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TV review: Something for everyone in Piven's 'Mr. Selfridge'

Jeremy Piven stars as the American who revolutionized British retailing in the well-stocked series loosely based on fact, soap opera elements liberally added. From the nation that brought you "Are You Being Served?" comes "Mr. Selfridge," a loose dramatization of the founding of a British retail institution, the Selfridge & Co. department store, familiarly called Selfridges. Its eight-part run begins Sunday, under the colors of PBS' "Masterpiece." Read More... //,0,260448.story

Television Review: ‘Mr. Selfridge’ Mini-Series, Starring Jeremy Piven, on PBS

Edwardian England is revisited with “Mr. Selfridge,” a mini-series about the founder of the London department store Selfridges in 1909. //