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The Sunshine Center has seen better days, but then again, so has Ben. Ben's unpredictable boss Crystal is the head of this little dysfunctional workplace family. Ben's not-quite girlfriend Alice is the heart and mouth of the place. She handles PR. His nemesis at The Sunshine Center is Alonzo, who competes with him for Alice's affection. Alonzo is smooth, attentive, and committed basically everything that Ben isn't at least not yet. Luckily, Ben also has an unlikely confidant and ally in Crystal's unmotivated son Roman. Roman's not much good at work, but he's a heck of a listener.
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by cLoUless
Jun 19, 2015 1:05PM EDT

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I had high hopes for this show - mostly because of Chandler, sorry, Matthew Perry. But although the show had its moments, the untimely end of it was foreseeable. Matthew Perry plays the manager of an sports/multipurpose arena, The Sunshine Centre. He seems unhappy in his possition and more then overwhelmed by the daily problems thrown at him. Matthew Perry's acting is solid and fitting for his part, but still, with little or less to act on, the outcome is clear.
I did like it and was hoping for more, but the viewers and ABC decided otherwise...


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