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'Moonshiners' Season 4 to Premiere Tuesday, November 4 on Discovery Channel

The boys are back in the woods and the black market for white lightning is thriving more than ever before when MOONSHINERS returns to Discovery for its fourth season on November 4 at 9PM ET/PT.   Read More... //

'Moonshiners' Season 2: 'We did an amazing job of building on last season'

Discovery Channel exposes the insular world of a handful of backwoods moonshiners and the law enforcement officials trying to stop them in the hit series "Moonshiners," which returns for a second season on Wednesday, Nov. 7.One of the stars of the series is Southwestern Virginia native Tim Smith, a living legend in those parts, who's been brewing "good liquor" considered a "whole lot stronger" than what you'd find on any liquor store shelf -- according to his sidekick, Tickle. Last season, both men allowed cameras to follow their step-by-step process of secretly brewing shine and shared what potential profits could be."He exposed his world for the opportunity, for hopefully, potentially, he can go legal," says Matt Ostrom, the series' executive producer. Tim's dream is to open his own distillery and launch his own brand. Season 2 promises a full dose of Tim and Tickle, as well as some new characters, in its 12-episode run, with... //