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Alex O'Loughlin Pictures From Criminal Minds

2 promo photos of Alex O'Loughlin ( Mick St John from Moonlight) on Criminal Minds. Click me!

A Guest Starring Gig for a Moonlight Vamp - Featured

Have you been missing Moonlight star Alex O'Loughlin? Well - for one night only you can catch the actor in a guest starring role in popular CBS drama Criminal Minds - his first TV appearance since Moonlight's demise! O'Loughlin will be playing a serial killer and the episode - in a change of pace - will be told from his point of view. No air date for the episode (stay tuned). Source: EW

CW picks up 'Vampire Diaries' pilot

The CW is looking to take a bite out of the vampire craze, picking up a pilot based on the "Vampire Diaries" series of books. Also on Thursday, the weblet greenlighted the Washington, D.C.-set drama "The Body Politic," while CBS ordered the comedy pilot "The Big D." "Vampire Diaries" comes from Alloy Entertainment, the same shingle whose past book series led to the Dub's series " Gossip Girl " and " Privileged ." Originally published in 1993 - which, as the CW took pains to note, was years before Stephanie Meyer launched her " Twilight " book franchise - "Vampire Diaries" revolves around a young woman whose torn between two vampire brothers. The The brothers - one good, one evil -- are battling for her soul, and the souls of her pals, family and the small town where they live. The CW has reunited with " Scream ," " I Know What You Did Last Summer " and " Dawson's Creek " scribe Kevin Williamson, who last produced " Hidden Palms " for the net, to exec produce and write. Julie Plec (" Kyle XY ") is also on board to write and EP. Warner Bros. TV, where Alloy (which owns the rights to "Vampire Diaries") is set up, is the studio; Alloy's Les Morgenstein and Bob Levy are also exec producers. A 4-book novel series, "Vampire Diaries" was originally penned by L.J. Smith. After the success of the "Twilight" series, Morgenstein suggested to HarperCollins, the publisher of the "Diaries" books, that they should re-release the books with new covers. Since then, "Diaries" has hit the New York Times Bestseller's list, and HarperCollins has ordered three more books. The first new installment, "The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall," comes out next Tuesday. As for "The Body Politic," drama centers on young group of D.C. staffers - in particular, a young woman who moves to Washington to work for a senator. Jason Rothenberg and Bill Robinson are penning the drama; Peter Horton will exec produce. CBS Paramount Network TV is the studio. "The Body Politic" is the latest of several D.C.-themed pilots at the nets. CBS has the drama "House Rules," about a freshman class of Congressional reps, while ABC has "Inside the Box," about a Washington news bureau. Then there's "The Big D," from scribes Jackie Filgo and Jeff Filgo. Laffer revolves around a New York couple who move to Dallas, where the man's Southern mother clashes with her East Coast daughter-in law. Warner Bros. TV is the studio. Source here

Moonlight Coming to SciFi - Featured

Here's your second piece of Moonlight news in 2 days (the first being its complete series release on DVD): The series is coming to the SciFi channel Fridays at 9PM (before Battlestar Galactica ). The network will be showing the entire series, with one new episode airing each week. Enjoy. Source: USA Today

Featured DVD Release: Moonlight - The Complete Series

I felt it a necessity to share with you SideReel Moonlight fans that the complete series is releasing on DVD tomorrow. You can preorder from Amazon for $24.99: Moonlight: The Complete Series

Year in Review: Top Disappointments, Part 2

NBC You may have realized a common thread in Part 1 of this year's disappointments - 3 of the 5 shows aired on NBC. This might make you realize that NBC overall has become a disappointment. They cancel the good shows and offer up new ones that stink. Beyond their Thursday night comedy hits, much of their remaining lineup is aging ( Heroes , L&O, ER ) and their midseason lineup looks pathetic as ever. Momma's Boys ? Superstars of Dance ? More Biggest Loser? However, perhaps the biggest nail in the coffin is that NBC has pretty much waved a white flag by recently announcing that beginning next Fall Jay Leno will receive the 10PM slot every night. It's a smart business decision; Leno is cheaper than scripted shows. But NBC is also telling us that they know they can't launch a new scripted hit, so why try? Frankly, I expected more from a network that used to be "Must See". The Ex List My girly side had high hopes for this one. It seemed adorable in theory. But...the show turned out being less than inspired. It wasn't awful, but it seemed formulaic (kind of like My Name is Earl with a list of men) and overly cheesy. The inner show turmoil couldn't have helped; the show's original showrunner left due to creative differences. The Ex List survived 4 episodes. Moonlight / Jericho / October Road I could have dedicated slots to each of these, but I think what they all represent is the sadness of failed fan campaigns (less so with Jericho, since the first giant campaign did get the show a few new episodes, but this only prolonged its inevitable cancellation). There was no doubt that all 3 of these shows had a ton of fans who poured in so much effort to making it known how much they loved their respective shows. The irony is...all 3 performed in their slots last year a whole lot better than many of this Fall's new shows. The Ex List had less than half the number of viewers when compared to Moonlight (same timeslot). Makes it sting even more, doesn't it? Las Vegas I know I've already dedicated a whole diatribe towards NBC and its failures (and that other specific shows have also been singled out), but I saved a specific slot for Las Vegas . My complaint is not that the show was canceled; it definitely had run its course over 5 seasons. However, the show was canceled and due to strike fallout was ended on a giant, unintentional cliffhanger. A show that ran for 5 seasons deserved better, as did its fans. Fringe This will be the most controversial of my picks, but frankly, I've found Fringe a little disappointing. I'll start by saying that it remains one of the best new shows of Fall. But... because Fringe is coming from my pretty-much-all-time-favorite TV producer - I hold it to especially high standards. Fringe has just not drawn me in from the first episode the way previous Abrams shows like Alias and Lost (both on my list of all time favorite pilots) have. The show certainly isn't bad, but for me, it has been lacking a wow factor. It's a little formulaic for my taste (mystery of the night, Massive Dynamic has the answer!, the Pattern - ooooooh), and the science is so ridiculous that it would make even an English major scoff. What are the year's top disappointments for you? Back to Part 1 Year in Review

Alex O'Loughlin Staying at CBS

CBS may not have loved Moonlight , but they do still love star Alex O'Loughlin. The star of the much-loved series has been signed to star in a new series for CBS being developed by Mark Gordon. No details on the role, but I have a feeling it won't be a vampire... Source: TVGuide

Viral Marketing for HBO's True Blood Begins

True Blood doesn't premiere until the Fall, but Alan Ball's ( Six Feet Under ) new HBO series has already seen its pilot leaked on BitTorrent, and it now can add a viral marketing campaign to the list. Check it out: TruBlood Also, you can check out HBO's site for the show here . I'm super excited for this one, how about you? (And take note Moonlight fans - a new series about vampires to get excited about...) via PopCandy

Moonlight 100% Not Getting Another Season

As they say.. Don't shoot the messenger :) No Second Season For Moonlight

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