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Mitsudomoe 2 Episode #02 - Review

The opening episode of the second season was a huge hug to fans of the show with the Gachi Rangers taking center stage while the core cast was relegated to the ending moments and a commercial break in the middle. As someone completely new to the show, it was probably one of the worst jumping points on ever, and I say that after spending years jumping into the middle of long running comic book series I'd never read and some lengthy anime series where I was a couple hundred episodes behind on. It was the kind of episode that was most definitely not friendly or accessible to new viewers, which had some fans saying that the show isn't trying to gain new viewers. It's rare show and creative staff that must feel that way' With the second episode, the Gachi Rangers are pushed to the background thankfully and we get more basic character fun as the kids all deal with each other. The show kicks off with some good fun at school as Hitoha has a very treasured object in her hand with a picture of her at an event with the Red Gachi Ranger which is entirely adorable because of the expression on her face. Having it at school is a dangerous thing since she has to try and navigate the course of making sure it won't get destroyed. Hitoha's efforts are very amusing as she does her best and we get a nice sample of basic character quirks at this point, especially with Hitoha. Read More... //www.mania.com/mitsudomoe-2-episode-02_article_127718.html