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Year in Review: Top Worst Career Moves, Part 1

Do Not Disturb & Carpoolers - Jerry O'Connell Within 2008, Jerry O'Connell found himself two sitcom flops between Carpoolers that struggled through 13 episodes in which ratings and viewership continued to be bad and get worse, until it was put to rest in March '08. Fortunately, O'Connell got another shot in the new fall season of '08 as he starred in FOX's new sitcom, Do Not Disturb - but unfortunately, this one didn't even struggle through a season, as it quickly became the first new show cancellation of the season after a 3 episode run. Sorry, Jerry. Looks like it's time to return to the big screen... or at least avoid the sitcoms for a while. Grey's Anatomy - Jeffrey Dean Morgan & T.R. Knight The tragic romance of intern Izzie Stevens and heart patient Denny Duquette was one of the most riveting storylines to run on Grey's Anatomy, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan, that doesn't mean you should think it's a good idea to come back as a ghost/delusion when the show is floundering. Let dead romances lie in the time they had - why muddy the memories and your career with a pathetic and odd comeback? And T.R. Knight has not officially left the show yet, but it's pretty official he will be leaving. So what does he think he's going to do post-George, especially leaving before the show has regained its footing? My prediction - career suicide, though I'll be crossing my fingers anyway. My Own Worst Enemy - Christian Slater We'll probably be seeing the likes of Christian Slater again, but after starring in the a quickly failed show, returning to the limelight is going to be tricky. It may have been his big primetime TV debut, but it was more like a big TV de-don't. Or something else more clever. I don't doubt we'll get more greatness from Slater in the future, but I do doubt we'll be seeing him starring in a TV show anytime soon. Cashmere Mafia - Miranda Otto Miranda Otto's career has included roles in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (as Eowyn for all you LOTR mega-fans), then later she popped up on the hit USA mini-series, The Starter Wife. Then post-mini-series, Miranda moved on to the new meant-to-be hit, Cashmere Mafia. But alas, here comes her 2008 career mistake - taking that role in a show that flopped after a 7 episode run. While this isn't career suicide for a newer TV actress, it was a pretty big blow that her involvement in the failed Cashmere Mafia meant she was not available to play her previous Starter Wife role when the mini-series was picked up as a successful full series. Rosie Live - Rosie O'Donnell I will admit I didn't watch it to be judging it, but maybe that's the point - the promos were as awful as the show, so down went Rosie's variety show immediately after its "big" premiere. As the Los Angeles Times said of the premiere: For weeks now, NBC has seduced and tantalized with the promise of a cross between Carol Burnett and "Sonny and Cher." And this is what we get? Rosie in a glitter top having Baldwin speak into her cleavage and making jokes about her weight? Someone get ahold of Tim Conway, stat. Well, Rosie tried, and the fact is, somehow Rosie will never be gone from our entertainment radar, love her or hate her, but this show was most definitely one of the worst career moves of 2008. Continue to Part 2

Year in Review: Top Disappointments, Part 1

Pushing Daisies ' Cancellation This was by far my biggest disappointment of 2008 in the land of television. Pushing Daisies is one of the most clever and unique shows that's been on television for quite some time. To describe this show in honor of our dear Daisies piemaker, this show has the delicious sweet crust of the fairytale narration and bright colors holding in the the plentiful filling of the nutty mixed berries that make up the most endearing characters one could ever hope for, plus the perfect dash of sarcasm sprinkled on top. Journeyman 's Cancellation Journeyman , maybe a bit like Firefly in its time, didn't pull in the right viewers as its description of a man who started time traveling for unknown reasons to help people apparently lent itself to possible viewers finding it not as cool as Heroes in the timeslot before it on NBC, and not quite non-scifi enough for the drama fans. This show brought a great mix of mystery with the time traveling along with fascination with the main character and how his life would unfold in various times. It is sorely missed by fans who are left with the big 2008 disappointment that this one didn't get a chance to prove its greatness. Kath and Kim 's Lack of Funny I'm not sure which is the biggest disappointment: the fact that with two hilarious co-stars, Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, this should have been our favorite hysterical, quirky comedy of 2008, or that even though it proved to be a big flop in the laughs department, it actually got renewed while some great shows got axed. It's also surprising that it could last on NBC which has made a name for itself as a home of comedy. But anyway about it, the expectations for Kath and Kim were high, and the quality tragically low, so no thanks to 2008 for bringing us this one. My Own Worst Enemy 's Lack of Awesomeness Really, NBC? It seems all around this year, NBC has not delivered, as you'll see plenty more of in Part 2 of our 2008 disappointments! The way My Own Worst Enemy was hyped, it seemed expected to be a lighter 24 - still with plenty of mystery and drama, but with more endearing humor as fans could better relate to a man who is ordinary half the time, leading to some confused spy scenes, as opposed to a man like the untouchable Jack Bauer. But no such luck. While some dug right in to the episodes that did air, this one was also doomed to a quick cancellation after just plain confusing many viewers with the two personality issue. Cashmere Mafia 's Downfall Cashmere Mafia didn't have a long life in 2008 as it didn't have a very long life at all - it premiered January 7th and aired its 6th and final episode on February 20th. I had thought there'd be hope for this one though it was going up against another show about a group of female professionals living in the city, Lipstick Jungle , which seemed to have the huge advantage of actually being written by the author of the show both these shows were imitating, Sex and the City . The hope for Cashmere fell to that it premiered a month before Lipstick, making at least an avid TV fan like myself feel attached to and defensive of the Cashmere ladies. But unfortunately, Cashmere's storylines (and ratings) couldn't hold up against the seemingly less fabulous Lipstick, which has since proven itself. But therein lies this 2008 disappointment - Cashmere Mafia did not get that same chance to show us the heart and great plot that it certainly could have developed. Continue to Part 2

