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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2 Part 3 Anime DVD Review

To say that Gundam 00 has been losing me this season has been an understatement, though some of that is due to the awful release schedule the show is getting with numerous delays. With the series having a sizable cast to it, numerous factions, plenty of politics and lots of personal grudges and relationships mixed into it, a significant gap between volumes and low episode counts overall can really hurt a show like this. Add in that Gundam tends to play wonky with stories to begin with, and Gundam 00 is no exception, it's a recipe for disaster. So much so that the previous volume had me just about ready to write off the rest of this season as little more than lots of action with pretty but shallow characters. I'm still close to that feeling, but they've managed to salvage some of it in this set of episodes by focusing on a significant story arc for several of them that works out well. Of course, after it's over, they bump up the timeline by several months which in turn takes a lot of the wind out of the sails of the series, something that I've felt has happened several times over in the course of both seasons. One of the thrusts of this particular arc of episodes is that it's starting to force Setsuna to stop looking at everything from the point of view of fighting, a familiar trajectory for many a Gundam series leads, as he now wants to be a force for change that doesn't involve wholesale destruction. It comes nicely after a few years of in-show destruction at his hands under the guise of changing the world through that form. Read More Click Me!

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2 Part 2 DVD Review

The further along that I get in the Gundam 00 series, the more I find myself losing interest in it. The first season opened well but once they introduced the Thrones and changed things up a bit there, it started to fall apart for me. The second season moved everything forward a few years and brought in a bunch of new characters while tweaking the setting a bit, but that just added to the disinterest because it increased the disconnect with things. And the further in we get and the more new characters are introduced, the less it appeals. While having enjoyed many different Gundam series over the years, this is the first one that I can think of that really just isn't working for me. This set of episodes adds more of the general buildup aspect of the season as we see more of what the Innovators are doing, particularly during and after a party in which Tiera dolls himself up real well and plays the role of a girl so he can get closer to everything. The Innovators cast seemingly grows with a variety of people with unusual names taken from English in order to sound exotic and standout, but none of them have had any real depth if they've been introduced previously and little is added here to the newer ones. Tiera's doing what he can to learn the truth of what happened with Aeolia's plan and the basic reveal is that everything the Meisters were doing was right but that the Thrones upended it all with a false program. So with the Meisters out of the way, the Innovators started in on their own plans for what's likely just complete domination. Read More Click Me!

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2 Part 1 DVD Review

After a successful first season of the Gundam 00 series, the second season takes the down ending of the first and runs with it pretty well. The first season of the series didn't work all that well for me on a few levels so I went into this season without any serious expectations. While I had a lot of friends that loved this show when it first aired, the characters haven't done much for me nor did the introduction of the Thrones and their game changing moves. The second season seemingly offers more of interest though in these first seven episodes that it managed to keep my attention a whole lot better and made me want to see where it would go from here. Like a lot of Gundam shows, this one kicks off with a change in the time frame as we're now bumped up five years from the first season. The world has changed a great deal as the Federation has now put into place a new group to deal with the trouble of the world called the A-Wals. This group is outside the normal military system and the conflict easily with the regular military when the two sides come into contact. Brash and full of themselves, they have no issues in using their power whenever they want to in order to get their point across. Through the use of this group, much of the world is in fear as they and the government behind them sets to putting the world on a course they can control. So much so that they are actively dismantling entire nations in order to rebuild them for better use. Read More Click Me!

A remarkably bloodless one

Gundam series are famous for their slow starts. Gundam Seed didn't really take off until episode twenty four, and Yoshiyuki Tomino's beloved original never really took off at all. Gundam 00, on the other hand, starts off at full throttle, speeding by in a blur of scheming sub-characters and muscular mecha action. The series slows only enough to introduce its cast and flesh out its future world, preferring bursts of mission-oriented action to the studied escalation of the Seed series-with not entirely felicitous results. The missions begin to feel repetitive after a while, especially since everyone seems to be recycling the same half-dozen lines of dialogue over and over again (variations on You aren't suited to be a Gundam Meister , It's going exactly as Ms. Sumeragi predicted , and I am Celestial Being's Gundam Meister are the most common). There is, however, an undeniable though strictly left-brain pleasure in the thoughtful treatment that writer Yousuke Kuroda gives the roundelay of missions. Celestial Being's plans are mechanically precise and puritanically principled exactly as a fanatical organization's should be; the superpowers' responses are so realistically self-centered that they hurt to watch; and the way various organizations immediately take to exploiting Celestial Being's actions isn't just dead-on, it's a trenchant commentary on all-too current events. Kuroda's fixation on people who do bad things for good reasons finds a handy outlet in the Gundam Meisters, whose actions raise questions about what constitutes terrorism and the morality of using violence to stop violence. Unfortunately, while an attractive and intelligent series, Gundam 00 is also a remarkably bloodless one. Though lip-service is paid to the costs both humanitarian and personal of Celestial Being's quest, the series obviously cares more about being relevant and incisive than being powerful or human. While the futuristic setting and political sparring are meticulously detailed, the characters are mere cogs in their own political games, with only cursory lives and personalities outside of their roles in Celestial Being. The series has no human core Setsuna is remarkable in his frosty unlikeability and there really isn't anyone else sufficiently fleshed out to anchor the show which leaves it feeling cold and impersonal. If Sunrise's intent was to return to the franchise's roots after the teen-friendly Gundam Seed, they certainly succeeded. The Byzantine politics and sledgehammer pacifist message are pure Tomino as are the terrible dramatic instincts and nattering characters. Nevertheless, the series' modern twist religious fanaticism, terrorism, even a fascination with renewable energy and stellar production values make it a worthwhile watch for anyone who doesn't mind their entertainment with more brain than heart. Source Here