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Recap: "Dodge's Dad"

This week's episode ended the season with a bang. With a few great cameos and some revealing information, we certainly had enough to keep us wanting more the next time around - and with a teasing "to be continued," I'm sure we'll have Earl in the back of our minds while we enjoy the summer. With Dodge's career day at school looming, Darnell (Eddie Steeples) decided to rehearse his presentation in front of Earl (Jason Lee) and Randy (Ethan Suplee). Now, if my dad were dangling seafood around (with some of the Crab Shack's crustaceans falling off of their own limbs), I'm sure I'd have no problem, but Dodge decides he wants his real dad to give the career day presentation. As far as he knows, Earl is his real dad, but Earl and Joy (Jaime Pressly) know better. Out of a sense of honesty, Earl insists that Joy tell Dodge who his real dad is and convince him to give the career day spiel. However, Earl remembers that he once ruined Dodge's career day by posing as a doctor and stealing an x-ray machine with which to analyze his "patient" (Randy). Another student's dad, a cop, put a stop to that. Acting out of love for his list, Earl decides to fill in at this new career day so as to cross Dodge off his list. It doesn't go well. First off, a list isn't really a career. But that's not even really an issue. During the presentation, a girl in class calls out Earl regarding Dodge's slightly dodgy (sorry, I had to do it) family life. Why is Earl giving the talk when Dodge lives with Darnell? Earl craftily tries to explain that even though he's Dodge's real dad, that Darnell likes him a lot too and that Dodge should try shifting his love more in that direction. "Ooh, burn," is the input Randy gives. After this incident, Earl really pushes for Joy to reveal Dodge's real dad. She finally reveals that Dodge is the prodigy of Little Chubby. To Read More Click here .

Recap: "Inside Probe, Part 2"

This week brings with it the conclusion of the Inside Probe episode. With this installment, it seems we discover the philosophy behind making this two-parter save the best for last. Everyone came out swinging tonight, and with a tighter plot and even funnier material, it was hard for them to miss. Perhaps what slowed down the first installment was the fact that we had to go through the quick bios of each character for the sake of the non-existent Inside Probe audience. It gave us some humorous moments, but we already know the characters. This time around we only had to deal with the requisite recap of what had already happened. I especially enjoyed the newspaper headlines concerning Earl (Jason Lee) and Randy (Ethan Suplee) (Hickeys Probably Guilty and Guilty: Toldja!) And before launching into everything, we were treated with the first of many well-aimed jabs at investigative programs as our host Geraldo Rivera promised we would dig. a little deeper. in the earth. to find the treasure chest. of this mystery. With Earl and Randy exonerated, Geraldo explores a series of alternate theories. First up is Ernie having been abducted by aliens. Of course, no one's too surprised when Randy claims to see lights from a possible UFO in the sky. But others saw strange things that night too. Joy (Jaime Pressly) saw lights and a strange person who she thought might have been Jesus, but if it was Jesus, why wouldn't he just say, 'Hey, Joy, what's up?' Next is Officer Stuart (Mike O'Malley). Remember, this is long before he came out of the closet and began dating Kenny James. During the interview, he proceeds to weave a tale of how he extremely reluctantly went undercover to infiltrate a secret gay dance party in the woods, where he witnessed lights in the sky. After all, he drew the long straw. Isn't it the short straw? No, it's the long straw. Lastly, there's a quick interview with Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop, who's apparently been firing rifles at Goodyear blimps. To Read More Click Here .

Recap: "Inside Probe, Part I"

This week's episode is the first installment of a two-parter. Huddled together in the Crab Shack, all of our Camden regulars watch Inside Probe, an investigative show hosted by Geraldo Rivera, playing himself. The program had been filmed eight years earlier, but was held up due to Darnell's Witness Protection status (he had refused to sign a release). So finally, they all get to see the episode, which explores the whereabouts of Crab Shack owner Ernie Belcher, who had gone missing. Basically, we watch as each character is profiled and their relationship with Belcher is explored, with each being a suspect in his disappearance. The result is an amusing send-up of these types of shows, complete with the requisite reenactment segments. We also get to learn new things about some characters and watch how they behaved in the past, and it's a breath of fresh air. With much less storytelling comes more straight-up jokes, which I can imagine the actors had a lot of fun with. However, this means there's much less plot to recap - it's definitely a you-just-have-to-see-it episode. With that in mind, let's launch right into discussing some of what made this one pretty entertaining. First off, unless I'm mistaken, a lot of the young photographs of the characters shown during their back stories looked like they were actual photos of the real actors, doctored in some instances -- especially those that had Earl's (Jason Lee) eyes closed. This added an extra element of reality and hilarity. Most of the photos with Ethan Suplee (who plays Randy Hickey) make me wish I was there when they were taken. Pretty much every character's story involved myriad mugshots as well. One of my favorites featured Joy (Jaime Pressly) with a blue ring around her mouth after being arrested for huffing paint. To Read More Click Here .

