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Jaime Pressly Opens Up About Split and Motherhood

Jaime Pressly may have a potty mouth on My Name Is Earl , but the Emmy winner has nothing but nice words to say about her ex-fiance, DJ Eric Cubiche, with whom she has a son, Dezi, 1. "We both still love each other, and the most important thing is our son," Pressly tells Redbook. "We want to make sure he's happy and taken care of. ... We make sure that no matter what happens, Dezi is okay and protected and knows that Mom and Daddy love him. We've never argued in front of him. We don't raise our voices around him." The two, who have been friends for more than a decade, separated in November. Pressly says the split was a long time coming. "When I was pregnant, Eric's job changed," she says. "He became a traveling DJ. So he was gone a lot. That's how part of the ... separation started. We'd been best friends for so long, and now it was kind of like we were leading two separate lives." Despite the separation, the actress refuses to label herself as a "single mom." While Pressly has full custody of Dezi, whom she describes as "really smart kid, really animated," Cubiche sees his son every day when he's in town. "Eric's very much a part of his life; he's a great father," Pressly says. "It's hard because when you're with somebody for a long time or have a child with someone, you start to expect them to be this person you had in mind. Then if they don't fill the expectation, resentment starts to come up. It doesn't mean that one person's bad and one person is good. Sometimes it just doesn't work." Pressly hasn't started dating again, but she knows exactly what she's looking for in her next significant other. "I'd like to be with somebody who isn't afraid to take care of me — whether they have the same financial means as me or not," she says. "What's important is that they realize there are other ways of taking care of me that have [nothing] to do with money. Like cooking me dinner or going to the grocery store or picking up after yourself." Source here

Tonight's TV Hot List for Thursday, March 19, 2009 - Featured

* NCAA Basketball Tournment (12 pm; 7 pm/ET CBS) Remember Hampton! It's the rallying cry for every low-seeded team hoping to survive the first round of March Madness. The Pirates 58-57 upset of Iowa State in 2001 was the latest of the four times a No. 15 has knocked off a No. 2. Will this be the year a No. 16 takes down a No. 1? The first 32 schools go at it this afternoon and this evening at four sites around the country: Philadelphia; Greensboro, N.C.; Kansas City, Mo.; and Portland, Ore. * The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (11:35 pm/ET NBC) President Barack Obama makes history tonight as he sits down for an in-studio interview with Jay Leno. This marks the first time an active president has appeared on a late-night talk show. And considering the country's turbulent climate, you can bet the two have plenty to discuss, most notably the current economic crisis. * Grey's Anatomy (9 pm/ET ABC) Izzie is dying and Derek thinks he's a killer. There's a pair of explosive story lines for you and, what with all the will-she-stay-or-will-she-go speculation surrounding Katherine Heigl, the Izzie thing could be for real. In any event, she burdens Cristina with her illness tonight - and tells her not to spill the beans to anyone else - while Cristina is also preparing for her first solo surgery. As for Derek, the odds are pretty good that he'll snap out of his funk, don't you think? * The Office (9 pm/ET NBC) Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? Michael gets fooled again when he encounters corporate's newly hired vice president (rap DJ and actor Idris Elba, beginning a guest-star arc). The new bigwig is strict, comes with a no-nonsense approach and puts a real damper on Michael's 15th-anniversary party plans. Then there's Jim, whose few delights in life include romancing Pam, rooting for Philly sports teams - and tormenting Dwight. Tonight Jim punks Dwight yet again, but this time with a surprising result. * My Name Is Earl (8 pm/ET NBC) Life's a witch, especially if your name is Earl Hickey. Tonight our Karma king from Camden goes on a witch hunt by revisiting a crazy witch lady (Betty White) from his youth. Facing his fears, Earl conjures up a plan to atone for all the wicked wrongs he did to her when he was a boy. But the golden girl proves to be certifiably unbalanced, putting the Camden crew in a perilous spot. Speaking of the wicked, Joy sets out to show that she has a good side. * Taking the Stage (10 pm/ET MTV ) MTV's newest docu-soap is like Laguna Beach but with actual talent, following students at Cincinnati's School for the Creative and Performing Arts, which boasts notable alumni like Sarah Jessica Parker, Carmen Electra and Nick Lachey (the show's executive producer). While these kids have big dreams, they still have to deal with the typical teenage drama that fills the halls of every high school. In the opener, hip-hop dancer Tyler enrolls at the school and catches the eye of the school's premier ballerina, igniting a rivalry (naturally) in the process. Source here

MY NAME IS EARL "My Name Is Alias" Sneak - Airing this Thursday, February 19, at 8 pm on NBC.

