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The BEST Sitcom EVER

I ADORE this series and can't understand if it has not received TOP ratings for comedy in England. Of course, I am coming from USA where comedy comprises of saying a dirty word or alluding to some private part of the body. We don't get clever over here. Ben Harper, whew, I could really LIKE that guy. Susan is adorable. Where did Nick go, he is incredibly funny. I see it on our local PBS, so probably am years behind....I didn't know that the daughter had had a baby. She doesn't do anything for me, but the female cousin is incredibly funny. This show is SO well written and the acting is SO INCREDIBLY good. I JUST LOVE IT. IT IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE TV SHOW. I looked forward to it every week until my local tv took it off, probably to clever for us Americans.

One of the funniest

A great series. Unfortunately I've only gotten to see the first 2 seasons and now it seems I can only watch the 7th season. In America we just don't get things this funny. The first several seasons had some hilarious moments that every family can understand. The love is always there, even when went humorously wrong. I wish someone would upload the 3,4,5,6th seasons. In America we'd have no other way to see it. Thank you and enjoy this series, it is one of all time favs.

My Family

this family seems so dis - functional on the surface but they actually get on very well together even though they don't know it. That might all seem odd but when you've watched the show you'll know what i mean. Ben and susan are the parents (robert lindsay and zoe wanamaker) they are brilliant together The youngest son Michael is very clever and has scams going all over the place and making money, but has no friends. Janey is clever in other ways and she comes and goes for a while, sex seems to be on her mind,then ends up at home with a baby, causing even more problems. Nick the eldest sibling is just so hillarious, he looks so thick. Also a relative of Ben's called Abi stars with Roger another dentist. I haven't got a favourite episode, the whole lot is brilliant