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A Bride and Her Mother Scream and Curse on 'My Big Friggin' Wedding' (VIDEO)

'My Big Friggin' Wedding' is part of reality TV's unending plan to make us really, really sick of hearing about the state of New Jersey. Perhaps, on some distant day, TV viewers will get tired of "guidos," "goombahs," and "guidettes" -- at which point reality show producers will have to move on to a different state. (We're keeping our fingers crossed for Delaware.) But until then, we're stuck with Jersey. And so ... meet bride-to-be Megin Klunck and her groom, Johnny "Meatballs" DeCarlo! The couple first met while working for a gourmet popcorn company. He was already married; she was engaged at the time. Ah, you can just hear the heavenly romantic choir singing already, can't you? The new 'Friggin' Wedding' (Mon., 9PM ET on VH1), covers their impending nuptials. And during the episode, Megin and her mother get into a screaming, cursing fight. No, not over the fact that her mom misspelled "Megan." They fight about the music at Meg's wedding reception. We're going to confine ourselves to listing just a few of the curse words used in the argument. Here you go ... //www.tvsquad.com/2010/12/28/a-bride-and-her-mother-scream-and-curse-on-my-big-friggin-wedd/