Take a first look at MY NAME IS EARL's "My Name Is Alias" airing this Thursday, February 19, at 8 pm on NBC.

Tonight's TV Hot List for Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009

* My Name Is Earl (8 pm/ET NBC) Crabman's witness-protection journey continues tonight in an episode featuring guest stars Morgan Fairchild, Joan Van Ark and Andrea Parker. The enigmatic Darnell and his family land squarely in an upscale community, courtesy of their new identities. But you can't take the trailer park out of Joy, who struggles to adjust to her new luxury lifestyle and her privileged neighbors desperate housewives, slinky cougars and trophy wives all. Meanwhile, Darnell's beloved Mr. Turtle (slowly) comes home, so Earl sets out to return the pet to its rightful owner. * Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands (8 pm/ET CBS) Two of tonight's 16 castaways who arrive in the brutal interior of Brazil to begin their "adventure of a lifetime," as host Jeff Probst likes to say, are in for a rude awakening. Why? Because in the premiere of the 18th edition of the reality series, the 16 players are divided into two tribes from the get-go and each group is forced, before speaking a word to each other, to eliminate one person from their team based solely on their first impressions. Does that mean it's the end of the journey for the banished pair? Maybe. Maybe not. * Grey's Anatomy (9 pm/ET ABC) Derek was thisclose to proposing to Meredith last week when he got that uh-oh phone call from Addison, setting up tonight's crossover with Private Practice. Her dying brother (Grant Show) is being rushed to Seattle Grace, and only Derek, it seems, can save him. But you know that the Der-Mer story line isn't going away, and you can look for some spice from the Practice contingent as well. The developing Callie-Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) romance will be on hiatus, however: Capshaw isn't in the guest cast. * NAACP Image Awards (8 pm/ET Fox) Past winners Halle Berry and Tyler Perry host the 40th annual celebration of the contributions of people of color to literature, music, television and movies. Al Gore and Dr. Wangari Maathai receive the Chairman's Award, and Muhammad Ali receives the President's Award. Performers at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium include nominees Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Seal, will.i.am and Stevie Wonder. Sean "Diddy" Combs, Taraji P. Henson, Keke Palmer, Regina Taylor and Kerry Washington are among the presenters. * ER (10 pm/ET NBC) It was bound to happen. That rascal Brenner, the party-boy, devil-may-care doctor, has grown on us. It's not just because he revealed a history of child abuse or because Neela has warmed up to him; it's also because he's finally demonstrating some concern for his patients and his work. We see it again in tonight's episode, directed by former show star Eriq La Salle, when Brenner goes above and beyond for a patient that has been badly injured in a car accident. Source here

TV Tonight (1/29): What's On? What's Off?

Much like Monday , a lot of regular programs are not airing tonight. In case you're curious... NBC is entirely in reruns; there are no new episodes of My Name Is Earl , Kath and Kim , The Office , 30 Rock or ER . Of course, don't forget about the all new Office following the Super Bowl on Sunday! Check your local listings as times will vary. Fox is all new, though there is no new Bones . Instead there is a special episode of American Idol (the final auditions round - if you find that exciting ) and the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen . CBS has no new Criminal Minds , however CSI and Eleventh Hour are both new. ABC has no new Ugly Betty or Grey's Anatomy , though Private Practice is new. The CW does have all new episodes tonight of both Smallville and Supernatural . Enjoy.

Next on Earl's List: Lotsa Daddy Issues and a Crazy Betty White!

