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  • 32 episodes
    32 episodes
    • s2009e1207How To Fix a Drawer That Sticks
    • s2009e1129How To Give a Whisper Kiss
    • s2009e1124How To Give a Breath Of Life Kiss
    • s2009e1112How To Eat Healthy From Vending Machines
    • s2009e1109How To Get Out Of Jury Duty
    • s2009e1106How To Remove Household Odors
    • s2009e1020How To Install a Hanging Lamp
    • s2009e1019How To Change Your Windshield Wiper Blades
    • s2009e921How To Hula-Hoop
    • s2009e908How To End a Bad Date
    • s2009e902How To Give a Toast
    • s2009e901How To Kiss Someone Good Night
    • s2009e818How To Say Youre Sorry
    • s2009e804How To Pick the Right Shoes For an Outfit
    • s2009e728How To Maintain a Skateboard
    • s2009e724How To Make Someone Jealous
    • s2009e715How To Play
    • s2009e619How To Replace a Fuse
    • s2009e527How To Practice Skateboarding Safety
    • s2009e514How To Learn the Basics Of Skateboarding
    • s2009e512How To Convince Someone To Go Skinny-Dipping
    • s2009e511How To Drop in on a Quarter-Pipe
    • s2009e507How To Boardslide
    • s2009e428How To Build Your Own Skateboard
    • s2009e409How To Dig Up Dirt on Your Date
    • s2009e401How To Hang A Door
    • s2009e304How To Replace A Faucet
    • s2009e226How To Repair A Garage Door Opener
    • s2009e205How To Take A Child
    • s2009e128How To Install Shelves In Your Closet
    • s2009e127How To Refill An Ink Cartridge
    • s2009e108How To Do A Kickflip