition Polymerization an...
    • s9e27Organic Chemistry: Basic Concepts
    • s9e26Acids and Bases: Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis Definitions, ...
    • s9e25Solutions: Solute, Solvent, Solution, Solubility Rules, and Solubil...
    • s9e24Fick
    • s9e23Diffusion: Fick
    • s9e22Chemical Kinetics: The Rate Equation, Order of Reaction, Rate Laws
    • s9e21Engineered Glasses: Network Formers, Network Modifiers, and Interme...
    • s9e20Amorphous Solids, Glass Formation, and Inorganic Glasses
    • s9e19Defects in Crystals: Point Defects, Line Defects, Interfacial Defec...
    • s9e18X-ray Diffraction of Crystals
    • s9e17X-ray Spectra and Bragg
    • s9e16Characterization of Atomic Structure: The Generation of X-rays and ...
    • s9e15Properties of Cubic Crystals
    • s9e14Introduction to the Solid State, the 7 Crystal Systems, and the 14 ...
    • s9e13Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors, Doping, Compound Semiconduc...
    • s9e12Metallic Bonding, Band Theory of Solids, Band Gaps
    • s9e11The Shapes of Molecules, Electron Domain Theory, and Secondary Bonding
    • s9e10Hybridization, Double Bonds and Triple Bonds, Paramagnetism and Dia...
    • s9e9Electronegativity, Partial Charge, Polar Bonds and Polar Molecules
    • s9e8Covalent Bonding, Lewis Structures, and Hybridization
    • s9e7Octet Stability by Electron Transfer: Ionic Bonding
    • s9e6De Broglie, Heisenberg, and Schrödinger
    • s9e5The Shell Model and Multi-electron Atoms
    • s9e4Atomic Spectra of Hydrogen and Matter/Energy Interactions Involving...
    • s9e3Rutherford Modle of the Atom and Bohr Model of Hydrogen
    • s9e2Classification Schemes for the Elements
    • s9e1Introduction to Solid State Chemistry