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of The Office and 30 Rock by securing an early renewal, NBC's My Name Is Earl (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET) will be playing to all its strengths in the coming months, combining list work with a standalone arc, all of which will lead up to a buzzworthy season finale. "Last week we aired the first in a five-episode arc, where Darnell's Witness Protection identity was exposed, so he had to flee," series creator Greg Garcia told us. "We're now going to spend some time with [Darnell, Joy and the kids] away from Camden County, with different identities." As the mystery is finally solved as to why Crab Man is in the Witness Protection Program, we'll meet his dad, played by guest star Danny Glover. "He was fantastic," Garcia says of Glover's turn as an operative in a secret government agency. "You ask yourself, 'Who do you want to come in and be this powerful presence?' and he certainly gives you that." Also paying Earl a visit this spring will be Emmy-winning Golden Girl Betty White as "a crazy witch lady that's always lived in town and who everybody has always been scared of." Garcia previously worked with White on Yes, Dear, where she garnered the comedy's lone Emmy nod (in the guest-star category). Following some cool "list" episodes and one in which a Dateline-type investigative crew comes to uncover a Camden County mystery, My Name Is Earl will broach "the paternity of the son Joy was pregnant with when she married Earl," says Garcia. "We never really explored who Dodge's father could be, and that might lead up to a nice season-ender." Source here

Exclusive: The Name of Crab Man's Dad Is Danny Glover

My Name Is Earl 's Witness Protection story will involve the bad guy from Witness. Series creator Greg Garcia tells us that Danny Glover has been tapped to guest-star later this season as Crab Man's dad, as the storyline about why Darnell has been living is hiding is finally unspooled. Although it was long ago revealed to viewers that Crab Man (Eddie Steeples) is in the Witness Protection Program, it was not until last week that Earl & Co. were let in on the secret. (After receiving a mysterious phone call on a never-seen-before "hair phone," Darnell rushed to spirit his family out of town. Alas, when the lights suddenly went out, Crab Man and fam turned up missing while Earl and Randy were left with syringes in their necks.) In the weeks ahead, as the story arc involves Crab Man's father, Glover will play the Mel Gibson role in a variation on Lethal Weapon , versus making like mild-mannered Murtaugh. Glover's recent TV credits include playing Sally Fields' love interest on ABC's Brothers & Sisters . Source here

Ceren Alkac & Jason Lee: Married!

Jason Lee and Ceren Alkac have tied the knot. The My Name Is Earl star tells Sydney's Sun Herald that he secretly wed Ceren Alkac, the mother of his second child, a couple of months ago. "My wife is Australian. And she is my wife now 'cause we just got married, and you can report that!" he says. His rep also said: "I can confirm that Jason Lee and Ceren Alkac married in July '08." The couple welcomed a baby girl in August. They have yet to reveal a name. read more

Jason Priestley Gets Busy on Earl, Secret Life, 90210

Jason Priestley is three times deep in baby mama drama, with a packed schedule that includes My Name Is Earl , The Secret Life of The American Teenager , and 90210 . He drops in on Earl this Thursday to play Earl's cousin Blake, a backpack model with whom Earl has had an ongoing rivalry. Blake comes to town to attend a party Earl throws for Joy (Jaime Pressly), the mother of Earl's - okay, so they aren't Earl's - children. "Watching two grown men competing like that obviously is very, very funny," Priestley said in a conference call with reporters Tuesday. "My character and Jaime Pressly's character had a sexual liaison at a certain point in time... Once Earl finds out about that, it really sends him off." Priestley is also in the midst of directing his fourth of five episodes of Secret Life, set to return Jan. 5. He promises that while Ben and Amy get married, it doesn't necessarily mean Amy has broken things off completely with Ricky, the father of her baby. Not that Priestley gave too much away. read more from: TvGuide

Jamie Pressly Settles Into Single Life

Enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon (November 9),newly-single Jaime Pressly was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, stopping into a salon for a personal pampering session. On Friday, the " My Name Is Earl " hottie opted for some bonding time with her 18-month-old son Dezi, looking playful in a powder blue t-shirt and black yoga pants. read more