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Motive Season 2 Review “Deception”

Making a case personal by killing off one of the team’s own is a good idea in theory, but it would have worked better had Dr. Stan ever appeared on  Motive  before. At least the series made the wise move of casting the eternally lovable Corbin Bernsen in the role. We did not know Stan, but Bernsen has been a television fixture since the ’80s, and he just wrapped up his long-running role on USA’s  Psych . While I was not particularly moved by the team’s emotions– of which there were few outside of Betty’s barely contained rage and grief as she made Cross promise to the catch the guy –I was at least interested in why anyone would want to kill a man who seemed so kind and committed to his work in the brief scenes we saw him in. Read More... //

'Motive' Review: A New, Suspenseful Twist on a Procedural

There is no dearth of police procedurals on television these days with many based on their own unique angle. Castle has the witty, conspiracy-theory-ready writer as a sidekick, while The Mentalist has a consultant with a keen sense of observation that uses social manipulation to assist with cases. ABC is launching a new procedural with a twist this summer, Motive .  Read More... //

Television Review: ‘Motive,’ New Crime Drama on ABC

“Motive,” a Canadian crime drama beginning on ABC, reveals early the who did what to whom; it’s the why that’s held for the climax. Read More... //