Recap: "Gospel"

This week's episode pitted Earl's (Jason Lee) faith in karma against another man's faith in Christianity. But as we've learned many times from watching My Name Is Earl, having faith in anything is what really counts. Let's review how this one played out. The gang starts out at a church picnic (or bazaar, as we call them where I come from), which Earl points out is usually the only time of the year they're anywhere near a church. When Reverend Greene (Faison Love) calls Earl and Randy (Ethan Suplee) over to one of the game stands, Earl recognizes him as someone he's wronged in the past. Confident that this man of the cloth will probably not explode with anger, he comes right out with the fact that he and Randy once stole the organ from the church (after hearing they could make money selling organs on the black market). Sure enough, Reverend Greene prays to God to thank him for this test and promptly forgives Earl but not before explaining that he can relate to Earl since he used to be a vicious thug by the name of Hash Brown, for the way he used to treat his victims. Of course, this makes Earl's ears perk up, but he doesn't worry as he's already been forgiven. He and Randy promise to return the organ. At about the same time, things aren't looking as rosy for Joy (Jaime Pressly) and Catalina (Nadine Velazquez). After getting fall-down drunk at the picnic, Joy becomes jealous of Catalina for winning so many prizes, including a radio headset. Also annoyed with Darnell (Eddie Steeples), she storms off. In a drunken haze, she steals a riding mower and drives it down the sidewalk. Seeing an unsuspecting Catalina walking while listening to her headset, Joy sees her chance for revenge and, obviously not in her right mind, runs Catalina down with the mower. Thinking she's murdered her, Joy takes Catalina to the shed. When she awakens, Joy realizes she can't let her go because she'll run to the cops. I have two kids and two strikes, she says. So she holds Catalina hostage, pinned down by the mower, until she can think of what to do. To Read More Click Here .

Recap: "Bullies"

In this week's My Name Is Earl , we once again find Earl (Jason Lee) trying to make amends for harm caused in childhood. But while also trying to show some tough love to Randy (Ethan Suplee), he brings out a side of his sensitive younger brother that no one has ever seen. Perhaps not unexpectedly, Randy tends to invest a lot of time and money in the Crab Shack's skill crane (or skill claw, claw crane, claw machine, et al.). Joy (Jaime Pressly) tends to bully Randy often, but he begins to get fed up with her demanding his prize whenever he wins. Going to his older brother for help, Randy finds that Earl refuses and instead encourages him to overcome the bullying on his own. The situation, though, causes Earl to remember one of his list items. In his youth, Earl was once sent to a private school. Fearing he'll be picked on as the new kid, he decides to pick on someone weaker than he as a way to preemptively deflect attention away from himself. A timid, butterfly-loving boy named Wally is the unlucky victim. Earl's labeling of Wally as a "pansy" and his subsequent mean pranks deliver the protection Earl had hoped for, but after taking the bullying too far, Earl is kicked out of the school and never sees Wally again. When Earl and Randy arrive at adult Wally's (Matthew Willig) door, Earl has no idea what he's getting himself into. The man who answers is no weakling; rather, he's a hulk who looks as if he might go around cracking sternums for the fun of it. When Wally assumes they answered his ad in the paper, Earl quickly abandons any talk of the list and tells Wally his name is Cliff. The Hickey's are at first afraid the ad was for sex, but are thankful to learn that it was for gym partners. Earl's sense of relief doesn't last for long as he soon finds that Wally is the kind of guy who punches people in the face to get them psyched up. To Read More Click Here .

