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Modern Family Review: Milestones

Go Manny, it's your birthday! Well it's your last year of not having to share your birthday at least. This week on Modern Family , there was a very special " Party Crasher "! That's right! Baby Delgado-Pritchitt is here! After a particularly embarrassing birthday, Manny got the ultimate present, a new baby brother.  Sorry Lily, you're no longer that bambino of the family. However, don't take any of your Daddy Cam's injury causing moves to be anything but accidental. In fact, Cam causes Lily's injuries because he loves her so much that he wants to be give her the best of everything. Throwing rice for the wedding, getting a Barbie corvette as a just married vehicle, and playfully nudging her off the chair when he got a little too excited: all part of Cam's full of love and life personality. The lawn chair thing was purely just a slip up. And I'm not gonna lie I was laughing. Read More...   //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/01/modern-family-review-milestones/