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By the Numbers: NBC's Ratings Enemy

Sadly for NBC, the combination of Christian Slater and constant Olympics previews ( and better reviews than expected) didn't seem to cut it for My Own Worst Enemy , which premiered to a lukewarm 7.3 million viewers. CBS and ABC ruled the night with new episodes of: Dancing with the Stars (ABC) - 16.7 million viewers Two and a Half Men (CBS) - 14.6 million viewers CSI: Miami (CBS) - 13 million viewers Samantha Who? (ABC) - 11.7 million viewers The remaining CBS comedies all drew in the 9 million range. Over on NBC, besides Enemy's modest premiere, Heroes received only 8.6 million viewers and Chuck an even more anemic 6 million (if Chuck gets canceled, I might get angry to the proportions of you Moonlight fans). Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill received 3.3 and 3.4 million viewers respectively for The CW . What did everyone watch on TV last night? Sources: E!Online and TV Decoder

MY OWN WORST ENEMY Breakdown Season 1 Episode

MY OWN WORST ENEMY first episode Breakdown should be called How Christian Slater Saved NBC. At first when I heard the premise of the show which is essentially two split personalities One being an ordinary Joe and One being a cool spy sharing the same body, I thought to myself Now that sounds intriguing. Read More

SideReel New Fall Shows Preview: What's Lookin' Bad

Well, Reelers, in case you haven't gotten to check out the new fall shows yet, we have a little disappointing news for you: nothing looks good. Almost nothing, anyway. Perhaps the strike hit a little harder than we thought last season, or the promos just aren't doing these new shows justice, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of hope for awesome new shows. Check out what looks good here: SideReel New Fall Shows Preview: What's Lookin' Good Lookin' Bad My Own Worst Enemy (Premieres 10/13 on NBC) Really? Christian Slater, I expected more from you. Either the promo people at NBC need to be fired, or this show is really going to be that bad. It's like they're trying to play this up as a drama... but with a silly promo... the promos remind me of a cheesier version of USA's In Plain Sight which is exactly that bit of humor in the drama promised in the promos, but I don't think My Own Worst Enemy is quite the same there. I feel as if we'll spend the whole season (or whatever episodes make it), waiting for Edward to kill Henry... and that, well, just doesn't sound like it'll be an impressive scene. Kath and Kim (Premieres 10/9 on NBC) Well, folks, I want to like the looks of this show because Molly Shannon is one of the funniest funny girls ever, but it just looks corny and awful. Unless they're going for a quirkiness that's not showing through in the promos, I really don't think this one will make it. I say give it a chance to you comedy fans, and hey, maybe it'll be the next My Name Is Earl as Molly Shannon and Selma Blair trash up the suburbs, but I'm not quite convinced. The Mentalist (Premieres 9/23 on CBS) The Mentalist previews just don't really do anything for me. Simon Baker as Patrick Jane seems to be a little confusing of a character. It seems one moment he's meant to be the sexy, charming, mysterious genius (psychic) detective, but then he says stuff like in this promo, like "He irks me. He's irksome." This "wit" and quirkiness... I'm not buying it for this guy. I also find myself getting bored just in his whole killer explanation which I'm sure is meant to be riveting. If we can't be totally fascinated by the main character, I really don't see the whole deal working out. Stylista (10/22) Want to know when new shows start up and when your favorites return? Check out SideReel's Fall TV Schedule ! Photo courtesy of daemonstv.com

James Cromwell Joins Christian Slater Action Drama

James Cromwell has joined the cast of NBC's ever-more-interesting-sounding My Own Worst Enemy. Cromwell will play the ethically challenged chief of a super-secret spy agency that is messing with the head of Edward/Henry (Christian Slater). click here for the full TV Guide story

First Look: NBC's My Own Worst Enemy Pictures & Videos

Take a look at pictures and videos from NBC's new show, My Own Worst Enemy with Christian Slater. This promo looks really awesome.

Casting Roundup: 6/24/2008

Here is a roundup of the notable TV show casting that has occurred today: 1. Michaela McManus, probably known to many as Lindsey on One Tree Hill has joined the cast of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as the new ADA. For fans of One Tree Hill, this probably means that Lindsey is not the person that Lucas called (or on the flip side he does call her, but we know her response)... Source: TV Guide . 2. Amy Madigan, last seen counseling Meredith on Grey's Anatomy , will be guest starring on an episode of Saving Grace (2007) this summer. She will play the wife of a murdered cop. Source: TV Guide 3. Laurie Metcalf has been cast to play the head of a family of loan sharks in Easy Money, one of the shows being created by Media Rights Capital for The CW 's Sunday night lineup. Source: TV Guide 4. Alfre Woodard, last seen (but poorly used) on Desperate Housewives has joined the cast of My Own Worst Enemy , the new spy series from NBC starring Christian Slater. Woodard will be playing Slater's boss.