Recap: "Pinky"

Focusing on a lost love from Randy's (Ethan Suplee) childhood, this week's episode goes for that delicate balance of comedy and heartfelt drama that My Name Is Earl fans have come to know and love, and it succeeds on every level. At the Crab Shack, Earl (Jason Lee) and Darnell (Eddie Steeples) try to teach Randy how to blow bubbles with his gum one day, when Joy (Jaime Pressly) walks in while she's in the middle of disciplining Dodge. It seems the youngster has developed a crush on a neighbor girl which Joy is determined to thwart since she doesn't like the girl's mother. The discussion causes Randy to recall his first love. Back when he and Earl were young, they were sent, as punishment, to spend time at the lake with their Aunt Gail, a large woman with a tendency to employ them for some pretty gross chores (most involving manipulating her various folds of flesh by hand). However, Randy was saved from this torture by a young girl he called Pinky due to her pink hair and clothes. She called him Skipper, for his rock-skipping prowess. But after spending much time together and growing fond of each other, she stood him up at the bridge where she told him she'd kiss him for the first time. He never saw her again. Earl begrudgingly agrees to help Randy locate the now-grown Pinky, since he says it will probably end badly. At the lake, they encounter the same proprietor who had been in charge all those years ago, who's now a rickety old man. After hours spent going through old records, he tracks down Pinky, calls her, and informs Randy that she'll meet him by the bridge at four o'clock. Sure enough, a woman dressed all in pink with pink hair is waiting. And when Randy calls her name, she turns around to reveal that she is . . . Joy! After the initial shock wears off for both of them, the story of why they never kissed gets pieced together. Sick of doing chores on his own and jealous of Randy's good fortune, Earl simply can't take it when he finds out that Randy is going to get kissed by a girl before him. So he brings a note to Pinky/Joy that he tells her is from Skipper/Randy which says that he's found someone else and wants nothing to do with her. Of course, young kids do regrettable things, but Earl even tried to kiss Joy himself, which hilariously led to her screaming, "Pedophile! Pedophile!" and kicking him right where it hurts. Back in the present day, Randy is understandably furious with Earl. Earl tells him that the item never made his list because he was too ashamed to write it down. Now that it's on the list though, the only way he can cross it off is to get Joy to give Randy the kiss he missed out on. To Read More Click Here .

Recap: "Witch Lady"

Last week's episode finds Earl (Jason Lee) trying to once again make up for one of the many misdeeds he performed as a youth. But this time around, he finds himself up against one of his most cunning opponents yet - Betty White. Most towns have their scary houses, inhabited by a scary person or people. Camden, home to the long-haired, bespectacled Witch Lady (White), is no different. When she stops by the Crab Shack one day, Earl recalls how she used to chase him when he rode through her property on his bike. As a means of revenge, he had called the cops and switched one of her beauty products with glue before luring her out to scold him. Hilariously, the police officer was scared enough of the broom-clutching Witch Lady to subdue her with a Taser. Her real name even sounds like what a witch would be named - Grizelda Weezmer. Earl finds this out as he introduces himself to her and apologizes. When he asks what he can do to make up for what he did, she invites him over her house for tea the next day. Perhaps understandably, Randy (Ethan Suplee) is too scared to go into the house with Earl. Everything seems normal as they drink their tea but after Grizelda creepily reveals that she's wearing her mother's teeth, Earl keels over - he's been drugged. Upon awakening, he finds himself chained in her basement. Realizing this isn't some sort of joke, he screams for help, but no-one can hear him. Company is no problem, though, as he is gradually joined by a group of friends. The first up is Randy, who came to the door wondering what was taking so long. Once in the basement, we find out what he did to anger the Witch Lady (threw water on her and yelled "C'mon! Melt, bitch!"). Of course, the Hickey brothers can't come up with a plan to escape. Next up is Kenny James (Gregg Binkley) and his boyfriend Stuart (Mike O'Malley). Now on a full-fledged kidnapping spree, Grizelda captures Stuart for having persecuted her when he was a police officer for being eccentric and different, which obviously gave him guilt since he was still in the closet then. Kenny merely gets kidnapped by association ("I didn't do anything; welcome to the world of being gay."). To Read More Click Here .

