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Mob Wives Season 2: 23 Girlfriend Salute

Going into the final episodes of this season of Mob Wives , you had to know that things were starting to wrap up. The storylines that had opened up for each of the wives, all relating to change in their personal life, would be met with one of two endings. Either they would dry their final tear and move on from the pain brought to them by their husbands/fathers, or there would still be that rip in their psyche from yet another setback. As much as some of the wives annoy me, I have to admit that I've been rooting for everyone to find the inner peace, emotional strength, and admirable resolve that they'll need to healthily move on. In the penultimate episode of the season, it felt like a majority of the storylines were cleared out in preparation for the finale showdown between Drita and Karen. The second season of Mob Wives may have focused on everybody's individual stories, from Renee's family problems to Carla's reunion with Joe, but it's been centered around Drita v. Karen, a conflict that stretches back into season one. Aside from a couple of minor conversations about their nervousness in meeting, the finale looks to be where we'll get any hint as to the nature of their relationship; in it's place, though, was a lot of material relating to how disappointed the men in their lives continue to make them. Read More... //

Mob Wives Season 2: Sparkles the Dog

To become a fan of Mob Wives , you have to accept the push-and-pull of pretty much every episode. Although each of the women in the cast has experienced personal and/or professional triumphs this season, they've also dealt with crushing blows to their stability. That type of hard swing in momentum, from pure joy to even purer pain, can make for a hard watch, both emotionally and tonally. However, when it works well, when the life becomes another character on the show, when the bad news is as devastating as it has been lately, it produces some rather compelling episodes. On tonight's Mob Wives , the swing happened in the final few minutes. While we were still basking in the glow of Karen's persecution complex  book party and the first step on the road to bestseller, Renee received word (off-camera) of Junior's continued cooperation. Brought down in the latest sting were several men that Renee and Big Ang were well-acquainted with, including Renee's best friend's husband. The bust was made especially heartbreaking due to the fact that Renee had been kind of killing it all episode. You'll remember that she promised in front of God, Ramona, and America to put herself first a little more often and by the looks of her tonight, she had been. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, it's the best Renee had looked and acted in weeks, the new attitude resulting in a mea culpa with Carla and a renewed sense of self. Renee may have been bruised from her recent string of hard luck, but she hadn't been broken...until now. Granted, she seemed to be okay at the end of the episode, going to face her father in court, but it was hard to tell how much of that was for the cameras and how much of that was emotional numbness taking over. Renee mentioned last week how cried out she was, but could that survive another huge betrayal from Junior? Read More... //

Mob Wives Season 2: Cher and the Naughty Nurse

Ever since the hellacious opening half hour in the second episode of the Mob Wives  season, there hasn't been a whole lot of "action". I'm not one of those that thinks all wives shows are only good for brawling and drunken antics, but for a minute, it's felt like there's been a whole lot of handwringing about the possibility of something happening vs. something, y'know, happening. Getting a look at Drita's separation from Lee and Renee's shredded psyche have made for more introspective, deeper television that you expect from something like Mob Wives , but you kind of want them to force all six ladies together once in a while, partially to make all the fretting actually worthwhile. Read More... //

Mob Wives Season 2: Invasion of the Crumb Snatchers

Being in the middle on a reality show like  Mob Wives can be a sticky situation. You may be able to get all sides of the story by being cool with everybody and there's a chance you could play peacemaker, but eventually, if neither side wants to be cool with each other, you're going to have to make a choice. Whichever way you choose, you're about to make yourself a bunch of unnecessary enemies and possibly lose longtime friendships, so I can see why so many "floaters" decide to wait before siding. From the first episode of Mob Wives  season 2, you knew that Renee would wind up in the middle of the firestorm to come between Team Drita and Team Karen. Renee's arguably the glue that holds  Mob Wives together, as she has strong, long-term bonds with every cast member, history that has to be weighed whenever something does go down. With Big Ang just praying for daylight in the darkness that is about to envelope Mob Wives , Renee could easily shift the balance of power to one faction with her vote of confidence. But we're not quite at the day of reality reckoning, with Sunday's episode of the show just throwing the gauntlet down for things to come. It felt like a major beginning, Renee's decision to get involved in the drama likely facilitating multiple huge standoffs to come in the show's remaining six episodes. The entire hour, she kept bouncing from one group to the next and back again, getting recounts from Carla and Karen's encounter in the restaurant and what it meant going forward; you had to feel for the woman, as I don't know how I'd handle four of my friends going at one another, especially since she revealed that the drama had been exacerbating her depression. Renee may have decided to put herself first when she got her surgery, but dipping her toe in the murky waters of Mob Wives  messiness shows that she's not quite there yet in terms of putting herself first and keeping herself there. It's noble to want to take stress off of your friends, but is adding it to your already heavy load the best idea? Read More... //

