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Mushibugyo Episode #08 Anime Review

This episode sees the return of Mitsuki, the scantily-clad-to-absurdity friend from Mugai’s past, as she works for her group, the Insect Hunters. As far as the overall plot of the anime goes, this is a big deal, as the Insect Hunters, who have only been vaguely referred to in the past, come more into play. Though we don’t get the reasons why, we quickly find out that their ultimate goal is to kill the Insect Magistrate. Combined with other mysteries, like Mitsuki’s ability to control the monsters attacking the city, we’re finally getting a sense of the overarching conflict that Jinbei and the others will have to look out for. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/05/29/mushibugyo-episode-08-anime-review/