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Recap: "My Name is Alias"

Finally, after all of the hints throughout the series and the buildup of the last few episodes, the full story of Darnell's (Eddie Steeples) mysterious past has been revealed. And becoming reacquainted with that past was the one thing standing between him and the life he wants to lead. The Hickey brothers are still trying to cope with the loss of their friends, with Randy (Ethan Suplee) even resorting to hanging out with a life-size "Scarecrow Crabman." At the trailer by himself one day, Earl (Jason Lee) opens the door to find a mysterious stranger named Thomas (Danny Glover) asking him if he knows where Darnell is. After poorly pretending he doesn't know Darnell, the man starts to threaten Earl, telling him that his neighbors will be picking pieces of him out of their azaleas, after which Earl worriedly asks what azaleas are. After Randy shows up and they both continue to not reveal Darnell's whereabouts, Thomas handcuffs them together around a post, leaves a time-bomb a few feet away, and gives them a cell phone they can call if they change their minds before it's too late. When all of Randy's bright ideas don't work out and they've dropped the cell phone, the two brothers try to break the post by slamming each other into it. This might work in an action movie, but not here in Camden - Earl and Randy say their goodbyes and brace for their fate. Thankfully, the bomb's a fake. Thomas returns, reveals that he's Darnell's father, and gives them a sob story about how he just wants to make things right with his son - an incredulous Earl even tastes the man's teardrop to make sure it's the real thing. The brothers agree to travel to Darnell and show him a picture to get confirmation that Thomas is truly his father. Meanwhile, Darnell's living a life he obviously doesn't want to. His days are filled with insurance sales, his nights with frozen dinners and the sounds of his sons' bratty friends playing an Xbox 360. Joy (Jaime Pressly) has recently had no time for him now that she's constantly trying to keep up their image (even hilariously donning disguises to play the part of their gardener and other hired help). When the Hickeys show up, Crabman reveals that Thomas really is his father and finally delves into his past. His father is an operative for a government agency more secretive than the FBI and CIA. Upon noticing his son's early talents (he's found as an infant with a solved Rubik's Cube), he begins training him to join the agency. We see flashbacks of young Darnell training in karate and other essential skills and then completing missions. However, when ordered to kill the nine-year-old leader of a socialist government, Crabman renounces his duty, testifies in front of a Senate subcommittee, and goes into the Witness Protection Program. For A Full Recap Read Here .