Mob Wives Season 2: Mafia Wars Redux

The moment I fell in love with Mob Wives occurred early in its first season when Renee, hot under the collar over something said, let loose "you want to play Mafia Wars ? I win, bitch!" to the delight of Karen. Even though I've long since pledged my allegiance to Drita D'avanzo, it was a moment that was not only hilarious in execution (as are most things Renee says) but very telling in terms of the show itself. More than just about any other "wives" show, Mob Wives is about authenticity and having been through some stuff before making it to the other side; you can't really pull any typical reality TV stunt queen moves on Mob Wives because the entire lifestyle and mafia subculture doesn't take too kindly to those that talk that talk but can't walk that walk. All the strategic social moves and peacocking in the world can't mask someone lacking in that all-too-important reality TV element: "realness". Read More... //

Mob Wives Season 2: Make-Ups and Break-Ups

After a truly over-the-top episode that featured a brawl, black eyes, thrown plates, and the possibility of somebody being offed in a busted up van, Mob Wives had nowhere else to go but down, at least in terms of absolute craziness. Though it has its moments of showcasing arguably the baddest bunch of reality broads this side of the Real Housewives, the show can't keep throwing out WWE Smackdown, nor would I want it to. Last week may have left me mouth agape with how relentless it was, but that came after episode upon episode of tension simmered the raw feelings between Drita D'avanzo and Karen Gravano. To paraphrase the great New York circa 2006, Drita and Karen had their asses on pause and the previous episode had them pressing play in a millisecond. But the tape had finally wound down by Sunday's episode, which found the focus of Mob Wives less on bodily harm and more on repairing relationships that had long been dented. Renee was on the end of two recuperating bonds, with the beef between her and Carla finally getting squashed and the new phase of her and Junior's relationship just beginning. You could make a case that Renee's been the "main character" through the first three episodes of this season of Mob Wives , thanks to her botched surgery, everything with Junior, the carryover of Carla drama from last season, and the continuation of her therapy. Renee's kind of the antithesis of someone like Karen; whereas the latter revels in her mob status and living "the life", the former has been scratching at the walls of mob life, begging to be let out of decade upon decade of drama, death, and destruction. The fact that her depression has flared up this season is a testament to the horrors "the life" can bring someone and should serve as a warning sign to someone like Karen to not get too deep down the rabbit hole to where you can't see the ground. No matter how many crying fits she has or how many times she takes back Junior when she deserves better, I'll always have love for Renee for being over all the BS and trying to just enjoy the rest of her life in peace. Read More... //

'Mob Wives': Karen Confronts Drita, Who Responds With A Fist

Renee may have thought she was going to have a nice birthday party celebration on "Mob Wives" (Sun., 8 p.m. EST on VH1), but that wasn't going to be the case at all. Instead, Drita was going to try and make the peace with Karen, and Karen wasn't having any of it. Drita had Karen brought to the balcony so they could try and talk things out and get rid of the tension, but Karen can't get past Drita talking smack about her. "The problem that I'm having is you going around Staten Island tellling everybody that you f****d me up," she said. Finally, when things came to a head and she'd been pushed just a bit further than she was willing to take, Drita lost her cool and threw a punch at Karen. It was a bit unclear who she hit, but it may have been Ramona, who'd come to help stir up the drama -- because it needed it? This led to a ridiculous thread for a while because everyone got to assuming that it was Derek who'd hit Ramona, and men don't hit women and so obviously they were going to kill him -- not literally, of course. Luckily, Ramona cleared up who hit her in time. Poor Renee just wanted a nice get-together, but things never seems to stay nice and calm on "Mob Wives." Read More... //

