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My Boys Star Jordana Spiro Pregnant With Her First Child!

The star of My Boys is about to have her own boy or girl! Indeed, actress Jordana Spiro is pregnant and soon to become a first-time mom. Us Weekly reports that Jordana, 37, and husband Matthew Spitzer are expecting their first child. Jordana is currently at the Sundance Director Lab in Utah, where she is working on Night Comes On, a movie that she wrote. Jordana played Dr. Grace Devlin on the Fox drama The Mob Doctor from 2012 to 2013. The show aired 13 episodes before getting canceled. Her... //

Scoop: TBS cancels 'My Boys'

Hope you enjoyed the fourth-season finale of My Boys, because it turns out that was the last episode you're ever gonna get: According to my sources, TBS has broken up with the rom-com. For series lead Jordana Spiro, this could be good news. You'll recall that she was forced to give up a role on NBC's upcoming Love Bites because of Boys uncertain future. Now, theoretically, she could reclaim that lost part. I'll keep you posted. Source Here

My Boys to Men?

The "Very Funny" cable network burned off the whopping nine-episode season of its sly charmer about Chicago sportswriter PJ (Jordana Spiro) and her pals on Sundays opposite such sky-high-profile cable competition as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Mad Men - whose costar Joel Murray, aka rehabbed alky Freddy Rumsen, guested on Boys as the owner who sold the gang's hangout, Crowley's, to Brando (Reid Scott) in the season finale. That episode, "My Men," could serve as a series finale, with PJ turning down a job offer in Boston, Kenny (Michael Bunin) leaving for London with Steph (Kellee Stewart) and Mike (the hilarious Jamie Kaler) marrying his new girlfriend (Rachael Harris). TBS hasn't picked up another season of My Boys yet, and it's not a good sign that they allowed the finale to get blitzed by the kickoff of Sunday Night Football and the MTV VMAs. Meanwhile, the net ordered 90 - that's not a typo - episodes of a vastly inferior sitcom starring NFL vet Terry Crews, Are We There Yet? That puts the BS in TBS! Source here

My Boys Season 4 Episode 8 ''Extreme Mike-Over'' - Preview

Check out a sneak peek of an upcoming episode of MY BOYS Season 4 Episode 8 Extreme Mike-Over airing Sunday September 12 at 10:00 pm on TBS. Episode Synopsis: Riddled by the new young crowd taking over Crowley's, the gang goes on a quest for a new bar. Meanwhile, PJ and Stephanie try to help Mike impress Marcia with a complete apartment makeover. Source & Preview

My Boys Season 4 Episode 7 ''Puss 'N' Glutes'' - Preview

Check out a sneak peek of an upcoming episode of MY BOYS Season 4 Episode 7 Puss 'N' Glutes  airing Sunday September 5 at 10:00 pm on TBS. Episode Synopsis: PJ and Stephanie decide to help Mike and Brendan find suitable women to date. Kenny and Bobby, who now have a great deal of free time, decide to take up exercising. And while watching Andy's house, Mike encounters the new neighbor Marcia. Source & Preview

My Boys Season 4 Episode 6 ''Hanger Management'' - Preview

Check out a sneak peek of MY BOYS Season 4 Episode 6 Hanger Management airing Sunday August 22 at 10:00 pm. Episode Synopsis: Bobby ponders the possibility of going to graduate school, but PJ worries it could mean leaving Chicago. Meanwhile, Brendan makes a decision about living arrangements, and Kenny uses his strong organizational skills to tackle PJ's closet. Source & Preview

My Boys (TBS) ''The NTO'' Season 4 Episode 5 - Preview

Check out a sneak peek of MY BOYS The NTO Season 4 Episode 5 airing Sunday August 15 at 10:00 pm. Episode Synopsis: An article about couples and sex leads PJ to believe her relationship with Bobby has hit a plateau. The economy has an effect on Kenny's business, prompting Mike to look for new career opportunities. And Brendan connects with Stephanie's sister. Source & Preview

My Boys (TBS) ''Be A Man'' Season 4 Episode 4 - Preview

Check out a sneak peek of MY BOYS Be A Man Season 4 Episode 4 airing Sunday August 8 at 10:00 pm. Episode Synopsis: After meeting NASCAR superstar Brian Vickers, Bobby becomes intrigued with what makes someone a man and enlists his friends to prove their manliness by undertaking the 100 Things a Man Should Be Able to Do. Meanwhile, Brendan has a tough time keeping up with his younger girlfriend. Source & Preview

Jordana Spiro Talks 'My Boys,' Conan on TBS and Finding Her Competitive Side

Being "one of the guys" can be hard work -- all that ping-pong playing, beer drinking, ESPN watching ... it's tiring even just typing that. But Jordana Spiro easily traverses Guy Land in her fourth season as the star of TBS' comedy, 'My Boys.' Her character, sportswriter PJ, goes toe to toe (and beer for beer) with boyfriend Bobby (Kyle Howard) and a cadre of male friends (Michael Bunin, Jamie Kaler, Reid Scott). For some female companionship, she's got BFF Stephanie -- who recently started dating one of those guys, Kenny (Bunin). Spiro talked to TV Squad recently about the changes to the group in season 4 (premieres Sun., July 25 at 10PM ET), getting her ping-pong on, the sport she obsessed over this year and Conan O'Brien's move to TBS. To Read More Click Here .

My Boys Stars Talk Season 4 and Saved by the Bell

What was My Boys star Jamie Kaler's first TV role? A guy "way too old to be hitting it" on Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Kaler and co-star Michael Bunin stopped by during their current comedy tour to tell us more about their humble beginnings - which may have included porn - and how a table read during the first season led to a romance in Season 4, which premieres Sunday at 10/9c on TBS. Source & Video