Cancellations Till Now

This hasn't been the best TV season so far, but the cancellations haven't helped either! The network execs went ahead and canceled some of our faves and will probably renew some more crime procedural. These are the shows that have been canceled (so far) : The Ex-List: One of my favorites, canceled after just four episodes. But we didn't really get to see the post heart-and-soul-of-the-show-Diane Ruggiero episodes, maybe it was so bad that the show had to be canceled. Or maybe, as usual, network execs tried to increase their world domination by replacing everything with a repeat of NCIS. Do Not Disturb: You got your wish DND, that's all I can say. My Own Worst Enemy: Canceled. But fans, don't worry, NBC plans to work with Christian Slater on another project, I think. I'm not sure. Pushing Daisies: Canceled? No! I reject the.... Continue Reading

By the Numbers: A HIMYM High

It has been a good few weeks for CBS comedies. Last week, The Big Bang Theory hit a series high and this week, How I Met Your Mother met a season high, with 9.8 million viewers. Worst Week and Two and a Half Men were also both up from previous weeks. ABC as usual cleaned up with the most watched program of the night, Dancing with the Stars - 19.7 million viewers. Over on NBC, Heroes matched last week's low with only 7.6 million viewers. However, both Chuck (6.8 million) and the now canceled My Own Worst Enemy (4 million) were both up slightly, though don't expect MOWE to pull a Lipstick Jungle and get itself uncanceled . Fox came in 4th for the evening with only 5.3 and 5.9 million viewers tuning into Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Prison Break , respectively. The CW programs were also both down slightly with just under 3 million viewers for both Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill . Check out SideReel's coverage of some of these episodes: How I Met Your Mother - Wooo! Heroes: It's Coming - Lacking Luster or Building Up? Prison Break: Quiet Riot Gossip Girl 'Magnificent Archibalds': Is it time for a Couple Mix-up? Source: THR

"Lipstick Jungle" Not Canceled Yet After All

Reports last week that NBC's " Lipstick Jungle " was canceled may have been premature. After NBC shuffled its lineup and moved the show to Friday several weeks ago, few were surprised to hear that "Jungle" was canceled along with " My Own Worst Enemy ." Now NBC Entertainment co-chair Ben Silverman says the show may have new life - if its ratings growth continues. read more

Cancellation News: Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy

Perhaps the repeated usage of this image was a bad omen. This news really hurts. Two of the shows in SideReel's Cancellation Danger Zone - My Own Worst Enemy and Lipstick Jungle - have not even survived the week; NBC has axed them both. Guess the source that claimed Jungle was on the verge of cancellation last week wasn't lying. It still is not clear whether NBC will air the remaining episodes that have been filmed of each series; Enemy is currently in the middle of filming its 9th episode (4 have aired) and Jungle has filmed 13, seven of which have aired. Both shows have been dropping in the ratings these last few weeks. In their most recent airings, Enemy received 4.3 million viewers and Jungle received 3.3. Which cancellation stings more for you? I personally had grown rather fond of Jungle... Source: THR