Recap: "Chaz Dalton's Space Camp"

This week marks Joy (Jaime Pressly) and Darnell's (Eddie Steeples) first full epsidoe back in Camden after their Witness Protection fiasco. With his friends back safe and sound, Earl (Jason Lee) can finally go back to worrying about more normal things As the Turners work on getting their lives back in order, Darnell is most excited about finally being able to freely use the Internet and sets about creating a profile on Buddybook ("what MySpace and Facebook used to be before old people ruined it"). Meanwhile, the three people doing the most work are Earl, Randy (Ethan Suplee), and Dodge, who hopes to do enough chores to earn a trip to Chaz Dalton's Space Camp. This brings back many memories for Earl, who attended the same camp with Randy when they were young. Ever since that time, Earl has held Chaz Dalton in high esteem - he's one of the few adults Earl respected and, in his opinion, a bona fide American Hero. Not surprisingly, Dalton is also on Earl's list since he stole the former astronaut's space suit, accidentally shrunk it, and never brought it back out of embarrassment. When Earl travels to the space camp to apologize, he is brought to tears out of both his shame and his still-apparent admiration for his hero. Dalton merely accepts the apology and maintains that telling the truth is enough and that nothing else needs to be done. However, Earl begins trying to track down a replacement space suit, and while doing so, he uncovers a secret. Viewing a gallery of astronaut portraits, he sees one of Chaz Dalton, but it isn't the same person he grew up admiring. He and Randy soon track down the real Chaz Dalton (Curtis Armstrong), who they find drunkenly bumbling around his yard. Blinded by his sense of betrayal, Earl overlooks this and urgently convinces the actual Dalton to go and confront the faux-Dalton. He agrees, on the condition that he can control the radio on the car ride. TO Read More Click Here .

A HUR HUR My name is Earl

W O W. I really like My name is Earl. I have seen quite a few episodes now and I like the concept of him and his list. Hes always adding new things to them, and crossing things off. Hes fixing all of his wrong doings of the past and I think its a great base for the show. Its HILARIOUS and so is his best friend. They get into trouble, like getting stuck in an empty water tower, in the episode I recently saw. Jason lee is the perfect guy for the role, with his mustache and his whole country boy personality, he really knows how to put life into Earl. (who was supposed to be named Carl after his father but on the papers he wrote an extra curl on the C so it looked like an E) hahahah hence the "Earl".

Recap: "My Name is Alias"

Finally, after all of the hints throughout the series and the buildup of the last few episodes, the full story of Darnell's (Eddie Steeples) mysterious past has been revealed. And becoming reacquainted with that past was the one thing standing between him and the life he wants to lead. The Hickey brothers are still trying to cope with the loss of their friends, with Randy (Ethan Suplee) even resorting to hanging out with a life-size "Scarecrow Crabman." At the trailer by himself one day, Earl (Jason Lee) opens the door to find a mysterious stranger named Thomas (Danny Glover) asking him if he knows where Darnell is. After poorly pretending he doesn't know Darnell, the man starts to threaten Earl, telling him that his neighbors will be picking pieces of him out of their azaleas, after which Earl worriedly asks what azaleas are. After Randy shows up and they both continue to not reveal Darnell's whereabouts, Thomas handcuffs them together around a post, leaves a time-bomb a few feet away, and gives them a cell phone they can call if they change their minds before it's too late. When all of Randy's bright ideas don't work out and they've dropped the cell phone, the two brothers try to break the post by slamming each other into it. This might work in an action movie, but not here in Camden - Earl and Randy say their goodbyes and brace for their fate. Thankfully, the bomb's a fake. Thomas returns, reveals that he's Darnell's father, and gives them a sob story about how he just wants to make things right with his son - an incredulous Earl even tastes the man's teardrop to make sure it's the real thing. The brothers agree to travel to Darnell and show him a picture to get confirmation that Thomas is truly his father. Meanwhile, Darnell's living a life he obviously doesn't want to. His days are filled with insurance sales, his nights with frozen dinners and the sounds of his sons' bratty friends playing an Xbox 360. Joy (Jaime Pressly) has recently had no time for him now that she's constantly trying to keep up their image (even hilariously donning disguises to play the part of their gardener and other hired help). When the Hickeys show up, Crabman reveals that Thomas really is his father and finally delves into his past. His father is an operative for a government agency more secretive than the FBI and CIA. Upon noticing his son's early talents (he's found as an infant with a solved Rubik's Cube), he begins training him to join the agency. We see flashbacks of young Darnell training in karate and other essential skills and then completing missions. However, when ordered to kill the nine-year-old leader of a socialist government, Crabman renounces his duty, testifies in front of a Senate subcommittee, and goes into the Witness Protection Program. For A Full Recap Read Here .