Mob Wives Season 2: Fatal Attraction and Lucifer

Going into the second episode of the Mob Wives season, I was cautiously optimistic about how the footage of the fight between Drita, Karen, and Ramona would be presented. Too often, the reality fight build-up and aftermath is much more dramatic than the altercation itself, but in the case of Mob Wives , physical fights have never been shied away from. These women can scrap as good as or better than every other "wife" cast, so I knew it'd be more than the typical 5-10 minute fight this time around. Little did I know that the fight itself would take up over half the episode and escalate from a pseudo-reconciliation to an all out brawl that threatened Junior's bail status. Instead of focusing on what happened as a result of the two-on-one jumping of Drita D'avanzo, we were heavily immersed in the action, following the wives around as they tended to injuries and tried to cool down. And, not to be a prisoner of the moment, the episode ended up as perhaps one of the greatest installments of reality TV I've ever seen as a result. Everything was allowed to breathe and accordingly felt more real in the process; we didn't get cut out of the best action, nor did it feel overly edited to the point of producer interference. It was an extra real episode of Mob Wives that was just awesome (and slightly scary) to watch unfold. Read More... //

Mob Wives: What Happened During the Reunion?

The  Mob Wives  reunion didn't feature any physical altercations. It wasn't filmed in front of a raucous live audience and nobody got up to scream a point at anybody else. There were no salacious reveals and nobody walked away with wig askew and make-up a mess. In short, it was very unusual for a reality show reunion. While it was pretty damn entertaining, did it live up to  what I wanted ? Yes and no. The major thing I was happy to see was that each woman had made some progress in their personal life, which, after investing my time getting to know each backstory, actually happened. How about  that ? Karen was inching her way toward being in Staten Island permanently, Carla had established a very healthy (platonic) relationship with Joe after his release, Drita is filing for divorce from Lee, and Renee was not only working hard at her stylist job, but she had finally (finally!) kicked Junior to the curb. As I've mentioned previously, no matter what I think about these ladies, I wish nobody ill will in their personal life and to see people who were obviously searching for some type of answer be able to find it and make a change was infinitely rewarding. I'm curious if any of these changes are actually going to stick for the foreseeable future; as wonderful as it is to see (for example) Renee step out on her own two feet for the first time in years, her history indicates that there's a chance it may not last and that we shouldn't be (that) outraged/shocked if Junior comes around again. Read More... //

Mob Wives: Three Things I Want to See at the Reunion

It’s only been a week since the outrageous  Mob Wives  season finale, which found Drita D’avanzo and Karen Gravano finally squaring off after a season full of tension, and I’m already chomping at the bit for the reunion show. Sadly, it won’t be happening until next week and there haven’t been any promos released that give a hint at what’s being talked about, but in the spirit of speculation, let’s talk about what we want to happen when the four ladies face their issues. 1. The main thing I want to see out of the reunion is these women have made progress in their personal lives. As I mentioned last time,  Mob Wives  may be a silly reality show built on explosive drama, but like it or not, you ended up caring about these people due to how much of themselves they let the cameras see. I only hope that Renee stuck by her decision to sever ties with Junior (and become more independent, thanks to a styling gig), that Drita is moving on from Lee after finding out about his betrayal last episode, that Karen has come closer to reconciling her father’s past with her present, and that Carla has helped Joe and her kids settle into life post-prison. If any or all of these haven’t happened, I’ll be a little saddened but not terribly surprised. The "mob life" is more than just having some bravado and a little bit of an accent; it’s this imposing, intimidating entity that seeps into all aspects of their life and it takes a while to break the last of those ties that it places on you. Just look at Renee, who was raised to believe in standing by the men in your life no matter what and putting yourself last. She’s a woman of a certain age and she’s only now putting the pieces together to live for herself. Read More... //