My Own Worst Enemy Season 1 Episode 3 Hello Henry Recap

Henry leaves Edward a message saying that he just saw that Dr. Castle was murdered. Henry calls Edward a monster and promises him that he'll kill the monster inside. Henry then watches a return message from Edward telling him that he got his friend killed by exposing him to too much information. Henry goes to his therapist, Dr. Skinner, and asks how confidential their sessions are. She assures him that she's only concerned about his well-being. He tells her that he knows someone who has done something bad, but it's a friend of his and he can't tell or his life could be in jeopardy. She asks if Henry's life is in danger and he says no. He says it's difficult to explain and again she says that her main concern is his health. When Henry returns home, he finds Angie in the kitchen unloading all the food from the refrigerator. She tells him the fridge is broken and he needs to get it fixed. Angie asks Henry to walk their dog and take out the trash. She also reminds him that he has to take Ruthy shopping for a dress to wear to her friend's Bar Mitzvah. Henry takes the dog for a walk and encounters Agent Banks who says he works for the FBI. He gives Henry his card and tells him to call if he wants to talk about what happened to his doctor and who he works for. Henry feels Edward waking up and quick leaves a message telling Edward to take his daughter shopping. Edward wakes up and listens to Henry's message. He then calls into the headquarters and is told that he is supposed to meet with Gael, a weapons dealer, at the marina. Edwards says he's on it and tells Ruthy that they have to make a detour on the way to the dress shop. Mavis then goes over another case in Portland that Raymond is to complete. Angie meets with Mary, Tom's wife, who expresses concern over discovering porn on Tom's computer. Angie tells Mary not to worry and suggests that she show up at Tom's hotel room in Portland and surprise him. Edward returns home from taking Ruthy shopping. Ruthy goes to show her mom her new dress. Edward feels Henry returning and quickly leaves a message telling him that he took Ruthy shopping. Henry wakes up to find Angie holding Ruthy's dress and yelling at him for spending $2000 on a dress and also for not fixing the fridge. Henry plays it off by saying he thought it was $200. Henry's phone rings and he ignores the call. Angie tells Henry he needs to be more focused on the family and not so involved in work for a while. Henry then locks himself in a room and leaves a message for Edward. He tells him that he better try harder at playing Henry or else he won't do a good job playing Edward. He then smashes his finger with a metal object to teach Edward a lesson. Later, Edward is on a plane getting instructions from Tony. Just as he is a bout to jump, Edward tells Tony that Henry is waking up. Tony says hello to Henry then tells him he has to jump. Despite his objections, Henry jumps and lands in Mexico. He opens up his briefcase and receives a message from Edward. He tells Henry how to access the information in the case with his thumb print and shows him information on Gael. He says that the arms dealer will be arranging a deal with Garcia and tells Henry to put in his ear piece and keep in touch with headquarters. He also tells Henry that he has to do better than break a pinky finger to prove a point and his punishment for Henry is to have no painkillers. Henry calls into Headquarters and Mavis tells him someone will pick him up. A car a drives up and brings him to Gael's house. Henry is searched with a metal detector, then Gael approaches with a special glove. He finds Henry's earpiece and destroys it. He then shoots the guy who first searched Henry for failing to do his job. Henry asks if he knew the guard who was shot and Gael tells him it was his cousin. Henry then flips and starts talking about how he has a split personality. Gael tells Henry he likes this side of him. Gael then takes Henry to see his daught

My Own Worst Enemy "That is Not My Son" Promotional Video

Check out a promotional video for My Own Worst Enemy That is Not My Son 1.04 [edit out link; video removed]


Check out some pictures from MY OWN WORST ENEMYs Episode 3, Hello, Henry airing this Monday, October 27 on NBC

By the Numbers: ABC and CBS Continue to Dominate Monday

Raise your hand (or comment) if you watch Dancing with the Stars . Nobody I know watches it regularly, yet a whopping 18.6 million people tuned in last night (I'm not saying it's bad...but I never saw it as must-see). Same goes for Two and a Half Men, which also grabbed an impressive 14.6 million viewers. Other winners for the night: CSI: Miami , with 13.3 million viewers. Samantha Who? , with 11 million viewers. Some under-performers for the evening: Heroes - down slightly from last week with 8.5 million viewers Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - 5.4 million viewers (but don't worry, it's been renewed ) My Own Worst Enemy - dropped 22% in its second week and only had 5.7 million viewers Source: EW