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Season 1209

16 Episodes

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  • 16 episodes
    16 episodes
    • s1209e1223Small banks continue to fail
    • s1209e1222The year of the lobbyists
    • s1209e1221Ratigan apologizes for rude behavior
    • s1209e1218U.S. ready for a populist president?
    • s1209e1217Bernanke faces Committee vote
    • s1209e1216Fighting back against banks
    • s1209e1215Do banks have a hidden agenda?
    • s1209e1214Fixing financial reform
    • s1209e1210U.K. cracks down on bankers' bonuses
    • s1209e1209Could the bank bailout help Main Street?
    • s1209e1208Cleaning up Karzais cabinet
    • s1209e1207Can Tiger Woods be tamed?
    • s1209e1204Will someone take the fall for crashers?
    • s1209e1203Can you tame a Tiger?
    • s1209e1202Is Goldman Sachs really the victim?
    • s1209e1201Tiger Woods remains quiet